(Maybe it’s one of my less than stellar ideas, but it could work... please share this post if you think it will.)

Do YOU want serious feedback about your photos?

Just think about all the combined creative power of some of the best professional and amateur photographers on the planet that is available right here on Google+. What if they knew that you are interested in some serious and constructive feedback about your photos?

How about a hashtag to mark those pictures with? I present to you: #critiquepls. It stands for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM OR COMPLIMENTS PLEASE. What does it do? Well, if you add the hashtag #critiquepls to a photo in a public post, it means that your picture is now marked as “Open for Critique”.

In order to make this work, we need a LOT of people on board. Not only people posting pictures, but also people willing to comment on them. By giving proper critique, you may learn to make your OWN pictures better. How? Step away from the one-word commentary to let the photographer know exactly WHY you like or dislike the photo. It gets you thinking, and maybe tomorrow, you will implement (or avoid) the same things in your next shot.

To sum it all up, this hashtag is not only an invitation TO EVERYONE to CONSTRUCTIVELY critique your pictures, but it’s a tag that I hope you will use to search pictures, and reciprocate. And that’s a win/win situation right there.

A fair warning though:
Be civil, be respectful. If you are not, you’ll be flagged, blocked, or maybe even banned. Everyone here on G+ has the power to flag or block you, so remember that BEFORE putting down a smarta$$ comment. It’s about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It’s about teaching, and learning, and getting better, together.
And just a reminder: Do NOT use the hashtag if you are only looking for "ooh"s and "aah"s and pats on your back. You may be getting more than you bargained for.

How to do it:
1. Create a post with a picture either via new upload or from your albums.
2. In the text of your post, use the hashtag #critiquepls somewhere, and maybe a short message about why you are interesting in feedback on this particular shot.
3. Make sure it's public, and click "Share".
You are now ready to receive comments, so start giving them!

Thank you!
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