This was the gun used to shoot 5 people tonight in #Uptown  Chicago

I was just sitting down to dinner when I heard it. Pop, pop, pop, pop...I would later read that over 20 shots were fired as a man in a white car pulled up to an intersection just two blocks away from my apartment and fired into a crowd of people walking home from work.

At roughly 6pm today, 5 people were shot, one killed on the spot, within view of my apartment [3].

While I have little doubt that the killings were gang related, it's very likely that at least some of the injured were just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Keep in mind that I live in Chicago, where gun control laws are so tough that the Supreme Court has told us that we have to allow citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons if they so choose [4]. Still, among large cities in the civilized world, Chicago is literally the most dangerous place to be [1].

I'm not afraid of terrorists, I'm afraid to walk home from work

With all the talk of NSA surveillance in the name of "freedom from terror," I can't help but laugh. Seriously, am I supposed to be afraid of Islamic terrorists who would have to trek thousands of miles and randomly choose my part of the US to attack? I have infinitely less concern over international terrorism than I do over the domestic brand.

The best weapon that terrorists who took part in the 9/11 attacks could muster were small knives [2], but some guy here in Chicago was able to obtain an allegedly fully-automatic assault rifle and wield it on the streets of one of America's most populous cities. Remind me again why I should be afraid of the guys with box cutters?

I'm not afraid of the Muslims, I'm afraid we're raising a generation of local terrorists

My real fear is that our country's priorities are so out of whack that we're willing to spend trillions on supposed overseas counter-terrorism measures, and afraid to spend a few more million on educating and rehabilitating our own citizens. Those who come from low-income, high-crime areas have to be included in society somehow, but instead of addressing that massive problem, all we hear about on the news is rhetoric designed to make us fear foreign invasion.

Wake up, America. The next invasion won't be foreign. It will be our own underprivileged citizens; it will be the generation we ignored.

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