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(Maybe it’s one of my less than stellar ideas, but it could work... please share this post if you think it will.)

Do YOU want serious feedback about your photos?

Just think about all the combined creative power of some of the best professional and amateur photographers on the planet that is available right here on Google+. What if they knew that you are interested in some serious and constructive feedback about your photos?

How about a hashtag to mark those pictures with? I present to you: #critiquepls. It stands for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM OR COMPLIMENTS PLEASE. What does it do? Well, if you add the hashtag #critiquepls to a photo in a public post, it means that your picture is now marked as “Open for Critique”.

In order to make this work, we need a LOT of people on board. Not only people posting pictures, but also people willing to comment on them. By giving proper critique, you may learn to make your OWN pictures better. How? Step away from the one-word commentary to let the photographer know exactly WHY you like or dislike the photo. It gets you thinking, and maybe tomorrow, you will implement (or avoid) the same things in your next shot.

To sum it all up, this hashtag is not only an invitation TO EVERYONE to CONSTRUCTIVELY critique your pictures, but it’s a tag that I hope you will use to search pictures, and reciprocate. And that’s a win/win situation right there.

A fair warning though:
Be civil, be respectful. If you are not, you’ll be flagged, blocked, or maybe even banned. Everyone here on G+ has the power to flag or block you, so remember that BEFORE putting down a smarta$$ comment. It’s about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It’s about teaching, and learning, and getting better, together.
And just a reminder: Do NOT use the hashtag if you are only looking for "ooh"s and "aah"s and pats on your back. You may be getting more than you bargained for.

How to do it:
1. Create a post with a picture either via new upload or from your albums.
2. In the text of your post, use the hashtag #critiquepls somewhere, and maybe a short message about why you are interesting in feedback on this particular shot.
3. Make sure it's public, and click "Share".
You are now ready to receive comments, so start giving them!

Thank you!
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I think its a brilliant idea. Am definitely going to use it.
How would this work differently than the photo critiquing circle Colby Brown has set up?
Thats a cool idea, I love to critique photos(It sure helps make my own better!), this'll help me find them!
It's a good idea, but I don't like giving much critique myself, because I have that "who am I to tell this guy what's better?", I have no idea which is the better photographer, me or that other guy/girl. Of course if I see something I really like, I can comment on it, but I'll often have a hard time commenting on what can be improved, since I'm not a pro myself :)
I love this idea!!!! Being new to photography this is what I would love to have personally, some professionals telling me what I did right and what I did wrong and how it could of been better or if it's just right!
+Klaus Thuesen I think you don't have to be a better photographer to give constructive critique. If you don't like something about a photo, be bold and say it. Worst case you can agree to disagree with the artist.
I like the idea, thanks Karin! I'll defo use the tag. I've had a look at Colby Brown's Critique Circle link (given above) and to be honest using #critiquepls looks much easier. Thanks again!
That's a good point +Nii sama , I just don't like risk upsetting people or making them sad if they feel they made a great shot :)

+Lana Walker I actually thought the same thing about the Colby Brown circle. I'm sure it works great if you're into it, but my attention span slipped before I could finish reading the instructions. Using #critiquepls is a bit more simple, with its own ups and downs compared to the other model. Each to his own.
There are a few reasons why this wont' work, mainly that it requires people to search on their own for critiques. There is a reason why I made the guidelines/rules of my photo critiquing group what they are. After years of doing this kind of stuff, you pick up on what people are willing and not willing to do to better themselves or in this case, their photography skills.
+Marcus Taylor Yes, Colby's Group is awesome, but I just would like this to function without having to circle 1000+ people, that's all. Critique groups are not in competition with each other. :)
+Klaus Thuesen "my attention slipped before I could finish reading the instructions" -- lol the same happened to me, so I had to re-read the entire post again. Anyway, as far as I've understood: 1) you should add people to your "critique" circle; 2) you share specific posts with only that circle (i.e. not public, which I don't really like); 3) you get the comments. Obviously, the less people you add to your "critique" circle, the less comments you'll get. It's something I don't really like either because I want to stay social and follow the people's updates. If I start following, let's say, 500+ people or something like that, I'm afraid I'll simply be overwhelmed (at least now when I'm a beginner on G+). Anyway, maybe I don't understand something about Colby's idea, but that's why I like Karin's idea much more. :D
+Klaus Thuesen If you stay respectful, you don't have to be a photographer at all to critique a photograph. It's all about "fresh eyes", and ideas. You don't have to accept opinions, either. Just get a different point of view. 
+Colby Brown I'm curious why you think people would be more willing to add 1,000+ people to a critique circle, but would be unwilling to perform a search once, save it, then click on that saved search anytime they're interested in looking at or critiquing a photo. The saved search works essentially the same as the Critique Circle, without the need for adding all the users.

