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Karen M. Winkelman
Live from your heart and let your spirit soar!
Live from your heart and let your spirit soar!
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In appreciation for all moms everywhere...

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Are you getting triggered this month? Perhaps my blog will help :)

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Does the idea of past lives and their potential influence on your current life interest you? You can read the article that appeared in a recent issue of Smart Healthy Women Magazine. Please share it if it resonates with you. Thanks! <3

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Love is in the air… Could it be the energy of June? June is a 6 vibration which is about Love, Harmony, Responsibility, Acceptance, Community, Service, Beauty, Creativity and Peace. June is asking you to practice coming from a place of love in all that you do. How can you bring more love, beauty, creativity and peace into your life?
If you’d like to learn more of what’s in store, here’s my numerology/energy update video for June. If you enjoy my video, I invite you to share it. Thanks in advance! Now go do something that makes you feel alive! Love & blessings and gratitude ♥

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Hi there... it's time for my monthly video update... May is all about change. Change is good, even if it feels scary. We evolve and grow through the changes that take place in our life. May is a 5 vibration which is about Freedom, Flexibility, Adventure, Change, Travel, Communication, Romance, Curiosity, Adaptability, Versatility and Free-spirited.

This month, work with the energy of change to start creating more of what you desire in your life. Be aware that schedules and plans are likely to change at a moment’s notice. Be flexible and learn to go with the flow and adapt to the things that show up in your life. Resistance is painful and futile! Some questions to ask or journal about: What do I need to change in my life?  Where am I feeling bored? Where do I need to be more flexible?  What am I resisting?  How can I invite more romance and lightheartedness into my life?

If you enjoy my video, I invite you to share it. Thanks in advance! Now go do something that brings you joy! Love & blessings and gratitude

Deep thanks and appreciation for the amazing trio at Chakra 5 Productions. You rock Laurie A. Bell, Courtney Smith and Kenny Abrahams!
PS. You can always watch the videos on my website ( – I keep the video archive there.

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Thanks, Jo! Love the Hubspot topic/title generator & the one from Tweak Your Biz. Who knew?! Even if I don't choose one they offer up, their list serves as a great seed to start my creativity sprouting. Cool beans.
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