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Karl Carpenter

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Allo is a really well designed app. It's great in fact. But it could be so much more :-(
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i feel you on the web support, and its no good if my friends arent on it
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Karl Carpenter

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"Using Cycle buttons is not recommended in accessible applications, because their behavior conflicts with accessibility best practices" - psssssh don't tell me how to live my life.
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Karl Carpenter

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Never take for granted your ability to physically push a fart out. 
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Don't try too hard. Had a friend shit himself once, trying to push one out. Granted, he was incredibly drunk, so that might have happened even if he wasn't trying to fart.
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Karl Carpenter

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Android Folks: I've got a special build of an app specifically for one piece of hardware. I control the GMail accounts for these 20 pieces of hardware. And this build is only temporary, until we get old hardware out of the field. The question is in the Play Store should I set this special build up as a Beta and invite these gmail accounts to it OR should I set it up as a hardware specific build in the play store?
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Karl Carpenter

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It's that time again! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME CUSTOMERS! If you missed the last giveaway. I at random during the year host these giveaways at a time I have nothing at all for sale on my website. Why? Because this is about you guys! The ones that keep my small business going. It's not about making a sale. Hopefully you'll be excited about these items as I am.In all there will be ten winners chosen at random.. To increase your odds of winning y...
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Karl Carpenter

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Hey +Derek Ross any more news on the Google Music Family Plans? Leaked release date or anything?
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I need all of this Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez out of my UI!!!!
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Karl Carpenter

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How much do you tip the person who cuts your hair? 
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I go to a salon, but get my hair cut so rarely that I usually see a different stylist every time. I usually tip $5 on a $40 wash/cut/style. 
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Karl Carpenter

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Karl Carpenter

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Anker is launching PowerHouse......and equips you with the latest tech for free! Click here to learn more.
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Karl Carpenter

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Back in October, I took a blood test to see if I was a suitable Kidney Donor for my Step Dad. A few weeks later I got a call saying I was indeed a match. It's kind of a mind blowing experience, and a rush of emotions. The following months full of tests and a couple trips to Vanderbilt. Everything looks great. Which is shocking if you've seen my diet and lack of exercise. With the support of my wife, and kids, family, and work colleagues I'll be giving a kidney up on January 7th. I'll be recovering for about a month, and becoming "normal" again may take up to a year. Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers over the next week or so. It's been kind of a wild ride. Here's to starting 2016 with a slightly differently functioning body, a healthier family, and a healthier future.
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Wow. Kudos to you and the awesome gift you are giving!
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Karl Carpenter

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Sooooooo I ordered custom wrapping paper. And it's more amazing than I ever dreamed. 
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I want you wrapped all over me... What... Too much?
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Karl Carpenter

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You mother fucker. 
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I read the first post and didn't.....get it? Then I saw the second and exploded into laughter. I totally feel your frustration! LOL. Oh man... SO frustrating.
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Dad, Dev, Dude.
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  1. I'm a proud parent of 2 wonderful children.
  2. I'm a proud husband of the most amazing woman on earth - our marriage has been through many struggles, but has always become stronger through each.
  3. I'm a proud Christian. This doesn't mean that I am a hate filled person as a Stereotype may portray. I support Gay Marriage, and I support religion not being spread about through Government. But I do believe in voting based on your beliefs, I just think Government needs any direct religious influence.
  4. That being said, I am very CONSERVATIVE. I think welfare only creates more welfare. I am a success story, but only by my own sweat and tears. I had my first kid at 16 and lived in government housing on FoodStamps. My wife and I dug out selves out of it and have winged our self off of any government welfare system. And we both now have college degrees.
  5. I love where I live, Clinton, TN - its a wonderful place and I will probably never leave here.
  6. I am a software developer, at the moment working on web based applications for a local start up company. I have an Associates Degree from a very crappy over priced school - don't let that sway your opinion of my work.
  7. Our family was recently adopted by a new Boxer Puppy, her name is Princess. See how I did that - WE were adopted by HER. Not the other way around :-/ 
  8. I like guns, big guns, small guns, BB guns. If it shoots a projectile at a high rate of speed with the intent to destroy what is headed towards, I love it. I'm not a great shot, but I could most certainly hit COM on any person not welcome in my home. Thank you Second Amendment.

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Great place, and we got out!
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Busy place, but some shops are way to small and crowded. Lookin at you Hot Topic
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Great online customer service. No pressure sales. Walked on to the lot,guy gave me the keys and let me test drive with almost no questions asked. Came back the next day with a check and was out the door with my new truck in less than 30 minutes.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Always have what I need, when I need it!
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
107 reviews
Clean room, not overly large. Nice indoor/outdoor pool.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Nice rooms, but the interstate side of the building is a bit noisy.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Great place to visit. Cheap membership to museums all across the country too!
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago