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Karim Ayman Riesco

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Teenager carves his own name into 3,500 - year old  Relic from Luxor Temple .His family was left embarrassed and apologetic after their son was found writing " Ding Jinhao was here "

Egypt , you need a Tourism Law to  punish violations of Social Ethics .!
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Karim Ayman Riesco

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All Into The Nefertari Temple ...... Abu Simbel ❤️💖❤️
Happy #Sunday ........ #Weekend ........
Peace & Love Be Upon #Egypt .................. Earth & You .......
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Karim Ayman Riesco

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I am silent as my words are anti-Semitic to some people out there. But, this has made me realize one thing that Israel is taking the advantage of this word for lowering their crime rate.. 
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Karim Ayman Riesco

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Karim Ayman Riesco

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Operation #Leviathan *

So what happened on the 27th of March?
Egyptian Resistance Happened
#WeAreBack so #WeBrokeIntel #BecauseWeCan *

On the 27th of March, 2015, a #Leviathan has risen, drenching all of Egypt into a Blue Sea.
Egyptian Resistance created a massive, 52 layered, 1.45 Billion MUs Field, and in the process, we broke Intel (Oops! We did it again ...)

Egyptian Resistance, the Last Line of Defense for the Global Resistance
The Global Resistance Score was trailing by 137 Million, but because of the Leviathan, and in only 3 checkpoints, it recovered, and gained enough momentum that even with the field down, the Resistance Won by a margin of 26 Million MUs.

This is the tale of how this came to happen, so grab a lemonade, sit back, and enjoy.
It all started with Shonin

On Saturday, the 21st of February, 2015, and due to uncontrolled local issues, the #Shonin event in "Alexandria" was cancelled. For the Egyptian Resistance, we were disappointed as we believe that we had this Anomaly down pat. We had to do something. The idea of a 1 Billion+ MUs was born.


The idea was to capitalize on the ever present, Resistance Spine Link in Egypt. The "Qena - Matrouh" Link, is a link that is 800 Km long. It connects the North-West of Egypt, to the South-East of it, having 90% of the Egyptian population to the North of that Link.

Three cities were selected to gather the lion's share of the MUs:
1. "Fayoum" - 4 layers.
2. "Mansoura" - 32 layers.
3. "PortSaid" - 13 layers.

Another 3 fields were planned to encompass all, from "Matrouh", one of the Anchors for the Spine.

Two more cities were below the Spine:
1. "Assuit" - 1 layer
2. "Sohag" - 1 layer

The Operation was scheduled for the 27th of March.

Preparing the Battlefield

During all this time, Agent @DomainSilver had to handle gathering more than 50 Keys for the "Qena Train Station" Portal, the one Anchor that will carry the whole Operation.

On the 19th of March, just one week before the Operation, Egyptian ENL Agents managed to create a field that is anchored in "PortSaid" and "Suez", with the third Anchor an inaccessible Portal in Cairo. This was actually a good opportunity for us to gather keys for the most Northern portal in "PortSaid", in the guise of destroying the field. Two agents @Neotroid and @Darkovesky headed that way, and arrived at "PortSaid" after 3 AM. In the meantime, and as a test run for testing their response time on a Friday morning, Agent @Pharoah88 headed to "Suez" the next morning, to take care of the problem link from "Suez". A battle ensued, with Agent @Pharoah88 aiming to exhaust the reserve of “Cairo” keys available to ENL at “Suez”, and just as he left the city, another link was established.

The very next day, Saturday the 21st of March, two more Agents,@EgyptianWarlock and @Quantemero, headed for "Suez", with blockers standing ready at "Mansoura", "Giza", and "Helwan". The link was taken down, and blockers were established.

Three days before the Op, our blockers were taken down, and a new link from "Suez" to "Cairo" was established, which was foreseen, and fit within its place in the Op. Also, another field was up, anchored at "Damietta", effectively blocking our Northern lanes, but that was easily taken care of by "Damietta" Agents.

The remaining blockers were all manageable, and all was ready for Op-Day.

