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Karl Hodge
Tech Journalist, University Lecturer, Independent Scholar, Nextographer
Tech Journalist, University Lecturer, Independent Scholar, Nextographer

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This is what happens when the left loses sight of its history. This is what happens when we make it us against them. When we talk about privilege instead of enabling advantage, this is what happens. This is what happens when we let our sense of individual entitlement become more important to us than the collective good.

This is what happens when peoples with progressive values fragment. This is what happens when you other. If you have forgotten all about class - yet are policing the language of others when they talk about race, gender and sexuality, you asked for this. This is what happens when you enforce instead of argue.

And this, most of all, is what identity politics looks like - whether you're on the left or the right.

We let this happen. It's our problem. It may be too late to fix this peacefully, but we will have to have to unite to fix it at all.


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This is what branded content should look like. Film and video maker Spike Jonze gets to do his amazing thing in this supernatural, solo dance sequence - borrowing heavily from his own (16 year old) Weapon of Choice video. Then some perfume brand sticks its logo at the end.

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I was recently challenged on my use of the term "neo-liberal" to describe the thread of self interest that runs through some social justice driven agendas - and retreated, apologising. Now I'm questioning that retreat. I should have just thought it through a bit more. Nancy Fraser has now done exactly that with a look at the  neoliberal co-option of feminism:

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Watched The Gamechangers, a BBC drama about the development of GTA: San Andreas. last night. Despite starring Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar CEO Sam Houser, it was awful. 

Wondered if the source material was any better. 3% of the way through Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto there is the following opening to a paragraph:

"Sam's parents bought him every new game machine for home, from the Atari to the Omega and the Spectrum ZX, a popular computer coming out of Dundee, Scotland."

I guess not. A bad movie based on bad journalism.

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Please like and subscribe to this young man. He really needs likes and subscribes.

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Mega-famous, mainstream musos invoke visions of a public sphere using words like "a town hall for creativity" and "inspiring" to describe Kanye's new acquisition Tidal - a high quality streaming service that costs twice as much to subscribe to as any other on the market, and that gives more of that money back to the extraordinarily rich people who back it. 

These people are not artists. They are not the public. They are the capitalist establishment, and they've just found a new way to make sure that more of your money is their money.

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I think that if I had the chance I'd do exactly the same as +Ben Discoe - park my van on campus and live where I work. Here's A bit of first person insight into the big G. 

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Brits take their tea making VERY seriously.

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  #freshersweek   #freshers   #freshers2014  

There are two freshers weeks. The official week’s activities laid on by your university and student union are designed to ease you into academic life, with a series of events, introductory presentations and the virtual paperwork of registration.

Then there’s the “freshers week” that happens outside the university – explicitly designed to part you from your loan...

Here's how to survive it...
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