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Karen McMillan
YINpreneur | Empowerment coach for women who want to lead with confidence, clarity and passion. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women.
YINpreneur | Empowerment coach for women who want to lead with confidence, clarity and passion. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women.

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JOIN US. WE START TODAY!! <3 [link fixed]
A virtual pilgrimage to your true self and empowered yin-feminine spirit. Go on a pilgrimage without leaving home. <3

Receive a daily email, with visual, quote and practice inspiration based on the 10 YINpreneur Pillars (formerly the 10 Guiding Principles) to support your personal temple. Each evening, join me in the YINpreneur Wisdom Circle FB group to gather for FB Live inspiration. Share your practice, celebrations, what shows up for you, and questions. Breathe and enjoy the journey. <3

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I just did something I've never done before ...

So often, I tweak and tweak and will not share something until my mind tells me it's perfect - especially in business. Often, this means I could tweak until my next life - which means I'll miss sharing my gifts, and many business opportunities.

Maybe it's all the talk about fake news, but I'm feeling the call to be uber authentic. Today, this shows up with an invite page I'm creating for my new & improved I have the choice of heading out to work in a comfy spot or sitting at my home-office desk, creating a new video and editing it BEFORE I head out. I realized it could be late (or not even today) before I'd be satisfied with the new video. So, I thought about what I'd say if I was talking to one person about my invite page and decided to put the message below next to the video, and now I'm heading out folks. I figure those who see it and are bothered by it are probably NOT my people.

What do you think? Feel?

"The video is out-dated. It has yet to catch up with recent changes and inspiration. But, I'm letting go of the perfection gremlin. Rather than waiting for the new video before sharing, I'm leaving this here for now - since it has my voice, face and my sincere, personal message - which is never out-dated. ♥"

#SoOverIt #authenticvoice #TaooftheYINpreneur #YINpreneur

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{Mindset Reset} Acronym play: a simple, artful way of dealing with negative self-talk and brain freeze. #YINpreneur #TheTaooftheYINpr

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Finally launched my Tao of the YINpreneur PODCAST (imagine scary-fabulous face & happy dance). I've got lots of content but wanted a signature intro and closing.

This meant figuring out music, what to say and how to weave it into my podcast. I wanted the music to speak to my mindfulness practice, yet be uplifting. I also wanted it to resonate ancient wisdom and my multicultural heritage.

Used headset for BETA. Will move to podcast mic for long-term (more time to set up. didn't want to procrastinate)

Uploaded and waiting for iTunes process. Phew For now, please check it out on +SoundCloud.

Feedback is much appreciated. <3

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My new @YINpreneur #podcast I am uber excited to share 😍 #Mindfulness #meditation

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Welcome to Breakast Bliss our NYC Business Bliss MeetUp for consscious entrepreneurs. Join us

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{Join us} 7th Annual Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat Celebration
Today @ 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Gather in circle to celebrate the elements of Spring, vision your best life and work, remember our deep connection with each other and our inner wise woman, heal heart, mind and body. Call on the feminine to bring healing to the chaos that surround us. <3

{NO COST for - members and guests - website crash is good fortune for all, i.e., rather than worry about fixing registration page, I am focused on gathering in retreat <3 }

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LOVE-BASED COPY! (is writing copy a not-so-happy place?)
Are you stuck trying to find your voice, and results, among the traditional marketing noise? If yes, then read on. I think you will LOVE THIS ALTERNATIVE from +Michele PW Pariza Wacek (Enrollment closes Tuesday 3/21)

Those who follow me know I've had it with folks promoting the "6-figure launch". This does not mean we can't earn 6-figures. But why should chasing the dollar be the soul reason for emailing a list? IT ISN'T. These are people, NOT LISTS. Let's focus on CONNECTION! <3

I'm all for LONG-TERM relationships with people (not lists) via email, social media and more. Yet, getting clear on my peeps and knowing what to say is not my forte' I NEED HELP WITH THIS. I NEED A COPYWRITER. Until I (you) get one, I'd suggest working with Michele Pariza Wacek in her new COPY SCHOOL. CHECK IT OUT. Value. Connection. Support. <3

(* this is NOT an affiliate link. I, and my biz, are fully aligned with what Michele teaches and my hope is that more people will follow this new paradigm of LOVE & CONNECTION in their marketing)

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3 Keys to Get Started Writing Love-Based Copy with +Michele PW Pariza Wacek (this was a joyful and informative chat)
Time-sensitive (thru March 21)

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HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX - WISDOM TEA (virtual meditation circle)
Join us today @ 1:00 PM ET for a mini-retreat celebration to welcome Spring <3 WISDOM TEA: a 20-30 minute little sip of peace.

Celebrating Spring Equinox is a YINpreneur, SPIRITUAL BUSINESS PRACTICE. A chance to get out of you head and busyness, align with the seasonal energy, and come into a more yin-feminine way of being with work and life.

Click here to join us for our virtual meditation (It's FREE, my gift to your peace and prosperity) The Tao of the YINpreneur <3
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