Don't get me wrong, I like the Critique Circle you started, I even suggested it in the comments above as something to do in addition, I'm just not seeing how that approach is necessarily better than this one.
+Colby Brown your photo critiquing group... why am I not part of that group? .... Ricardo is frowning with one eyebrow while raising the other...
+Colby Brown good call, people are not always willing to search, but a curated group depends on the curator to accept new members and the turnaround time is not ideal. (Maybe, I haven't caught on yet on how to use your group?) For instance, is there an easy way to add all people in the group and keep updating?
+Klaus Thuesen Interesting point and one I used to struggle with, but remember, the person posting is in essence saying, "I would like to hear your opinion on this" they may want a professional viewpoint or simply to get out of their own eyes and here from someone who is not emotionally attached to the image. I'm not saying to offer "critique" to regular posts, but don't be afraid to make helpful observations on a photo that the poster has asked you for.

Just my 2 cents.
+Colby Brown I have no idea if this will work. It may very well fail. But I thought why not give it a shot? G+ has all the tools to make it work - even to moderate offensive comments - should they happen. 
+Karin Nelson - I apologize for having a negative initial comment. I truly do hope it works out and there is plenty of room for multiple Photo Critiquing options. The group I formed is not for everyone and this does like like another great option. Again, I am sorry for the negative first response.
+Karin Nelson I knew you were so much more than that pretty profile! I think it's worth trying. The more people that know the #critiquepls is just that the more we can simply include it in a post to our peeps! I am involved in +Colby Brown 's "Behind The Lens Photo Critique" and have enjoyed participating very much. But there is no reason you can't give this a go and see if it too can be sucessfull.

Oh yeah, can we still joke around or should I bring my " I'm a serious professional" face?
+Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter - There is, once you have been added, I have a master list of the shared circles which makes it super easy. The group is broken up into 6 circles of around 250 people each.

+Ricardo Williams - If you added yourself in the past week, I have been out of town. I will update the group this morning and sharing the respective new circles so everyone is added.

+Marcus Taylor - It is simple, people have already added and there is a base of 1300 photographers. With circle sharing it is a one and done kind of thing. Then people will see the Photo Critique requests in their stream, whether they searched or not. Everything in life requires some work to make happen and the reason I choose to have the rules for my group the way they are is because people have VERY short attention spans. Just relying on people to search on occasion does work. That is why I have 9 moderators constantly helping others find work to critique. My group works because it is a group...a little community.
I would like some advice, opinion and professional critique of my photos.... something so simple in a huge community like this..... still seems SO HARD to achieve.... [huge sigh]....
+Lana Walker It is true that +Colby Brown 's list is large and for that reason I cannot actively "follow" it. I do however regularly click on that circle in my stream to see What is happening and If i can participate. That is the genius of circles.
+Ricardo Williams - What do you mean "professional" critique? By a professional photographer? The reason photo critique groups usually work is because of group participation from all levels. I am sure everyone is super busy with life, just as I am and I don't always have the time to give "Professional" critiques. I do offer portfolio critiques/reviews, but that takes time and alot of energy. Which is why I do not do it for free. Some things are free and others cost a bit and both have positive and negative aspects about them.
Not sure on implementation, but the need is there. The #critiquepls idea sounds great to me. I would see it as an invitation for critical review as painful as that might be. Question in my mind is, how do you determine the validity of the critique? Creating a circle of critics is problematic because someone has to choose who is worthy of being a citified critic. Should PPA or some other organization take the lead?
+Colby Brown what I mean by professional (and I may have used the term very loosely) is that I dont want to read: "Great Photo", "Amazing", "Fantastic", "Good Job"... something more elaborate as an opinion, POV, suggestion, is a lot more helpful. So, I may have used the term loosely, but the purpose was to avoid the one or two words comments, which at the end may only aliment your ego. Now abt adding myself that you mentioned earlier: If I just needed to add you as part of my circles, that's something I did a long time ago; If I needed to add myself to a specific post to say I want in on the critiques, then I probably didnt do that..... would you be so kind to guide me where I am suppose to add myself, I think I would really enjoy a group like that.
+Ron Clifford I'm sure that circle is great, and maybe I'll even join it eventually. But right now this tag idea sounds way easier. ;) In fact I think that both the options will exist, and everyone will just choose what he likes best.
Re: monster thread - lol but how true!
+Karin Nelson , Though the process seems Manual, your method will work. And it will help the serious seeking photographers and the willing critics.