Deploying the teams

On the morning of the Op-Day, the Agents comprising the "Fayoum" team,@Neotroid and @Adriano611 had personal emergencies, forcing us to cancel that phase of the plan.
It was also discovered that the first portal in "PortSaid" was outside the city limits, and thus very tough to walk to, so it was canceled, limiting the "PortSaid" fields to 12.
During the night, "Alexandria" Agents did a wonderful job in clearing the lanes in Southern "Alexandria", with the final two blockers taken down 1 hour before the Op.
In the meantime, Agent @MiMo traveled from "Mahalla" to "Cairo" to pick up keys, then back to "Mahalla" for a two hours sleep, then to "Mansoura" to deliver keys, then finally to his post in "PortSaid", where his fellow teammate, Agent @CaptianMoha, joined him in the morning.
Also, Agent @AmrRagaa started traveling from "Cairo", at 3 AM, to "Alexandria", accompanied by his dog, Sunny, to pick up Agent @FidoDidoBido, and head finally for "Matrouh", arriving there at 10 AM, after a 7 hours drive.
Agents @DomainSilver and @Quanetemero traveled from "Cairo" to "Mansoura", to join our to local Agents there,@Khaled and @Meko.
In "Cairo", Agents @ZRover, @Seso919, @Pharoah88, and @mido7422 headed for their designated portals. In "Zakazik", Agent @LARK852 was ready at his post.
Agent @EgyptianWarlock, dispatcher, was ready at his Command Post at 10 AM.

Surgical Strikes

At 10:30 AM, and almost simultaneously, Agents @LARK852, @Seso919, and @ZRover applied a Jarvis Virus each to his designated portal. While Agent @Pharoah88 used an ADA on his, thus clearing the Eastern, North to South Lane. Immediately, Agent @mido7422 threw a blocker against the chance of a link established from "Suez", which might have caused us some trouble.
At that moment, "Mansoura" team, established a link from the first portal to "Qena", thus preserving their own Southern Lane.
In "PortSaid", a similar link was established from one of their portals to "Qena", thus preserving their Southern Lane as well.
At "Alexandria", Agent @NeoEGY, applied two Jarvis Viruses to two friendly portals, in the same time that one of the Agents in "Matrouh" applied a Jarvis to another friendly at their end. Thus, the Northern, East to West Lane was cleared.
Agents at "Mansoura" linked a second portal to "Matrouh", as did Agents at "PortSaid", which preserved those lanes for the rest of the Op.
Those were the Opening Notes, for the Symphony the Egyptian Resistance performed that day.

Just Another Blue Day in Egypt

From this moment forward, the Symphony was being played. The "Mansoura" Agents performed with style, stacking the layers, and closing them with each other. They finished in record time.
The "PortSaid" Agents proceeded to establish their fields, after the "Mansoura" Agents were done, and all seemed well.

The "PortSaid" Marathoners

After establishing 4 fields in "PortSaid", the dispatcher realized he forgot to ask them to close their first field with the last one in "Mansoura", an MU count negligible in regards to the whole Op, but Egyptian Resistance is all about perfection. The "PortSaid" warriors walked back to the first portal, using Jarvis on their own fields along the way, for over a kilometer, to establish that Closing link. Then they reestablished all their fields in sequence.
Meanwhile, an ENL Agent at "Suez", was trying to block further fields by a link from there to "PortSaid", but that did not phase the "PortSaid" Team, as they chased took care of his blockers, on foot, all over the city.

The Finale

During this epic performance, Agent @Shazlawy from "Dishna", traveled to "Qena", and created a field in South Egypt, between "Qena", "Dishna", and "Aswan". He also threw 2 links from "Qena" to "Asuit", and "Sohag" in preparation for the "Matrouh" team to close their fields.
"Matrouh" Team followed with 3 massive fields, to the last portal in "PortSaid" and the Anchor in "Qena", struggling with sluggish scanners, because of the fields blanketing the region.
Agent @metwally, the Egyptian Resistance Grand Strategist, pointed out 2 more portals, about 10 kilometers away, that could be used in the Op. Against an almost dead scanner and rain showers, the "Matrouh" team persevered, and finished the Op with a final 300 meter walk, along a deserted beach, in pitch black darkness.

