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Karen Talavera
Digital Marketing Sherpa, Email Marketing Guru, and Agent of Conscious Evolution
Digital Marketing Sherpa, Email Marketing Guru, and Agent of Conscious Evolution

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Chances are you've invested a significant amount of time and money building your email marketing list, but are you taking care of it? What exactly should you be doing to maintain data integrity and email address deliverability, and how often? And what's the downside of not doing enough, or doing nothing?

Hangout with me as we'll discuss these and other questions related to email address verification, validation, correction and enhancement. Learn why the care and feeding of your email list needs to become an ongoing priority, pitfalls to avoid, and resources for doing it right.

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Nice job Dave! Say it loud, say it proud.

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Seven email marketing questions you were too afraid to ask.

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Love this! Just as I predicted - eventually email will be audio and not just visually read.
New BMWs read email. Email is dead. Long live email.

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You can't say there's no time to meditate after reading this . . . I love my regular meditation time when I take it, but this practice is time-crunch-proof.

So, who's all going to #EEC12 in a few weeks?

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Dear Reed,

I messed up. Several months ago I cancelled my Netflix DVD by mail service and went with your streaming only service.

At first I loved it. As an iPad owner it was convenient for me to watch a movie in 15 minute chunks - in bed, on the back deck, on the couch, etc. My daughter and I even watched a movie together right from the iPad.

But then something happened. I discovered that all the first-run movies (like The Social Network) that I missed in the theater (work, kid's swim meets, you know the drill) and was looking forward to watching - you didn't have in your streaming library.

To be blunt Reed, your streaming collection is pitiful and not ready for a prime-time service and brand like Netflix. It isn't about the price - heck I pay $3.50 for a soy latte - you know coffee and milk.

The problem is you are renting movies - but you don't have any good movies to rent. That my good buddy, is the actual problem - not your poor social media skills or forgetting to buy the Qwikster Twitter handle.

Now, I didn't go to Harvard, but I've been known to have some strategic thoughts every once in awhile. And where I sit as a product of the California public school system - you clearly never read a book my Michael Porter or must have gone to the movies when your business professor discussed competitive advantage.

Reed my friend, as separate services - DVDs by mail and streaming movies - you have very little on any competitor. And there is no value proposition or benefit to consumers - you know, people like me that actually pay your salary. I know you get all worked up about the pinstripes on Wall Street - but they don't care about customers - they only care about the fees they'll receive by splitting your company or selling it off.

Hastings good buddy, instead of splitting the single biggest advantage you have into two units - you should have used the huge library of DVDs to help offset the weakness in your streaming library.

If you had positioned the two services together - with by mail as "selection" and streaming as "convenience" and kept a reasonable blended rate - you wouldn't be in the mess you have now created for yourself.

But look at the bright side. You will now become infamous and legendary as the subject of so many social media and business strategy case studies. New Coke has been the poster child of modern-day bad strategic business decisions - you may now be the proud owner of that thrown.

Yours with much affection,


P.S. I haven't cancelled my streaming account yet even though I haven't used it in several months. But as you may have guessed by now - it is probably time to give my movie dollars to a company that actually cares about their customers.

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Now that we're all connecting here on G+, are you following these practices for creating emotional connections in your online marketing?
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