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Karl Martino

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I added my first page to my blog in eons to share about Rose. We miss her very much.
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Karl Martino

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August 1st was World Wide Web day :)
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Karl Martino

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Very interesting and timely.  My property assessment just went up 300%, with those types of jumps I can only imagine this getting worse.
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Karl Martino

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Hey +Karl Martino, the man can take this and put it in his pipe and smoke it!
Study of 80s metalheads finds that they turn out to be better adjusted than those who listened to other music
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Karl Martino

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This is far and away the best piece you will read on Doug Englebart, visionary dreamer of the possibilities of collective intelligence, who died two days ago at the age of 88.

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Doug a couple of years ago. We played with his mouse prototype and talked about collective intelligence.  I urged the people who were doing an oral history project with him not just to focus on drawing out what he had worked on so long ago, but his reaction to what we'd made of it since.

 I wish I'd been armed with Bret Victor's perspective back then; I would have gotten so much more out of my afternoon with Doug.
A few words on Doug Engelbart. Bret Victor / July 3, 2013. Doug Engelbart died today. His work has always been very difficult for writers to interpret and explain. Technology writers, in particular, tend to miss the point miserably, because they see everything as a technology problem.
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two people confusing a cat with a laser pointer at once:)
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Karl Martino

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Karl Martino

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The Spring Data team is happy to announce the next major step in the evolution of exporting domain objects to the web using RESTful semantics: Spring Data REST 1.1.0.M1 is now available in the SpringSource milestone repository. Spring Data REST Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation Export domain objects to the web Spring Data REST is a set of Spring MVC components that you can add to your own Spring MVC applications that export you...
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