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Karin Nelson

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Misty mountains...

Yeah. Sorry. That's all I've got. 
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Far over, the Misty Mountains cold. To dungeons deep, and caverns old. We must away, ere break of day. To seek the pale enchanted gold.

Ahem. You're welcome.
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Karin Nelson

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I'm still looking for the perfect camera backpack. Here are the requirements:

1. Needs a tripod holder
2. Needs room for food/gloves/tissues... maybe a jacket etc.
3. Needs to have a water resistant bottom
4. Needs an external bottle holder
5. No hip straps
6. Sternum strap would be nice, but not a requirement
7. Waterproof exterior would be nice, but not essential
8. Should be wide, but not deep.
9. Clean lines. No gazillion straps and pockets everywhere.
10. Not expensive

I ordered and returned the Timbuk2 sleuth. Other than not having a waterbottle holder, it was extremely uncomfortable. I actually believe there was something wrong with it, since the hard plastic back panel protruded from the bottom and rubbed against my lower back - and that wasn't even with a fully packed backpack!

I had seen the Caselogic Reflexion offerings before, and while I think they have some good looking bags, I was hesitant to order one. However, yesterday I noticed that they have a 20% off sale going on right now, with free shipping (and free returns). So I figured, why not give them a try?

It has a tripod holder, a bottle holder, and room for other items. It unzips in the middle and reveals a camera compartment. The top unzips as well and opens like a doctor's bag. It really looks quite cool. I will review it when I get it. 
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Why I am not surprised?
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Karin Nelson

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I've been invited to +Jay Patel and +Varina Patel's Visual Wilderness hangout on air to talk about how to select a tripod. 

Do I ever have LOTS to say about that! I am in tripod-selector-mode right now, having scoured the market for the proper one for weeks. Tune in on Monday for the long awaited conclusion of the heart-wrenching series of: "Which Tripod is Best for Me?"
Just how do you make a choice before getting the next tripod? +Varina Patel+Jay Patel and rest of the Visual Wildernes will join a special guest +Karin Nelson to talk about how to go about selecting a tripod.

Enjoy & Share.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jay Patel. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Visual Wilderness E9: How to choose a Tripod
Mon, April 21, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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"Fake" moustache????
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Karin Nelson

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A beautiful, sunny day. And the power just went out in the neighbourhood.
Oh well. I guess work will have to wait. :)
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Well we had worst here, its middle of April and had a snow storm last night, and the ground has about 2" of snow" yuk
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Karin Nelson

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It was a beautiful April day. My husband brought me to the river to take some pictures... and we had dinner on the balcony for the first time this year. Tomorrow, back to the rain. 
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awsm photography
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Karin Nelson

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Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post anything about backpacks, camera bags and tripods anymore. So after careful consideration, I have come to the decision that I will henceforward only post pictures in which backpacks, camera bags and tripods played a vital role. Just imagine the backpack, camera bag or tripod BEHIND your point of view. We can then start a discussion about how this or that backpack, camera bag or tripod was helpful in the creation of the posted picture, or how another backpack, camera bag or tripod would have been more suitable for the use in said picture.
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You are so frickin' funny, Karin! :-D
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Karin Nelson

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An new Arca Swiss compatible plate with or without grip.... and a bigger eye cup...

Shut up and take my money!

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Karin Nelson

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Ok, Sugru is having a 24 hour spontaneous spring sale - all their stuff is 50% off. Use "sugrulovesspring" at checkout. If you need to fix your fridge, if you need to add a magnet to your tripod, if you have a hole in your shoe, if you need to patch your jeans, this is the stuff that can do it all. (Btw, I am not affiliated with Sugru, I just love the product). 
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I bought some. :) Thanks for the heads up!
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If you eat ribs, be messy. If you don't like messy, don't eat ribs.
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I'd comment on that if my fingers weren't so greasy ;)
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Karin Nelson

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Walmart 1-hour Photo
A short horror story

About 1 month ago, I needed some name tags printed. I decided that they would look best on photo paper, so I converted my Adobe Illustrator files to jpgs and uploaded them Walmart 1-hour photo online. An hour or so later, I got the email telling me that the 2 prints were ready for pickup, and would be costing a total of 2 dollars and 47 cents. Yay. Perfect!

My husband was in the area so I sent him to pick up the prints. A little while later, my phone rings. It's my husband, at Walmart. The photos aren't ready. He connects me with the person at the counter. The lady tells me that they couldn't print my files because there was something wrong with them. She wants me to upload them again but I don't want to fiddle with my files and I tell her not to bother, and that I will print them somewhere else. I tell her to please cancel the order. My husband comes home. I print the files elsewhere, and everything is peachy. 

About 5 days later, I get a voice mail from Walmart 1-hour Photo Center. My prints are ready to pick-up. What?? I call them back right away and explain the situation: You were unable to print the files. The order was cancelled BECAUSE you guys weren't able to print my files. The lady on the other end apologizes. 
"Oh. Ok. Sorry for the call. I will cancel the order."
I hang up the phone. This is odd. Very odd.

About 5 days later, I get another phone call from Walmart 1-hour Photo Center. 
"WHAT? I already told the lady last week that I didn't need them anymore because I had them printed elsewhere since your machine wasn't able to read the file."
"Oh. Ok. So sorry for the call. You didn't speak to me, last week. I will now cancel the order."
I hang up the phone. But I can't shake that cold shiver that's now running down my spine every time I hear my phone ring.

About 5 days later, I get yet ANOTHER phone call from Walmart 1-hour Photo Center. I am almost yelling now. I explain the whole story again, and make sure that she knows I'm upset:
"Oh. Ok. Here, listen, I am putting them into the shredder right now", says the lady, and I hear the shredder in the background. She apologizes profusely. "This is it", she says, "no more calls, I guarantee it."
My hands are trembling, as I hang up the phone. But I am confident. It is all over now. I can now go back to my life. For the first time in weeks, I don't start crying when my phone rings.

This morning, I got another voice mail from Walmart 1-hour Photo Center. My prints are ready for pickup. 
I am now considering changing my number. 
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+Walmart for comment.
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