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Amber By Night... Utah Lake, Utah

Utah Lake is a different world at night. The lights of the cities around it create their own atmospheric glow. Birds of the night call out to each other (party animals!). Unseen water critters slish and plonk around in the drink a little too close to where I was sitting for my overly imaginative personal comfort. And yet... it was so peaceful, so "Aaahhhhh."

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BOOOOOM. Beautiful. Jaw droppingly so. +100
That has some killer drama throughout!
where your take this picture..????
Beautiful color. I'm glad you got her to show off her pearl necklace in the dim evening light.
Fabulous, +Karen Hutton! I really like the detail in the clouds, and the little touches of color in the lights around the shore.
I like this allot!!!. How long was the exposure?
+Karen Hutton this is the 'aaaaahhhh' moment :) and there is NOTHING that qualifies as 'overly imaginative' coming from your lovely self.
Makes me think of caramel...Mmm
it really looks different at night its just wow :)
fantastic composition, love the feel of this image alot
"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ", is all I can say. This picture has left me speachless. Serenely hypnotic and beautiful, if I had to find words. I'd much just rather remain speechless and in awe!
Lucy _
wow so beautiful!
utah is a beautiful state... :)
marvelous .... the sight is simply a feast to eyes and comfort to tiresome feelings ......... very nice pic.
+Karen Hutton Yes, Utah Lake is a beautiful place. At night in the summer time, Ball lightening or St. Elmo's fire can be seen dancing around the western shore of the lake. Occasionally, a fine mist will rise from the water, blurring the blue-green of the lightening, making it seem as if your peering into the nether regions of the fairies.
Amazing shot. :) G+ share the world. beautiful ah!!!
Since I am new to the photo world, can you tell me how you did that? I can tell your near Lincoln Beach, and it really is that beautiful. I can't get my exposure to brown like that. Special lens? Or is it in the processing?
Some Secret are not revealed!! :P
Maki MA
wow... so beautiful! I am greatly impressed.
Drifting off to sleep dreaming of going on adventures with +Karen Hutton to see stuff like this...
simply mindblowing scenerio.
teach me on how to snatch pictures like that..
its realy nice.....................
Jeebus, I took a break for a couple of hours and y'all had a party without me!
I love this shot - and I'm so thrilled that you do too! THANK YOU for all of your kind, funny and super generous comments!
+Lon Hanson ... you asked how long the exposure was. It was actually a few exposures, blended together in Photoshop. I set the mode to Bulb and basically varied the lengths of the shots till I had 3 or 4 I liked and that covered all the light levels I wanted, from darkest to lightest. Some were longer, some shorter. I didn't time them, but would guess they were between 5-10 secs each.
+Julee Christensen... wow, I'd LOVE to see the things you describe!
+Cynthia Pyun.. ha! you're sweet. ;-))
+Amy Larsen... the brownish tones came from having set my camera's light metering to either Shade or Cloudy (I can't remember which now - and I shoot in Aperture mode). I don't always do that - but in this case I liked it.
+Daria Musk... ADVENTURRRRRES!!! YES!!! Now THAT'S a dream to have, and a sweet one indeed! We must make it so... ;-))))
WOW!!! such beautiful place!!!
this is so peaceful ,really can t find words!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like this. How did you get this shot?
You have patience galore JAMES
I must say I live in Colorado and have a beautiful view of Pikes Peak from my home. The picture of that lake is breathtaking I have never seen a night picture captured so well.

