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The Feynman lectures, available now from Microsoft's Project Tuva, but only if you install Silverlight.
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I thought most of those are already on youtube
Damn Karl Hansen your beautiful!!!! sorry it was a dare
My friend dared me to tell a random person today that they are beautiful. Didnt mean nothing by it so please dont call the cops or report me.
Well thank ya;) lol can i add you to my friend Circle?
+B Gallagher -- I do favor Linux. But MS technologies have been keeping me employed for quite a while... but a bit less, recently.
shoot, i may have to fire up windows (hello updates!) to watch.
Hm last time i tried to install moonlight (silverlight for linux using MONO) it wasn't even available for 64bit systems. Hope someone will mirror this using more accessible format, it looks realy interesting.
Oh they are on youtube already, nice:)
I am reading Quantum Man right now, a fascinating life, a wonderful insightful mind.
This is perfect! Since HBO cancelled "Luck" I will have a one hour hole in my week.I have been a Feynman fan since high school.
These are available on YouTube, however the Project Truva releases (using Silverlight) have the added features of closed captioning and annotations that help explain things even further.
What idiot decides to release something under Silverlight exclusive. Either (very) ill advised or a Microsoft pawn site. If it was my lecture I'd withdraw it.
i didnt know neil diamond moonlighted as a physicist???
I am watching it on Linux, No Silverlight. It is on YouTube
+Marc Roelofs If you would bother to read before making a comment you would know these lectures are freely available on YouTube already. The Project Truva releases have the added niceties of closed captioning and helpful annotations, which would not be possible on YouTube. If you can't understand this, I doubt any lecture you would make would be beneficial to anyone else.
but i think i heared it but where i forgot
+Marc Roelofs, I think I would find a different agency if they released my lectures for Silverlight-only. There are other alternatives for the features.
+Niloufar Dabestani I was not (and definitely won't be) a physicist, I was never good at the subject while in school. However, coming across him (THE man, Mr. Feynman) by accident (on YouTube) a few years ago, my view of physic (and the science as a whole) changed greatly; he made a 'boring' subject so interestingly 'human'. He used an ordinary words, plain 'English' that the science 'language' itself a mere child play. Hello from Buffalo, NY - USA.
+Unggit Tjitradjaja, yes, especially for me, the one where he talked about fire and carbon and oxygen, and how the light from the fire is essentially really the released original sunlight.
Anybody have a Youtube list. Thanks Project Tuva for posting .
+C. E. Wyatt cc and annotate are very much possible on 'Youtube' and there is no reason to use Silverlight whatsoever. There maybe other reasons but I'm certain they were decided by others than those 'in the know'.
+Marc Roelofs I think since Bill Gates made the videos possible, he gets to make them available via Silverlight if he so chooses. The fact that they are also available via other sources makes your irrational conspiracy-tainted viewpoint, well, pointless. Nobody is forcing you to access Project Truva, but evidently you just want something to complain about.
Ok, I didn't know M$ sponsered Tuva, now I do. Indeed that would be one of the few reasons to use Silverlight.
Sorry for being disturbing :-), just pointed out my amazement that anyone is serious publishing would do this. Now I understand.
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