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Writer, Designer, Writing Software Teacher


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Hello fellow Scriveners,

I just uploaded a new video tutorial from

In it I'll show you how to back up your Scrivener projects inside your Dropbox account and access them from any of your other devices that have Scrivener installed even if your computer is lost or crashes. So you will never lose your hard earned work again.

In just 15 minutes I'm going to show you how to open a Dropbox account and get your Scrivener software to redirect your backup folders to it. Then I'm going to show you how to store your actual Scrivener projects on Dropbox so that you can switch between any of your computers that have scrivener installed whenever you want to work on your projects.

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You mean you didn't know about that third voice?

Via my pal @Mededitor on Twitter.

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☻/♥♥♥  Have a nice day !
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This was taken not that long ago... about the time women were at last given the legal status of 'persons'.

#women   #women  rights

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So our hottest heroes have won their women and now it's time for Gemma to grab her man, but will she ever pluck up the courage to trust someone with her heart, let alone her life?

The British Army's toughest woman soldier is about to be tested to her very limits but I couldn't leave them out so the guys get to go through a special test of their own! 

Scarred Survival, 5th in the Scarred Series, is out now!

As with all of the Scarred Series, Scarred Survival is a 'read alone' romantic adventure but the series is best read in order due to previous character involvement. Suitable for ages 16 upwards.

As with all of my books, it's £/$0.00 on #kindleunlimited

#asmsg   #military   #series  

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In 2014 Author D.K. Amsden brought you Book one from the Danny Berry #mystery Series
A Kidnapping Gone Wrong!

27 - 5 STAR Review's from

01/24/2015   I was intrigued and impressed by the incredible attention to detail; which brought the story to life! I could 'see' what was happening, and the many "twists and turns" are fascinating! I enjoyed this story and I confidently recommend A Kidnapping Gone Wrong to anyone who enjoys a "good book!"  

1/22/2015  "A Kidnapping Gone Wrong" by D.K. Amsden is a great mystery story with a interesting teenage investigator.
Strong, handsome, bright and with a Siberian Husky by his side, Danny Berry is a hero that will appeal to many readers. The story unravels the mystery behind the disappearance of another teenager, called Sarah McCoy.
The book uses great settings - woodlands in Minnesota, some excellent characters and has all the ingredients for a popular series. Looking forward to the next book.

3 NEW #mystery

#ASMSG #pdf1  
Early 2015 Brings you    "The Air of Deception" 
Mid   2015  Brings you   "ICE GRAVE"  
Late  2015  Brings you   "Brothers To Die For" in late 2015

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