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This was the gun used to shoot 5 people tonight in #Uptown  Chicago

I was just sitting down to dinner when I heard it. Pop, pop, pop, pop...I would later read that over 20 shots were fired as a man in a white car pulled up to an intersection just two blocks away from my apartment and fired into a crowd of people walking home from work.

At roughly 6pm today, 5 people were shot, one killed on the spot, within view of my apartment [3].

While I have little doubt that the killings were gang related, it's very likely that at least some of the injured were just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Keep in mind that I live in Chicago, where gun control laws are so tough that the Supreme Court has told us that we have to allow citizens with permits to carry concealed weapons if they so choose [4]. Still, among large cities in the civilized world, Chicago is literally the most dangerous place to be [1].

I'm not afraid of terrorists, I'm afraid to walk home from work

With all the talk of NSA surveillance in the name of "freedom from terror," I can't help but laugh. Seriously, am I supposed to be afraid of Islamic terrorists who would have to trek thousands of miles and randomly choose my part of the US to attack? I have infinitely less concern over international terrorism than I do over the domestic brand.

The best weapon that terrorists who took part in the 9/11 attacks could muster were small knives [2], but some guy here in Chicago was able to obtain an allegedly fully-automatic assault rifle and wield it on the streets of one of America's most populous cities. Remind me again why I should be afraid of the guys with box cutters?

I'm not afraid of the Muslims, I'm afraid we're raising a generation of local terrorists

My real fear is that our country's priorities are so out of whack that we're willing to spend trillions on supposed overseas counter-terrorism measures, and afraid to spend a few more million on educating and rehabilitating our own citizens. Those who come from low-income, high-crime areas have to be included in society somehow, but instead of addressing that massive problem, all we hear about on the news is rhetoric designed to make us fear foreign invasion.

Wake up, America. The next invasion won't be foreign. It will be our own underprivileged citizens; it will be the generation we ignored.

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Dαn J
Yet, One of the biggest Gun control states out there.
That said. Can't say it was an honest gun owner shooting it off either. Most likely a gang member. Which by the way the same box cutter people are recruiting into that very religion. Screaming death to America.

When a person realizes that you can't take a knife to a gun fight that a gang member has? They might learn to thing differently about how they decide to protect themselves and wind up grateful that we still can use a gun rather than a knife.

Those at home with protection are not the ones out in the streets doing drive by's People need to get it right.
Gangs don't obey gun laws. They never will. No matter how many a state makes.
But they will help you make the laws so you can't get one. 
+Dan J you will never hear me say that strict gun laws make streets safer, and I consider myself pretty liberal in a lot of ways.

If you do want to fix crime, you have to focus on education. That's been proven time and again, but politicians can't fix education in one election cycle, so they tout short-term solutions like gun control, more police, and privatizing prisons.

It's frustrating to be in the middle of it here in Chicago where the education system is so bad that these kids have no chance at getting jobs worth more than minimum wage. Why wouldn't you hit the streets in that case?
Dαn J
Yeah, can't say education is the answer either. More school more debt for jobs that just isn't there. Back to the streets yet again.
Even more so when the education isn't teaching how make a solid living in most cases.

I know exactly what you mean. I grew up around the streets of LA, San Bernardino. Both were my stomping grounds, Between the black on black crime and the everybody on anyone who looked like they had money crimes. Was just way outta hand.
I'd walk home from school watching the dealers selling guns out of the trunks of cars and vans. Most police would never go down that street. When they did. It got pretty ugly.
Can't count all the times SWAT showed up though. Thing is. The guns came out of Mexico. Not the U.S. all unregistered.