My suggestion: Instead of having #critiquepls alone
Why not #critiquepls-portrait / #critiquepls-landscape / #critiquepls-Birds / #critiquepls-Street ...... and so on.

The critic can search and bookmark the specific link for later use eg:
This will be more specific to the area of interest of the critic, which he will be willing too.

What is your feed back +Marcus Taylor, +Klaus Thuesen, +Dimitris Triantafillou +Nii sama and others
+Lana Walker It's the choice that makes this whole thing brilliant! It was likely that list that helped me find so many awesome g plussers here so I can see its benefit as well.
+Colby Brown on the flip side of that though is that with this approach, you don't have thousands of requests for critiques cluttering your stream, or the biggest frustration I have with the critique circle, thousands of public posts in the critique group that are of absolutely no interest to me. I had to find a Chrome extension to hide the critique circle from my stream so that I can see everything else, then I only go to the Critique Circle when I want to offer a critique. This approach addresses that issue for me, but it obviously has it's drawbacks. I still think the best solution would be for Google to create some sort of public circles, so that people can join, and only posts relevant to that group show up in that circle. Until then, I'm willing to give anything a fair shake.
I've just used the tag for the first time. ^^
+Parthiban Ingarsal that might work too but it will require people to remember the most common themes. ;) Besides there can be some mess with #critiquepls-portrait OR #critiquepls-portrait*s* etc. I think the easier option is better for a start. You can always use the desired tag additionally (I think Google will have no probs searching that). For example #critiquepls #landscape etc.
+Parthiban Ingarsal Tagging is a great idea, but I think for the search to be most effective, it would need to be multiple tags like #critiquepls #portrait, that way people can still just search for #critiquepls, but would still have the option for filtering beyond that if they wanted.
+Marcus Taylor I hear what you are saying, as I hear it from a number of people. But from my point of view, I don't find the "thousands of posts" that are not photo critiques annoying. It gives me a chance to get to know you all rather then just a photo critique relationship. I like that stuff, others doesn't seem to.

This idea is great, but it relies on people taking time out and actively searching, which I have found to be problematic in the past. Maybe I am completely off base, but in my experience...great ideas have a lot of energy behind them at first...but that fades relatively quickly. Keeping up the energy is the hard part, not necessarily coming up with the killer idea. In 1 or 3 months from now, will those that are excited about this search photo critique group still going to be doing it...maybe. Curated groups are certainly a ton more work, but the group seems to benefit from it. If you search "Behind the Scenes", you will not find any posts without multiple critiques from within the group.
+Colby Brown no worries. :) I still think this does not have to be in competition with your circle at all. Or with anyone of the critique circles. It may work, or it may fizzle out quietly in a week or two. If nobody seriously critiques any of the pictures marked with the hashtag, then people will get tired of using it and search for alternatives. The potential is there for it to be great.

I just really hope this is going to be productive and fun, and that I am not upsetting anyone. That'd be the opposite of what I wanted.
FYI, the "#" has no influence on search. You might as well just call it critiquepls as a search for either, will get you exactly the same results.

Other than that, it would be good to have a widely used tag, to mark photos you want critique on, so I'm very much in favour of this :)
Just my two cents worth but... I like the idea and desire behind +Karin Nelson 's initiative. I would even maybe view it more like going to an art gallery where anyone can hang their work on the "wall" and discuss it, note techniques, etc. (by displaying work publicly, critiques automatically happen in the real world). I do believe G+ is big enough to handle this and a worthy idea to be attempted. (also love the logo.. the designer must be very talented). :)
+Eric Leslie Thanks Eric! :) The reason why I changed the tag's name was to make sure people understand what it means, even without reading the initial post... otherwise it would have just been like "huh?". But this way, even not knowing, with a tag like that on your photo, you may still get some serious opinions without people having to be worried to offend you.
+Colby Brown Instructions followed... result: Done!! Hope you can get back to speed quickly after your trip. +Karin Nelson I already tried your tag... I will give it time to see what happens. Waiting to see how all this develops :)
Great idea +Karin Nelson - like you say, it's well worth giving this a try. It doesn't need lots of people to succeed and in fact will possibly be more successful if at first it's just a relatively small group who get to know each other and thus can critique an image within the context of the rest of their work. I disagree entirely with +Colby Brown that a search is problematic. All it needs is one search once. Then it can be saved and will appear on our home page for us to click at will. Two small suggestions: I'd keep the tag as short as possible (#critique perhaps) and I wouldn't stipulate that the post should be public (unless there's a technical need for that). Anyway, great idea and count me in. Thanks so much for taking the initiative. 
PS Someone else mentioned there was no need to include a hashtag. That's true I guess but having it should avoid getting false returns in the search, ie images that aren't actually linked to your initiative. 
That's why I tried to make the tag as unique as possible while still understanding what it means without needing to read this post. For me, the # is just a way to say, HEY, this is a hashtag, so search me! :)
+Tom McLaughlan - The problem is not that it is a search, it is that people have to search to use it. That was my point. It is human nature to want the easiest route. You will over course have a few people very eager about this idea, which is a great idea. But will you have enough to make it last. That is the question. As I said above, this is a great idea, but keeping up the energy and the numbers is the challenge.
Personally I think the save search feature makes this terribly easy to use. You click on the search on the left side and bam, an endless list of shots wanting to be critiqued. It's this reason that the daily photo themes have exploded seemingly overnight.
There's certainly room for all and both methods. I do really enjoy +Colby Brown 's group and I have met a lot of pretty cool people that way so I will remain active in that group. However, one attraction I am seeing to this idea is that you don't have to use circles.

Recently, a lot of people are having troubles with their circles - they are losing people from their circles, and being lost from other circles - which in a circled group could be a problem if you are posting to it and no one sees you!!
Until Google figures out a way to fix this problem, having an uncircled group does seem to be a very interesting idea.

I can also see Colby's point about people needing to search something out and just forgetting or not doing it. I am notoriously forgetful and quite often if something is out of sight, it's out of mind. I will admit that it's nice and easy to see the BEHIND the LENS tag coming across my feed -but then again - even without searching for the critquepls - I have some fairly large circles - I'm sure that I will come across them in the feed occasionally too.

We will all get out of either or both system what we put in to it. Both are great ideas and everyone stands to benefit from making use of them!
I totally agree +Colby Brown. This will only work if there are a LOT of people willing to critique. I'm hoping that there are, and as I wrote in the initial write-up, if you post a picture for critique, you should reciprocate the same for others. Anyone can benefit from both acts... receiving and giving. That's where the whole thing will either fail - or work. If it does work, it will function perfectly without anyone monitoring it. No curators needed. Everyone here on Google+ can monitor their own posts, delete offensive comments, or stuff like that.
Of course I would hope that even professional photographers would check in every once in a while and leave some critique... one can dream, right? :)
+Karin Nelson I think this is a great idea! there is no need for competition here. Choice is the key.

The issue I see with the critique circle is maintaining it, as it fluctuates from people adding and removing themselves which can be a task in it's own to keep up with. If we have a bit of free time we can search based on your criteria and boom, we can sift through and select images at our leisure.

I think there is room for both approaches
Hi +Colby Brown - Thanks. I understood exactly what you meant. And my point was that after people have done the search once they can save it and then just click on that in exactly the same way that they would click on a Circle. They won't have to search each time. It's what we all do with the Daily Photo Themes. It's a facility on G+ that not many people have cottoned on to, perhaps, but as +Eric Leslie said, it's a corker. What's more, if you only have a couple of searches saved then it sits there proud, standing out from everything else, without getting buried in a pile of many circles! Will we have enough people to make it last? Let's see. I think we will.
+Karin Nelson - So I guess the announcement is over.. the only thing now is to cut the ribbon/break the champagne bottle and start this thing? Who's first to dip their toe in? :)
Toes have already been dipped, +Gary Munroe! You are late to the party. Go search. They are already using it.
Now we need people critiquing in droves. :)
:-) I'm starting so that's at least one :-)
Funny enough, I found the first post where "Behind the Lens - Photo Critique" was used in conjunction with the #critiquepls hashtag. :) That just made me happy.
I have circle almost 1200 people in the behind the lens group. Less than 10 different people have participated in my photos while It FEELS like my name appears the most, the reason why I joined is to participate. No photographer above amateur, as I rate them, has critiqued my images, the reason why I joined. Very disappointing considering the members of the group, the ones who should truly be encouraged to lead as examples.
I think, +karin nelson, It may work. You know at your young age ideas will get knocked out of preparation by anyone. But How can any one be better than the other after this experience? I'll go either way. I wish more who joined the first would participate or remove themselves or have the curators and pros hop in and curate or lead or motivate the stale activity of the groups. Respectfully noting the success of Behind the lens-photo critique, there still needs change in them.
If you are the leader of the group and you want it to work, you can put your years into this and work the bugs out as well. It can work.
The hashtag, however, is a thorn in the side even though I know It cannot be stopped as it spreads the millions on G+. I can't stand the sight of it followed by text. :)
+Roy Ross - I participate all the time :) The idea is in growth by numbers. Everyone has something to teach and learn from. As a professional that makes a living as a photographer, I do not always have the time to do photo critiques, nor do many other photographers. Many pros offer a payed service, usually around $100 an hour to critique a portfolio. Not everything that is free is always 100% ideal, but that is the trade off.
+colby brown. I respect your contribution to the photography realm and don't doubt you participate even though I have not seen it. It may mean I was away for a moment. That's okay. :)
I do wish that more than 10, the max. varying participants I have seen as I sit many hours in front of the screen, would hop in. There are many respected names involved who have offered their time which do not critique. They are the reason why I joined, to surround myself around those better (as any intelligent person should do in any field or aspect of life) than myself to receive whatever may be transferable by doing so, is not happening. Yet, I am active to see it work.
I understand pros offering a paid service, they have bills to pay and mouths to feed as we do. So I guess I am trying to convey is I am not against you here. Or Karin but I cannot force myself to type a hashtag before text no matter how resolved I am to support photographers in their pursuits. :) What, the later was off of the subject. :) I lost my thought with the frustration of hashtags popping up everywhere. Oh, how can I get involved in either to contribute making existing possibilities flourish?
+Roy Ross I am one who likes to chime in on a critique but I did mention above, I cant keep the critique circle active in my stream. I actively engage with about 150 people and even then the stream flies by too fast. I often only follow the 50 in my "G+ Rockstar group and then its manageable. I would comment far more if I could be notified of the request.
I suppose some of the shortcomings of a critique group is that it needs to be fairly large to work. But that also means that if you have circled all those people in the critique circle, you will not only be seeing their posts with requests for critique, but everything else they are sharing as well. Doesn't that make it hard to keep following anything?
Its a balance +Karin Nelson. For me, as I said above, I like seeing that other stuff. It gives me a chance to get to know all those in the group a little better. But in the end, it is a combination that makes the group work. By having everyone circle eachother, it becomes an actual group...a class so to speak. Yes there will be noise, but the benefit is that people will see critiques in their streams without actively searching for it. Then when they are really feeling it, they can search as well. Google+ helps keep people active by having that little red notification bar at the top of the page. Ask yourself, would you be checking it as often if it was not telling you you have notifications. That is my mindset. Give people choice, but make it within the group so people always see whats going on in the group.

It isn't perfect, but having those little things helps keep people active. Doing a search for "Behind the Lens", assuming you are in the right group, and you will see hundreds of photos for critique every day, some with up to 20 critiques.

As I said above, this idea is awesome, but does it have longevity to go beyond the "power user". I try to set mine up to avoid that issue. In my experience with marketing my photography work for 8 years, too often, great content or ideas that are on the net, are two clicks away to many for most to even see.
+Karin Nelson My sentiments exactly. A way to get the word out to the group without having to receive the feed would be great. This is just the beginning of G+ Imagine the size of the group in a year!
+Karin Nelson your last point is why your idea should work for those interested... people that make the effort to search will be the one's that can make it work. Those not interested will disregard. Putting critique requests at the beginning of the post without hash tags, then using them at the end of the post will still allow them to come up in a search. If I want a critique, that is a small effort to pay for having someone to take the time to offer assistance
Karin. you have 35 shares at the moment and climbing. Would It be accurate to say the rest is up to you?
And it may be my expectations of the behind the lens has exceeded its capacity. It may be.
In the end, this is a topic of interest to many people noting the participation and shares. It is still alive with possibility of flourishing...
#critiueqpls. There I did it. The hash tag wasn't so bad. :)
See, this is where I disagree with you, +Roy Ross... I got the ball rolling, and the rest is up to all if us. Even if I take the time to comment on every single picture with the hashtag, it will not help if the word doesn't get out and more people step up to the plate. Time will tell. 
Well, I don't disagree with you. Don't stop the invitations. I suppose that could be one area I was referring to.
Would you agree there are more media platforms to share this with? Perhaps hangouts to lay it out in greater clarity (some may need it)? I mean maybe I can finally get into a hangout when sitting here for 1.5 hours with a rapid finger isn't good enough for colby's. :)
That is an area I believe it is not completely matured in . And I am not against you on this...............
Now that's a good idea +Roy Ross Some scheduled #critiquepls hangouts :D
I have spoke to +Roy Ross about this and would offer my services once a week for nature/landscape as part of my series I'm already doing"Nature Through Your Eyes"

Let me know +Eric Leslie
I'd be interested. What time/day do you have your critique hangout?
Or start a hangout and I can join
GREAT idea for G+! I am constantly searching for a forum where I can get this type of feedback. A couple groups on Fb, and the like, I have joined do this. The typical accolades are nice and well received, but I want to improve my craft and feel a more focused forum for feedback is crucial. Count me in!
As +Jim Davis Knows, I am in for the hangout critiques as well. They depend on knowing when and being available. for the other times the critique posts will do very well.
+Charles Lupica sent me here via a discussion on this subject that has been going since this morning. I am interested in this.
+Karin Nelson While I can certainly see that tagging an image with #critiquepls is an invitation for critique, but it is not a guarantee of quality constructive criticism. Certainly not any more than sharing an image with the public or with any of your circles, where an unlocked, untagged stream might get as much mixed comment as one that is.
The tagged image is going to require as much time and effort on the part of the requesting individual to sort through the comments and evaluate them, if not more.

Then there are the times when I know there are issues with a particular image. I share it with a request to comment and provide a possible solution or fix and get nary a nibble. This is an experience I had last week. While I am not in any way a Pro-photographer of note, I might as well have been invisible with what I got from this request stream.
+Colby Brown Your circle works well and I think we have had some time to hash issues out. There is still the issue of g+ and the issue of getting the "error changing circle membership". I get it every few days lately. It has been raised on the google plus discussion board. And it can make adding all the people in the critique group initially an issue. Regarding search for the critique group I created a search "BEHIND THE LENS - PHOTO CRITIQUE" and saved it. I run it a few times a day when I have time and add comments.

In theory you could also create a search term "#critiquepls" but hash tags are so yesterday and twitter hold over.

But with the "#critiquepls" concept it also means the photo has to be shared either publically or with everyone who is in a given circle(s). I am not always into sharing my work with the whole world at this point. I follow a bunch of non-photographer types who might really not give a darn about looking at a mudshark photo. :-) So we all follow +Karin Nelson and this creates the same concept. There maybe overlap and some unique people to both. With any of these circles it requires you to put your work out there. This something I personally have struggled with as I watch the amazing stream of photos others post. But overall the feedback I have gotten has been very helpful as has reading other folks comments about photos.

