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Interesting piece on the possibilities and the drawbacks of personal assistants.
Experts in UX, AI, and product design weigh in on the next big modality in computing.
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Karen M

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Mark Pollock and trainer Simon O’Donnell (credit: Mark Pollock) A 39-year-old man who had been completely paralyzed for four years was able to voluntarily
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You know, nothing is impossible!
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An AI has passed the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo. The exam covers five subjects including math, physics, and English. That's 3 out of 5 -- there's only two more subjects, but the person who wrote the article couldn't be bothered to just name them. Anyway, the AI was developed by a Japanese research institute called the National Institute of Informatics, and it "received a score of 511 points out of 950, above the national average of 416, and did exceptionally well on math and history-related problems." The article doesn't say whether the AI was given the problems in text form, or whether it had to use image processing algorithms to read the test, like other test-taking AIs have had to do.
An artificial intelligence program has achieved an above-average score on a Japanese university entrance exam whose subjects included math, physics and English, the National Institute of Informatics said.
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Karen M

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Precision Farming

Drones helping farmers increase yields with plant management.
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Karen M

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NPR: Massive Downsizing In Oil Sector Brings Acute Pain For The Holidays.

How will these sector of employees cope? 
The holiday season can be stressful, but for energy workers, December is turning out to be especially tough. Oil and gas firms have laid off close to 56,000 Texans in the past year.
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Great idea for setting up Mars for human astronauts.
NASA announced today that MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is one of two university research groups nationwide that will receive a 6-foot, 290-pound humanoid robot to test and develop for future space missions to Mars and beyond.
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Karen M

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Simbe Robotics, based in San Francisco, unveiled its first product – a 30-pound robot that can move up and down a store's aisles checking inventory.
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Oh oh.
Russia's OPK has developed an AI software that enables autonomous robot armies to locate targets, choose dominating positions on a battlefield, and request target elimination
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I ask a lot of questions and want to know the answers to more.
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Valdosta, GA
Nashville, TN - Fremont, MI
I just want to know why and learn as much as I can.

Currently teaching composition and literature survey courses at Valdosta State University,  I am fascinated with all things such as future technology, social media, black holes, and string theory.

My newest passion is the social web and what it means to education. 
 I often rant on my blog, which I don't do as often as I like. Besides, Google+ handles that sort of thing quite well.

I have students use different tools such as Storify (Open vs Closed), Instructables (How to Create Your Very Own Comic), and (Psychosocial Child) while exploring the communities they want to migrate to as contributors.  I'm very open to finding new ways for student engagement.

Bragging rights
It took me thirty years to finish my bachelor's degree, I got my masters at fifty four, and I am still going strong. learning all that I can.
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My anecdotal impression is that students do very little revision in their other classes and, even when they do revise, they have very limite