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Vanilla gelato for my dad. This post is part of the #foodmemories  series from +Lora CakeDuchess Most grateful to participate.

#foodmemories   #gelato   #vanilla  
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This is my first attempt at biscotti, or in this case, cantuccini, the "official" biscotti for dunking in coffee or tea. So easy to make and so yummy. In an airtight container, they last for up to four weeks. So good.

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Thanks +Jackie Garvin =)
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Black Pepper Taralli, an Italian snack cracker. They are little curled breadsticks made with flour, semolina, and wine! Super crunchy and great for dips.

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Thanks +Marie Bialek 
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Thai-flavored pork belly skewers! Just tried a new book, Grill to Perfection from two champion pit masters! Amazing flavor!
#barbecue #porkbelly #Asian
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I am a Muslim and I love bacon and pork belly.... and on top of that some beer, hey call me what ever but love pork and that looks awesome
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Spelt and Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread. Spelt you ask? It's an ancient grain with a wonderful nutty flavor. This bread is made totally by hand. No mixer required.

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Thanks everyone! 
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Karen Kerr

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Thanks +Dick Bolles 

That's how the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, described his feelings about the latest Fort Hood shooting.
Me too. I noticed tears running down my face too as I thought of the distressed families, not the least the widow of the shooter, who thought they were safe here on U.S. soil—but they weren't. And now they weep, uncontrollably.

And the shooter was a veteran. That'll set the hiring of veterans back for a bit, for sure. Employer to recruiter: "Nice guy, would be a great asset here, but he's a veteran; remember that Ft. Hood shooting? You never know."

Actually, we do know. Some things. For example, we know that four out of five vets returning from Afghanistan or Iraq do NOT have post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). And for those who do, work is actually therapeutic and healing.

And we know that if a civilian goes berserk, employers don't stop hiring civilians. They don't even hesitate. But if a veteran kills someone, it definitely affects the hiring of veteran among some—I emphasize "some"—employers, who in their heart of hearts, alone and late at night, confess to the stars and God that they do tend to think of veterans as "damaged goods." "And Ft. Hood just proves it."

In high school algebra I learned mathematical "arguments" which always said, at the end, Q.E.D. That's shorthand for the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum" which translates as "which was to be proved" or more loosely, "which we set out to prove." Some employers read the story of Ft. Hood and nod to themselves, "Q.E.D." which we may translate as "just as I thought." There was a prejudice already there; Ft. Hood didn't create it. Employers—some employers—already thought so.

Hiring is always risky. Any employee may become a problem. If you are an employer you have to take that risk.

In the wake of Ft. Hood, we don't need braver soldiers. We need braver employers.
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This is a story of Vietnam vets, too. Forever marked and prejudiced against.
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Triple Orange Mexican cookies with zest, juice, and liqueur. Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo or any other celebration.  Check out the rest of the #CreativeCookieExchange  group made this month!

#cookies   #oranges   #mexicanfood  
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This edamame noodle salad is so refreshing and a total snap to put together. The citrus and soy sauce dressing with garlic and sesame oil is so flavorful.

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So colorful & healthy! <3
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Karen Kerr

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This chocolate coconut cake from +Roxana Yawgel looks so moist and delicious! I could just reach into the screen and take a piece. 
Chocolate coconut cake - less than 5 minutes of prep time, no mixer needed!  

Get the recipe

Join this month our #chocolateparty  We have lots of chocolate and coconut goodies 
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Norwegian potato lefse! I had no idea! These are soooo good. You really need to try making them at least once!

#lefse   #tuesdayswithdorie     #flatbreadrecipes  
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+Karen Kerr  - I had never heard of these.  I would love to try to make these dairy free for my family.  We were invited to a Norwegian home to have  Christmas Eve dinner this year.  It was a real treat.  
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