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Co-founder of the Kony 2012 video, has been detained in San Diego for undressing and making sexual gestures in public...
Jason Russell, co-founder of the group behind the Kony 2012 viral video is detained in San Diego for undressing and making sexual gestures in public
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It's not easy to find a cause you can really support confidently. While Invisible Children has had its share of controversy, there were still many who supported it ardently and who understood that they were supporting not just the relief effort, but the video production effort as well. I would imagine this would make it a lot more difficult for those people to remain strong supporters though. We could use a few more Billy Grahams in this world. Great leaders — whether church-based or otherwise — are all too hard to find.
+Lorne Pike & Associates yeah, I've kept up with Invisible Children for years now. They used to come speak at my high school. So far, I had never had much reason to doubt their legitimacy and good intentions, but this is kind of crazy.

Once you get in the public eye, you've gotta try to avoid running around (possibly drunk and) naked, haha. I'm sure it won't help their cause.
I've known of them for maybe three or four years, and I've generally liked what I've seen for them. I can even be comfortable with some elements of the use of their income, although exactly where it goes is certainly a cause for concern, which I need to understand better. And they do need to be more open with their books if they expect people to give. So yes, maybe this is indeed medication or dehydration or stress induced and the guy is legitimately not to blame. After all, anyone with the communication gifts that Jason Russell has will know that this is not a good PR move, so yes, obviously, something snapped somewhere.

Still, it's tough to casually look past it. There are a lot of people out there under some pretty heavy stress. Not many of them end up naked on a sidewalk. People want stability in a cause, and it will be harder for them to be confident they'll get it here.

Maybe this was an intentional and dark sexual misadventure. I frankly doubt it, but maybe it was. Or maybe it was a very sincere and medically sound "I'm only here naked because I'm stressed." Whichever it was, neither is the type of behavior most of us want to see in the organizations we entrust to make this world a safer place for children.

I look forward to seeing how they address this, and how we do as well. Jason Russell will need some very wise counsel and prayer, or some very forgiving sponsors, to not end up with more than his clothing stripped away from this.
Things have to be tough for this guy he's trying his best to do a good & give the children a voice. Running a charity organization must be tough for anyone, mistakes will be made money wise with some people watching every financial decision not outweighing the negatives from the positive. This guy not only have burden of the public eye but people within his own circle doubting his organization's decisions. My heart goes out to his family
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