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Good Christ, this is a massive troll. OK fearless prediction - Android 4.4 and Nexus 5 will be announced at the Google+ presentation because integration! Bonus prediction: Gundotra will own the "one more thing" moment when they announce the phone at the end. 

EDIT: remember the removal of Gallery for Google+ Photos in the leaks? Yeah: integration.
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I could see that happening. 

I could also see a "One More Thing" happening and it not even being an Android thing. Because that would finish the long troll. 
I'm now convinced this is how it's going down.
I had a similar notion but I don't know if it's just wild wishful thinking!

From my post this morning on AP's post:

Google+ has been the centre of some great Android and Google stuff recently, Auto Awesome and editing tools for one, hoping for more of that sort of thing.

Or maybe this is a way of pushing G+ presence, they'll get up on stage and say "you know how to make more awesome auto awesome'd photos?" ... "Nexus 5" throw phone into the air, it explodes in a shower of KitKat bars and the stream ends with the words

r/Android wets itself.
Maybe without the magic KitKat producing Nexus 5. Though it would be a great finish!
No no no, I think you're on to something with the exploding kitkat nexus 5.
Great point, man. No needless cryptic math... This is hidden in plain sight. Good work.
A Nexus 5 Piñata is lowered above the stage and +Vic Gundotra gets out a Google branded bat and starts going to town on it, KitKat bars start spraying out everywhere, some hit the camera, eventually as Vic runs out of energy, he's leaning on the bat breathing hard and it's just a tattered half Nexus hanging there +Sundar Pichai steps out from behind the curtain holding the real thing.

Fade to black with no actual announcement of availability, price or details of any kind.

Man, no real announcement is going to live up to the hype that everyone has created.
A Tesla Model S will crash into the stage and die a firey death. Shares in Tesla will fall sharply, alternatively shares in Google will rise sharply after passenger shares animated GIF on Google Plus showing moments before crash #throughglass   EDIT: Oh and kitkat will then be revealed.
Lyk dis if u cry evrytim.
I think "wishful thinking" is the right term. We all want this to happen, but that doesn't make it more realistic. 
HAHA!!! FECKERS!!! I was convinced! CONVINCED!
I still think they missed a trick by not using a pinata. 
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