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My daughter started last summer at age 3 (she just turned 4) and I've been pleased so far. My only complaint is that communication is limited to handouts at the end of class unless you (the parent) call or speak to someone at the front desk so you have to keep really on top of it yourself or be very easy going. My daughter is in one of the 3-4-year-old combo classes on Saturdays. She has had the same teacher throughout except for a couple classes so I assume those were subs when her main teacher was out. It would be nice to have better viewing but I suspect they limited it to avoid "dance mom" hovering and/or the kids getting distracted. I've watched through the little window and hung out in the lobby. The lobby seating is very limited during transition times waiting for the previous class to leave so I am usually kneeling on the floor to put my daughters tap shoes on but, on Saturdays at least, there is generally space when classes are in session unless someone brings the whole family (siblings, grandparents, etc.) and I can move to a chair. Older kids are usually dropped off so it may only be an issue for those of us with very young children or who attend certain times. Prices for classes as well as recital fees seem on par with or below other places I looked at. The costume was $70 but they split it up over a couple payments and I've heard of worse. The shoes and tights required are the same ones they say to get for class anyway (pale pink dance tights and pink leather ballet shoes) so we don't need to get anything else. Older students in performance groups or multiple classes probably have to pay much more or get specialty items but my kid is still a preschooler.
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