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^^ Thanks mate. I've avoided unlocking/flashing for this long - but probably time to start!
Good instructions on Android Central there - but the update fails for me. 

file_getprop errors then "installation aborted"
Status 7
+Karl Smith Thanks, and you must have modified something that is triggering the assert or you're not running the right build.
That's what everyone says, but nope, I'm running 100% stock, unrooted, IMM76I. 
Can't help, 90% of the internet is unavailable and not because of DNS changer, but because BT are incompetent prats with a falling apart network.....
Andddddddd I'm on yakju -- wasn't sure because it's imported. That would be why it's failing lol. Waits impatiently...
Oh thanks for the shout too, Art. 

Credit to Google Search filter tools for "past hour". haha. 
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