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Here's a thought experiment for a snowy, Winter's day. It's not a riddle. I'm interested in the responses this might receive and the discussion it might generate. Here goes:

Imagine that all your basic needs are taken care of for you. You have a comfortable, rent free, furnished home. There are no bills to pay. You have tokens for food and clothes that enable you to eat healthily and well. Public transport is free. TV and radio are free too. That library around the corner is better than you remember. It's clean and comfortable and they have free coffee! It's not half bad...

Wow. Sounds cool, huh? 

Now - here's the big question. What do you do with your life now? You're not Rockefeller, after all. This isn't paradise, exactly - there are no candy mountains and whisky lakes. But all the ball-aching, back breaking stuff is taken care of for you. You don't actually need to work.

So - what would you do with your life?
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This is almost like the question if you win the lottery would you still work since you don't have to.

Honestly I would still do exactly what I do today teach students.  In today's world we need more then ever to understand the world around us and the only way for our young people to learn this is from people that understand it already.  Would I still do it in the school I am at now probably not I would find a better way to do it.
Hmm, maybe this question should've been put to the guests and audience of Jeremy Kyle as they all seem to have too much time on their hands!

Honestly though, it's a very good question. I reckon I'd be doin much the same as I am currently. I'm fortunate that here in the UK, whilst I'm not earning any money ATM, all my basic needs are catered for. I'm looking for new ways to increase my income and have volunteered my time to organisations in the past with definite plans to do so again. When the timing is right I spend as much time as possible with the people I love.
I would finish my novel, then finish my memoir, then polish another novel I have drafted, and then write a non fiction book about mothers of stand up comedians. Yeah, I'd be writing :)
Would this deal include tuition for college courses? If so, I might be a full-time college student for the rest of my life, with the comfort of knowing that failure would have no consequences. Or, since I like my job in publishing, I might want to keep at it, only maybe thirty hours a week instead of forty. Or I'd like to learn enough programming skills to tinker on some exciting free and open-source projects, but with the freedom to say no to projects I don't care about.
I would either 1) find a job that I really enjoyed and wanted to work at, or 2) start my own company in which I could do the work I care about instead of what other make me do. Of course I would probably do this part time and I would become a part time student as +Ben Gleason mentioned. Probably, just sitting in on classes (what do they call that? audit?) without credits or having to pay tuition for them. Assuming I could find a way to do that. I would also spend more time reading (online or ebooks or in that "library") about all the things that I've been curious about and never had the time to investigate further.

Great question.
Thank you, please feel free to share it!
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