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Karl Kleese
Works at Cartoonist - Creator/Writer/Artist for Willow's Grove ( & KWK Productions
Attended Nova High School
Lived in Savannah, Georgia
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Cartoonist/Graphic Artist. Willow's Grove is his love child
  • Cartoonist - Creator/Writer/Artist for Willow's Grove ( & KWK Productions
    Owner/Artist, 1983 - present
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Savannah, Georgia - Williamsport, Pennsylvania - Hollywood, Florida - Miramar, Florida - Hollywood, Florida
Mastermind behind Willow's Grove: The Web Comic
Karl is a life long cartoonist, drawing random sketches while in the womb...I guess you could call them womb paintings...cavemen had their cave paintings and Karl had his womb paintings.

In all seriousness (wait, when has Karl ever been serious?) Karl caught the cartooning bug when he was in the third grade (if you do the math, that would place it around 1974-75) down at his friend Matthew Ordway's house where they would draw silly little comic strips trying to make milk squirt out of each others noses with their third grade humor...which usually consisted of boogers and farts, not necessarily in that order. 
     In this period we'll call his BF period, he started drawing a comic regularly called "Kooky and Ooky," two aliens who crashed on Earth and were trying to find their way home.  This lasted until middle school when he discovered girls, but he still continued to draw as cartoonists are never the first thing girls wanted to have anything to do with.
     Years passed and Karl kept honing his craft, moving on to more mature subjects like bed wetting and swirlies.  Eventually, he started drawing this sarcastic dog in a comic he created in high school.  This dog gradually took over the spotlight of the main character of that comic (Merk).
     On his 19th birthday, he had a rather unfortunate pumpkin-carving accident in which he nearly severed two fingers on his drawing hand (that would be "what is his right hand, Alex.") which nearly ruined his chance at becoming a starving artist.  He devoted all his energy to rehab, to build up the muscles in his drawing arm to impress the girls, hoping that a guy with one very muscular arm would be somehow attractive to the opposite sex. 
     Throughout the late 80's he worked on developing a strip around the dog Max as the main character, giving Merk the pink slip and decided to try his luck submitting these random works of art to the syndicates in the hope that he could become a professional cartoonist.  Unfortunately, the title of his comic "Uncle Cho's Bar & Grill" was deemed unmarketable by the wise and all-knowing syndication editors, so they decided to crush his soul and reject him, repeatedly, over and over, each taking turns when the others got tired.
     Karl then retooled and retitled his comic strip to "Willow's Grove" and sent the new strips to the syndicates where the editors, to make sure he got the message, wiped the strips with their bottoms, placed them into a shredder, doused the shredded paper with gasoline (hey, gas was so much cheaper back in the 20th century), set them on fire, placed the ashes in a plastic bag and mailed them back to Karl in an envelope stamped "Return to Sender: Address Unknown"
     Overcome with grief that he got the addresses wrong to each and every syndicate, Karl decided to bring his comic to the internet, which was just invented by Al Gore, in the years before the Y2K scare.  He had no way of knowing that the editors would find his site, smash the server it was on, run it over with a steamroller, have their poodles soil the flattened metal and plastic then ship it back to Karl with DoS stamped on it in big red letters.
    In 2003, Karl once again brought Willow's Grove to the internet where it ran for 2 years on a very sporadic schedule (because Karl had discovered girls and married one 13 years prior and had two kids of his own so all his time was spent begging for sex which takes up a surprisingly large amount of time).  Having now drawn his strip for that same amount of time, and not really knowing who was reading it, he figured he needed a break.  When an opportunity came up to draw a comic for an online game company, he placed Willow's Grove on a temporary hiatus (2005) that would last for three years.
     Discovering Wordpress and having forgotten about all his previous attempts to bring his comic to the world, he dusted Willow's Grove off and brought it back to the internet in November of 2008.  This time he could witness the amount of times the two people who would discover his comic by mistake by typing misspelled words into Google and coming across Willow's Grove, having to be transported to the hospital to have emergency eye removal and replacement surgery, only to come home after recuperating to type in those same misspelled words, see Willow's Grove again and have to be rushed back to the hospital.  Nearly three years later, Karl still can't take a hint and plugs away producing Willow's Grove Monday through Friday, week in and week out.

     Karl lives in exile in South Florida with his wife and daughter and occasional guest star son who is off at college, escaping the madness of the Kleese household, a dog, four cats and a couple of fish that refuse to die.
  • Nova High School
    1980 - 1984
  • Broward Community College
    Art then convinced to change to Computer Science by his father, 1984 - 1992
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