wowwwwwwwwww! good photography!
Tranquil, nice photo
wow it's nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's beautiful !!!!!!!! from where u got this pic
What a beautiful picture !
Awesome photos .......lovely clours..........
its an art of the god..............
one of the most beautiful pic i have ever seen......will anyone tell me what cam was used???
max g.
very good
That is SUCH a beautiful place!
You put such a lovely comment and I REALLY DO wish I could go there.
It makes me go "Aaagh!" too!
nice, would be cool if this is made to be a wallpaper
Mesmerising, i just stare at the beauty of it.
Well, you know. Lake Utah is not a very uncommon thing to shoot. +Scott Kelby would say "to shoot interesting subjects you have to go to interesting places".
Now YOU made Lake Utah something extraordinary again. This is a wonderful shot and the post-processing makes it so much more!
Thank you for this!
i can not stop staring this pic... its wonderful......
it is so nice. God thanx for give us a beautiful night to take a rest and make the dreams.
very good and very very nice...
it's toooooooooooooooooooooooo badd.....
Just beautiful, such a nice way to start my day
it is how cute,this is shammy
look out for the mormons
Holy WOW!!!! Karen, this is spectacular. My new favorite of yours. That toning makes me crazy.
Looks like I need to take a trip over there at night.
ahhh how peaceful it is I could live there
What a wonderful Picture Great shot and it looks very very peace full
is this true or not, its really nice
Beautiful picture of Utah Lake! I drive by the lake every day, but have never seen it like this!! Awesome!
A thousand thanks to EVERYONE for stopping by for a moment by the shores of this beautiful lake. It was truly amazing.
In answer to some of your questions... yes, I took this photo.
Yes it is a real place.
It was created from a few different exposures (to capture both the bright lights and details in the sky), then blended in Photoshop. I sharpened and carefully used contrast to clarify the details, but otherwise didn't alter the color from the RAW image.
It is in the state of Utah, in the U.S.
I'm glad you're enjoying it! It is truly one of natures wonders.

Ahhhhh +Mike Shaw... thank you, mi amigo. You ARE one of three such luminaries, you know. giggle! And I'm delighted you like this one. ;-D
That's a HUGE compliment +Christian Jog, thank you! I think Utah Lake is quite extraordinary. I think sometimes overexposure (pardon the pun) makes us imagine a place is less special than it is. Then the trick is to alter our own perception of it. I had never seen this lake before - so I had the benefit of both ignorance and fresh eyes! ;-))
+AADHITHYA AADHITHYA... I took this pic. It is in Utah, in the U.S. It is a photograph... and thank you!
+Alan Shapiro... gee whiz, THANK YOU! Sending hugs!
Hi +Lance Rudge... and many thanks!
+Kerry Murphy... we loves us some smooooooooth, oh yes we do. "Dang" was about all I could think the night I sat by the lake and shot this. It was amazingness intensified!
Ke Zeng
Love the mood and the smooth tones!
Absolutely gorgeous, +Karen Hutton. The other thing I like about this, besides your lovely words and the mind blowlingly beautiful image, is knowing that you and I were the only ones who wanted to walk out there in the dark to shoot the water that night and I was just a leetle ways down from where you were standing to take this shot at that moment. xo
+Lotus Carroll... that's the other thing I love too!! I can still hear the crunch of your shoes in the gravel as I wished I'd brought my flashlight with me so I could be sure it really WAS you before shadowing you back to the car! hehheh. Wasn't that the most GORGEOUS night? I could've stayed there alooooot longer. siiiigh. xoxo
Ahhhhh, thank you +Ke Zeng +Robert Nowotniak +Skylar Tombasco and +Lalu Vk!
+Paul Downs... I felt that way even as I shot the photo. It was an incredible moment that went by too fast! siiiigh.
oh my god dis is 2 ur photography...........
What a magical shot, Thank you Karen for sharing this.
I appreciate you all SO much! I hope you know that. THANK YOU for being such nature lovers... and thank you for your kind words here. You guys ROCK!!!
Very nice photo. It radiates calm and is considered interesting.
I can just imagine the serene setting so peaceful serene.
+Karen Hutton i watched ur Blog, and all other sources of photos.
i m sooooooooooooo much impressed frm ur work!
keep it up. i wish i could do something for u.......
You are so sweet +UMAR FAROOQ! Big thank yous for those kind words. I know it sounds silly, but your wonderful thoughts do alot for me. Great thoughts is great energy - and I appreciate that more than you'll ever know!
hi Karen i like so not u your photo.very nice picture
I love it. So peaceful. I wish I was there now.
Oh, wow. Personal discomfort would've been worth capturing this beauty!
I love it! Calm yet Epic in a way. Where do you find all these?
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