I've been helping people use Android in all sorts of devices for quite a few years now and one of the top requests I get is for information on how to debug the AOSP's internals. As with many things related to Android's internals, such information has been hard to come by. Until now ...

Opersys just published the courseware for our "AOSP Debugging and Performance Analysis" class under CC-BY-SA. Just click on "Courseware" to grab your copy and enjoy. Covers ftrace, perf, gdb/gdbserver, ddms, eclipse, etc.

The material is built around the Inforce IFC6410 board because it was one of the only dev boards I could find that actually has both Android running on it while still having full performance counter support in perf --- sidenote, perf support on ARM SoCs, especially in combination with Android, tends to be partial at best.

This material has already been used half a dozen times, so it should be quite "robust", but comments/suggestions are encouraged. Obviously as updates/additions are made, we'll publish them back at the same spot.

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