In the end g+ has plenty of people to support all kinds of feedback of photos, art, woodworking and other visual and audio art, writing etc. And if the early development of g+ is any indicator google has plenty of other enhancements in the works.
+Colby Brown in your group, is it OK to share a picture for critique but to make it public? I know the rules say to only share it with the circle, but what if I want it to be public, too?
I hope to find here constructive critiques because IMHO is a great way to I'm definitely in!
Awesome idea :) I will definitely try it both ways.
Thank you !
Great idea Karin! This will help all of develop and grow. Having the ability to flag those who are nasty in their negativity is healthy for the whole group.
brilliant - you should post some of your stellar ideas!
Great idea thank you for coming up with this I have posted pictures looking for constructive feedback and only get the nice picture etc... I really want to improve my photography.
I've saved the search for #critiquepls. Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to use it! :~þ
I have noticed quite a few people using both... might be time to update my search string that finds photos that people want critiqued. Critiquing is great for both parties - it is a learn / learn arrangement.
+Lana Walker - You can of course do what you like, but I ask you to keep it within the group, which helps manage the group growth and make sure people are participating. My group has success in numbers and things seem to work pretty good so far. What a few people have been doing is posting to the group, but once they get some feedback, they will post the updated image to public once they have finalized it. Just an idea.
Even if a photo is posted to Public, if it has the BEHIND THE LENS heading, anyone in the BtL circle knows it is asking for a critique. Even there, I have learned there are two main motives for seeking a critique. One is to receive technical advice about post production techniques, and the other is to learn how well the photographer has communicated the emotion and meaning of the photograph to the viewer. The first is best answered by professionals and amateurs who have experience with those techniques. The second is best answered by the viewers (who may or may not be photographers) who care what the artist is trying to say, not what they would have done if it were their shot. If someone giving a critique can express the ways in which a shot succeeds or fails to make a connection, the artist will gain valuable insight.

To me, this seems like a duplication of Behind the Lens, and I find myself asking two things.

1. Do I want to add another 1,000 people (many of whom would be sure to be duplicates of the many professionals and gifted amateurs already in BtL) and yet more circles so I don't have to go searching for something to critique? (+Karin Nelson If I don't circle them, it is my understanding I won't see what they post, hashtag regardless. Otherwise we would see everything EVERYONE on G+ posted.)

2. Is it any less likely that #critiquepls will end up with FB-style comments than BtL will now that G+ is open to everyone?

And I find myself answering, "No," and, "No."

Thanks for the invitation, though.
+Sue Starlight Just to clarify... there are no circles. There is no group. No duplications. There are no invitations. There is just a hashtag. Use it whenever you wish, or don't use it at all. It's just... out there. But no worries. It's all good. :)
+Colby Brown thanks for your reply. Yeah, I like the idea about publicizing an improved image instead of the original one. I asked this because I saw some public posts titled "BEHIND THE LENS - PHOTO CRITIQUE", so I wondered if it's something fine to do, or the poster just forgot to change the circles he was sharing with. Anyway, after some thinking (and after a nice invitation from +Matthew Quinly and +Angel Figueroa), I've decided to give it a go and submitted my ID for approval. :)
I am always open to try to give critiques.... the fact is that many people are getting very bent out of shape they are receiving critiques on images not marked for critiques... I know my feeling on this is I do not care, if i post an image it is open game weather it says Behind the Lens - Photo Critique or has a hastag etc.... I grown with feedback.. if I wanted to have no comments or never see negative feedback I would hide in my room all day and have a book full of my images only i can see.... then i can say i am great to myself all day long..

I personally and as one of the mods for Colby's group really hate to see a fork in groups.. what I would love to see is a groups feature here that everyone can join one massive critique group so we all learn more and have much more exposure - then hopefully will close down and G+ can take over for being the place for online critiques....

Maybe the use of both the hashtag and the BEHIND THE LENS - PHOTO CRITIQUE tag would meld the two together and allow for even more people to be exposed to a union of the masses....
ok, I did it. I took the step and #critiquepls a pic of mine. Not sure how this is going to work. I am rather new to G+. TIA to any critiques!
Great idea. I'm in. Will do it next time I have a photo I want critiqued. Thanks for setting it up!
I love this idea. As a novice photographer I will take all the critique-ing I can get :) Is your idea taking off?
i lik the idea its brilliant ..its like all for one, one for all
Thank you for getting this going, Karin. Great idea, I'm in!
I wonder if I'm doing it correctly - I used #critiquepls in the title - but no critiques - can you see it in the listing?
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