30 Minutes later, Intel was Broken …
2 Checkpoints later, the Resistance Global Score recovered …
4 more Checkpoints, the Cycle ends, with the Resistance having the Upper hand …

Meet The Heroes

The Lone Wolves

+Hussein Ali (@Seso919): The Cairo Team Leader, a strategist by nature, he also enjoys photography. He is known for putting his team members before himself, and he doesn't mind being a small cog in the massive machine that is the Egyptian Resistance.
+Sherif Fayez (@ZRover): Sherif is known for his unorthodox links, and his black humor. He could floor you with a Joke.
+Ahmad Alghandour (@Pharoah88): One of the top guns of the Cairo Team, a charmer by nature. You meet him, you like him <period>. He is also a very skilled Dentist.
+mohamed mounir (@mido7422): Known for his ability to create ingenious blockers while sleep walking, he also has a quick wit, and sarcasm is his second nature.
+Mohamed Al-kayal (@LARK852): AKA "Primo", another joker extraordinaire. Despite being semi-retired, studying for his High School Finals, nevertheless he did not hesitate when asked to perform his duty to the team. Without him, there would be no Op.
+Soliman Abdallah (@NeoEGY): AKA "Papa Smurf", the Head of The Egyptian Resistance. Soliman is known for his complete immersion in Ingress, and worrying about his teammates.

"Fayoum" Team

+Mahmoud Selim (@Neotroid): AKA "Dodge", a Metal-head, known for his willingness to travel anywhere for the sake of the team, and his massive strength. It is rumored that in a face off between him and a "Dodge Ram" ... the "Ram" was defeated.
+Adriano Hokage (@Adriano611): Known for his love of Japanese Anime, his ever present smile, and his fierce loyalty to the team. He is also another Metal-head, and just loves Guava Hookah.

"Mansoura" Team

+mohamed el-mekawy (@meko): AKA "Papa Dragon". A semi-retired "Mansoura" agent, and an Orthopedic Physician by day. Although this is his first Major Op, he performed with extreme confidence.
+Khaled khaleel (@khaled): AKA "The Spy". If you have played "Commandos" Computer game in the past, then you know why he is referred to by that name. Little is known about him except that he ventures into where you least expect. Some even say that he is a renegade Shaper working for the Resistance.
+waleez mahmoud (@quantemero): AKA "Guardian of Sabbah Mosque", put him on his bicycle and he is unbeatable. He is also known for his social nature and his forays inside the Pyramids area.
+Mahmoud Salah (@DomainSilver): AKA "Guardian of the Keys", his work requires him to travel for more than 1000 Kilometers each week, into the depths of Southern Egypt. He gathers and guards the keys for the strategic portals of the Egyptian Resistance. He is also one of the most decent people you could ever meet.

"PortSaid" Team

+Mohamed Shehab (@MiMo): Following in the steps of his big brother, he is our most active agent in the "Nile Delta", travelling between 5 cities. He was responsible for the overnight journey between 4 cities to deliver the keys on the night of the Op.
+Mohamed Ali (@CaptainMoha): You could spend 3 days with Mohamed and never know the sound of his voice, but you would definitely notice the size of his hair. As a Master of Ground Tactics, he is Silent, yet Lethal.

"Matrouh" Team

+Amr Ragaa (@AmrRagaa): Our resident "Biker", he is one of the most dedicated team players in the Egyptian Resistance. He is also one of the most decent players in our team. A real beautiful soul.
+Abdallah Bassam Yassien (@FidoDidoBido): Known for his Encyclopedic Knowledge of every Agent in Egypt, of both factions, and his high resemblance to the 7Up Mascot "Fido Dido", he is one of 3 L14 Agents in Egypt.
Sunny: Known for his loyalty to his Friend "Amr", he is considered our K9 Agent in "Matrouh" team.

"Qena" Team

+ahmed elshazly (@Shazlawy): A resident of "Dishna", he didn't mind traveling to "Qena" just to throw two links for the "Matrouh" team to capitalize on them.


Myself (@EgyptianWarlock): As an avid reader, and a Fantasy Genre Enthusiast, I live in a world of Dragons, Warlocks, and epic battles. A System Analyst by day, I found myself in my element as one of the Intel Operatives for the Ingress Egyptian Resistance.

