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My report from Quoi de Neuf

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Just shared this with another set of friends, and think it might fit in here too:

This is the oldest known Swedish song, noted as ancient when it was first written down in the late 17th century. Note especially the use of a drum, highly atypical of Swedish folk music, but their use was preserved in the specific area of Sweden where this band hailed from.

+Gary McGath, since this should double as a test of the posting policies here.

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In Alabama. Somehow this doesn't feel as progress.

(Also, the big-ass sign for the stateline said "Sweet Home Alabama"…)

GAFilk or Bust!

Sitting in the bar at Hilton O'Hare, drinking beer in a leisurely manner. Honker's Ale for me, Rebel IPA for +Therese Noren.

Yesterday's total WTF: our local store had started to sell ready-made semlor (due date February 9th 2016, though it's OK to eat them on February 7th).

We aren't at Christmas, we're even well before Lucia.

Would "Ben" be understandable as slang for hundred-dollar-bill?

(Writing another filk song, and I need some one-syllable slang word for a non-trivial but not too large amount of money.)

Aquavit has been spiced now.

Aquavit spicing in progress.
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