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I thought I would fry up some yuca fries.
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Cactus makes good fries too :)
got to be braver with foreign veggies and fruits on my side 
I wish we had that up here. I like natural foods untouched by Monsanto...
I love yucca fries more than potato fries!
Thanks +Hilah Johnson The whole family loves the yuca fries and it's so easy to make.  I had to boil the yuca (added a little salt in the water) for 40 mins., then deep fry them at 350 degrees for 12-15 mins..  There done after 10 mins., but to get the golden color you need the extra mins..  There tender inside and crunchy on the outside.  I am still trying to recreate the dipping sauce from a local restaurant (  It's an orange spicy sauce used with the rotisserie chicken and yuca fries.  Maybe I should post a how-to make yuca fries.
+Norbert de Rooy In Jamaica Yuca is known as Casava and the most popular way it's prepared is as a flatbread known as Bammy.  I liked it as a kid, but I have no interest in it now.  Here is a link about Bammy
However, Telo with cassava sounds good.  I'm in the mood for some fish (fried, baked, stewed or steamed).
+Linda Dean +Tina Parkinson Cactus fries sounds interesting.  I am always up for trying any type of food.
+Annick Landry I'm trying all types of new veggies and fruits.  I shop at Hmart a local Korean market.  They have so many imported fruits and vegetables not commonly found in the USA.  
I'm definitely gonna make some again soon. Now you've got me thinking about them. :)
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