Here's a thought experiment for a snowy, Winter's day. It's not a riddle. I'm interested in the responses this might receive and the discussion it might generate. Here goes:

Imagine that all your basic needs are taken care of for you. You have a comfortable, rent free, furnished home. There are no bills to pay. You have tokens for food and clothes that enable you to eat healthily and well. Public transport is free. TV and radio are free too. That library around the corner is better than you remember. It's clean and comfortable and they have free coffee! It's not half bad...

Wow. Sounds cool, huh? 

Now - here's the big question. What do you do with your life now? You're not Rockefeller, after all. This isn't paradise, exactly - there are no candy mountains and whisky lakes. But all the ball-aching, back breaking stuff is taken care of for you. You don't actually need to work.

So - what would you do with your life?
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