Special Thanks

@metwally: AKA "Deep Nose", our Uber Master Strategist and Inteller Extraordinaire. He is know for creating 4 Million MUs fields when he is bored. He is also a Programmer by day.
@ZaBaDoOo: Known for his generosity, and his ability to feed the whole Egyptian Resistance. There are rumors concerning him and "Camels"? Yet nothing is confirmed.
@Darkovesky: Yet another Metalhead, known for his ability to create fields that baffle both his enemies and his friends.
@CartoonizedAmr: AKA "Ceiling Brush", known for his massive hair, and his quick wit. He is a prodigy in discovering hidden portals. He helped clear out enemy links in Southern "Alexandria" on the night of the Op.
@ElGohary: One of the most active agents in "Alexandria", he helped clear out enemy links in Southern "Alexandria" on the night of the Op. 
@ASharkawy: AKA “Shark”. An Egyptian Resistance Agent, and a good friend, that relocated to KSA. His advice and assistance were crucial to the success of the Op.

+Joe Philley +John Hanke +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brian Rose +Susanna Moyer +Linda Besh  +Ingress +Niantic Project
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So that means I personally can communicate with
1383000000 people across the globe without any issues! as I speak Arabic, Spanish and English! And funny to mention that I attempted to learn Chinese a couple of years ago!
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Time to get going ... Happy Saturday everybody :)
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[+18] Graphic content - uncut video of #ISIS  burning the Jordanian pilot martyr burned alive, may his soul rest in peace...the pilot stood brave and still facing the most cowardliness and low filthiness humanity could produce.


#ISIS   #ISIL   #islamicstate   #isisクソコラグランプリ   #isisterrorists   #Jordanian   #Grief   #International
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  • Modern Academy In Maadi
    Computer Science & Management technology, 2002 - present
  • Tabary Sheraton Public
    High School, 1998 - 2001
    General Egyptian public high-school degree (Pre-university stage).
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Half Egyptian (Father) half Spanish (Mother), male...
Bragging rights
Workoholic, half Egyptian half Spanish, living by myself @ 6th of October, near Cairo Egypt...I draw, edit videos and other few things :)
Founder & Managing Director at Blend Business Solutions, LLC
Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Project Management, Process creation and improvement, curriculum development, people development, employee training, life coaching, employee engagement, Business instructor, Sales, Online Marketing, Organization development, Operations Management
  • Blend Business Solutions
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  • Stream Global Services
    Training Team Manager, 2010 - 2011
    Responsible for coordinating and managing the delivery of all training within the site, partnering with Operations and Quality to develop training programs to drive improved performance and achieve business results. Partner with the curriculum development team in creating and maintaining updated training materials. Scale of position extends over a center of up to 500+ Support Professional seat capacity.
  • Stream Global Services
    Sales and Support Trainer, 2009 - 2010
    Responsible for facilitation and training delivery to new and existing employees. Design training material, refreshment sessions and capsules to address the gaps identified and needs for the new hires as well as tenured staff. Managing the different LMS solutions from enrolling agents and team mangers, to track completion and extract reporting.
  • Marcus Evans
    Project Co-ordinator, 2008 - 2008
    -Organizing the Agenda for Conferences and summits, -Bring the Sponsors -Sell the seats to attend
  • Sarmady Communications
    Advertising Specialist, 2007 - 2008
    • Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to sell new advertising programs or expand and upsell to current accounts. • Maintained and managed accounts (existing clients), ensuring their satisfaction towards our services through focusing on their business and tactical objectives. Achievements • Part of the team that brought Vodafone as a main sponsor for the website • Closed deals with clients from the fortune 1000 companies and top brands worldwide. • A key player in closing a deal with Vodafone to merge with Sarmady, buying around 60% of the company. Additional information: • (Sarmady communications) corporate website : • The online portals used as advertisement channels were: • (Sport portal) • (Entertainment portal) • (News portal) • (Automobile portal concerns cars market in Egypt)
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Nice place, good atmosphere... Poor service response time... Good choice of products and coffee.
Public - 10 months ago
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Excellent place to hangout and chill out. Its called Barocco lounge one of the bidden coffee places in Mohandeseen, exceptional customer experience as well as a wonderful staff and management, you find all sort of drinks (No alcohol), Shisha and also have PS3 so you can play a little with your is a highly recommended place if you like coffee shops/ lounges ... One note though is on the food, the food is not bad however its below expectations, not the best place to eat.
• • •
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A lot of good selection of plates...Chinese, italian, Mexican and more... The service is a bit slow, still a friendly staff... Nice summer restaurant.
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Cyber bee2a
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Quality: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Very Good
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