These were not honest gun owners buying them either. lol

Just a word from a person who live in a #slave   nation(  #argentina  )... guns are just a class privilege.... the workers... the low level income class are not able to reach the needed tools for proteccion... this is the way in my nation... and the plain joe here is just happy drinking cheap beer and wacht boobs for cable... :( 
Dαn J
Yeah +juan manuel marchioli thats why many of us are still fighting for our rights here. So we don't ever have to go through that ever again. 
A random act of violence  killed an Australian elite baseball player, while he was out jogging...he was 23-years old and on a scholarship. Three teenagers apparently decided to shoot him in the back.. in a  drive-by shooting in Oklahoma. Thats pretty much evidence of a fucked up society, I'd child control, no gun control, no wonder you're scared to walk home.
Dαn J
Who's scared to walk home if you have a gun on your side? Not sure I understand the question there. 
I would be scared because no matter how big a gun I can legally get, the criminals will always have better. Fighting fire with fire doesn't work.
Dαn J
Can't really say size matters if you know how to use. lol
Don't matter what kind of gun it is. Just know how and where to point it. Most of all when. 
+Dan J ...just an idle thought but I'm wondering just how many people you have killed ? How many times have you fired a weapon in fear of your life? Are you a law officer or someone skilled in the use of lethal force ? The kid I was talking about was out running so I cant see exactly how you'd defend yourself...shoot at every car in the street ? Just how bad is your home town ?
I'm glad I don't call America home...
Dαn J
+Michael Ringland Do you live in that much fear of guns that much you can't make a judgment call in either of those situations? If so? You really shouldn't have one. It's that type of paranoia that made the final decision to buy them for protection.

Drive bys don't come from gun owners. Drive by's come from street thugs and gangs, sometimes even more organized criminals. Have I ever had to shoot anyone? No, I pray to God I never have to. But I will to protect my family and myself.
Have I ever been shot at? Yes, many, many times. Do I know how to shoot a gun? Very well. You don't have to be trained by the police to know how to shoot a gun properly. They have classes for that.

So that little wannabe rant of yours? Thank God you don't have a gun. You'd get yourself shot in no time. I'm glad you don't call America home either. lol 
+Dan J ..I pass through on my way to the rockies and ski....I'm beyond ranting about firearms and Americans. Good luck.
Dαn J
+Michael Ringland, I have God, and if somehow that ain't good enough, Which it is. I have a gun. lol 
Dαn J
+Michael Ringland and I know how to use it. I do have a question though. Why do you visit a country you hate so much? Can't wrap my head around that one. 
+Dan J I don't hate anything, or really anyone...things as they are..wrap your head around that. I have a fantastic time in Steamboat Colorado, I have a heap of friends there, and catch up most years...We get old together, we eat together, drink too  much wine together, ski some back bowls together, with my kids now 32 and 28...We began when they skied free as 3 year one in the group owns a gun that I'm aware of at least. 
Dαn J
In Colorado? and No guns? In the Mountains? OK then. lol
I was just wondering. This is a country has gun rights and most of the population believes in those Rights for very good reason.
Without it. You wouldn't be able to ski here. Just like always Evil people do whatever they can to take away everything that the general public can protect their lives with. All throughout history. The way this country was founded. Fought and Won through many battles. Learning throughout History what Gun Control does to entire populations and Nations.
It's a great right to have.

More so from Gov take overs and gang thugs in the streets.
Gun Control does not and has never stopped anyone from buying more guns. If they get them illegally already. What chance does somebody have that actually obeys a gun law? None.

Any and all Gun Laws only do one thing. Take the Rights away from the honest homeowner and gun owner.

Everyone one else just gets them out of Mexico. No registration needed.
Thanks to fast and furious. Mexico is now selling those guns on our streets. Through guess who. The drug and guns dealers in the trunks of cars and vans.

I grew up with this stuff. In the City. I now live in the country. The beauty of being free. Government can't tell me where I have to live. And I'm allowed to protect my family if need be.

It's a tool not a shoot everybody weapon. It's there just in case I need it. Hope I don't ever need to use it. It's much more fun taking it to the range and shooting at targets.

Mountains of Colorado and no guns? It's possible I guess, Don't seem logical though. Just saying. 
+Michael Ringland as you've seen, it's quite possible to live gun-free and unafraid of violence in the USA.

The violence problem in the USA is not a gun problem per se.  It is a neighborhood / cultural / drug war problem.

If you live in a town / neighborhood that is not part of the problem, it's quite safe.  None of the places I've lived in the USA were in any way more prone to violence than anywhere I've been in Europe.

Also, lots of people own trivial guns .  I have four.  Two 12-gauge shotguns and two target rifles, all heirlooms.  Which gives me a gun:citizen ratio of 4:1 yet I never use the guns and they're fairly inappropriate for person/person violence.
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