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It's a beautiful day in the Canadian neighbourhood!  Is yours Cosmopolitan Elite, Boomerang City, Rustic Roads, Lunch at Tim’s or another characterization based on demographics, marketplace preferences and psychographic Social Values?
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Spock's moral compass aligned the mission, the task at hand, and the values of the ship. #Spock
RIP Leonard Nimoy, the actor who brought Star Trek’s Spock to life. Nimoy’s characterization of the Vulcan-human hybrid turned him into the moral compass of the Enterprise — and the enterprise. Despite his internal conflicts, Spock was the invaluable right hand to Captain Kirk. The Enterprise was its own organization, predictive [...]

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The memory function of the brain is affected by food, and late eating skews its ability to form memories and learn new tasks. #health
Experiments in mice show that misaligned eating patterns can mess with the brain's ability to form memories and learn new tasks
Icy art--winter turns cars into canvasses brushed with ice #winterwonderland  
15+ Cars That Winter Turned Into Art
Winter's a beautiful season, but let's face it – if you wake up on a work day and find your car snowed or, worse yet, iced in, it sucks. Once in a while, however, winter will throw you a break by covering your car in beautiful frost, ice and snow art.
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Just read via a weather historian on Twitter: Today is ‪#‎Ottawa‬'s 38th day since January 1 with temperatures below -15°C. The second highest since the 1800s.
Five essentials for taking great smartphone pictures. How interchangeable are mini tripods, though? Had hoped my mini for the Flip would fit (yes, I know it's not a smartphone) but it doesn't. #smartphonephotography  
Five simple things to remember when shooting pictures with your phone—the only camera most of us want to carry around these days.

Karen Runtz

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Get inspired--check out these great examples of interesting + relevant content from "boring" businesses.
It’s easy enough to create amazing content if you’re ASOS or Red Bull or LEGO. But what if you’re a dentist or a funeral provider or you sell Hoover spare parts for a living?
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Typical of the ice that's accumulated on our roofs this winter. #Ottawa A massive chunk like this flew off my roof earlier this week smashing my eavestroughing.
When Johnathan Reeves woke up Wednesday morning for work, he was
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John you are right!!!
Location-based social media monitoring and engagement --the value of the social cloud. #socialmediamarketing  

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Walk like a penguin to stay safe on ice. #icesafetytips  
The trick to balancing on slick sidewalks is to “walk like a penguin."

Karen Runtz

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One to ponder: "How the American obsession with happiness at the expense of sadness robs us of the capacity for a full life." 

We could, of course, substitute North American for American.

Note the differentiation  "between the creatively productive state of melancholy and the soul-wrecking pathology of clinical depression"

and further

"Depression (as I see it, at least) causes apathy in the face of this unease, lethargy approaching total paralysis, an inability to feel much of anything one way or another."

My thoughts:
Depression has walked with me all my life. Sometimes at a distance, sometimes beside me, and at the most frightening times, pulling me by the hand. At  a distance, my creativity can still function; side by side, expression is deadened. But those moments when I escape depression's grip are unlike all others, best described by Hermann Hesse:
“And these men, for whom life has no repose, live at times in their rare moments of happiness with such strength and indescribable beauty, the spray of their moment’s happiness is flung so high and dazzling over the wide sea of suffering, that the light of it, spreading its radiance, touches others too with its enchantment. Thus, like a precious, fleeting foam over the sea of suffering arise all those works of art, in which a single individual lifts himself for an hour so high above his personal destiny that his happiness shines like a star and appears to all who see it as something eternal and as a happiness of their own.”
"Against Happiness," is a book I'd like to read.   #depression
How the American obsession with happiness at the expense of sadness robs us of the capacity for a full life. "One feels as if one were ly
Tests show products that are recreational or luxurious benefit from rounded prices: Consumers were more inclined to buy a bottle of champagne when it was priced at $40.00 rather than at $39.72 or $40.28. However, for purchases that are utilitarian—a calculator, in this experiment—participants were more likely to buy at the higher non-rounded price. #marketingstrategy  
Consumers are primed to see ".99," but prices that deviate from that format can affect the way they interpret the cost.
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Communications strategy, writing, editing, social media marketing, publishing
Strategic Communications, Marketing Communications, Social Media Communications, Writing, Editing, Web Content, Newsletters, Publishing,
  • Sunbelt Business Brokers
    Director, Marketing Communications, 2010 - present
    Provide strategic counsel on marketing and communication, leveraging social media channels to promote Sunbelt Canada brand, raise company profile and visits to Sunbelt Canada website to generate.awareness, referrals and leads. Development and management of Sunbelt Canada blog, newsletter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Development of articles for business publications. Editing, layout, publishing and promotion of books in print and electronic formats.
  • Independent
    Solopreneur, 2010 - present
    Small business adviser and provider: communications strategy, writing, editing, social media marketing, web content, web usability, publishing.
  • Canada Post
    Manager, Communications, 1988 - 2009
    Various portfolios over my 21 years in Communications. Specialties included Strategic Communications, Measurement and Analysis, Stakeholder Relations, Content Marketing, Writing/editing, Publishing, Social Media, Developing and Managing Intranets, Web Usability, Project Management, Mentoring/Coaching.
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Kinburn, Ontario, Canada
Arnprior - Ottawa
Karen Runtz: Small business writer/editor/web & social media strategist.

Karen Runtz: former earth mother, serial wife, seasoned corporate communicator. Reborn as small business writer/editor/web & social media strategist.

Loves woods, family, images, ideas and learning.

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Ran in 24-hour Jasper to Banff relay in Canadian Rockies
  • Carleton University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
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