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I had to reboot my computer today.
For some reason, when it came alive again - an email popped up that was one of the daily messages that my voice manager +Stacey Stahl, CEM-SHE sends out every day.
From back in January.
Strange. It wasn't opened when I shut things down. It was a volunteer.

So I read it. And had to share...

The universe makes no mistakes in its ongoing expansion.
Each of us is born to be different; to have a unique life experience whether for a second or for 100 years.
Some sing out loud on the train, some stay silent in a meeting,
some will have 5 marriages in their lifetime.
Some will be convinced that their faith is the only one,
teach children to dance, raise millions for charity, be always late for work,
struggle with rules, chew gum continuously, be unsinkingly positive, always beat you at golf …
The list of differences is infinite.
If all you do today is practice allowing others their freedom of expression as a human being, your contribution to the ‘happiness scale’ of the universe
will create a ripple effect that will last for eternity.
Respect & allowing.
It's really that powerful.

I didn't write that, but I wish I did.
It's something my mother would have said.
And I believe it with all my heart.
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Fantastic words & capture, +Karen Hutton! The colors and softness our so nice. :)
Beautiful shot and a great message to go with it. Thanks for sharing.
It is SO have no idea how much i needed that right now. Thank you so much!
mükemmel görüntü herkeze günaydın öyle bir yerde uyanmak güzel olurdu
Dude, I'm normally such an "atta boy, girl!" Sheeeesh, what happened???

WooHOO!! you can borrow mine if you can't find one. Try 42nd street?
Yes it is, and you have no idea how perfect the timing is. Thank you once again.
So many great things in one photograph - I love the mist on the water as just that extra frosting on the cake. And can we please all just rise up and demand that our world leaders live by those words! Thank you, +Karen Hutton
Rico AW
that's so beautiful picture
+Karen Hutton I'm so very thankful for your recalcitrant's been a tough day, and your post snapped my personal happiness scale back into positive territory.
wow its cool...nice scene
a computer can express itself to the universe too
You just made my day: thats a powerful msg
Thank you Karen Hutton sharing it with us! I wish at least some of us would be thinking like that. The world would be a better place then.
what a stunning, inspiring piece.
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Well the colors of this photo drew me to it but now that I had better look at it, for me it represents the good examples of ying and yang where the fire of the sky meets the calmness of the water, and makes you think of other things and not only if this photo was done correctly or not :D , great foto, keep shooting it looks good :D
I love it, thanks for sharing.
Wow if that was christ centered that would be a great preaching
is the best thing i ever seen .. very nice luv it
Just think, if you had a mac, you would never have got that message. Nice photo!
I agree with the photo with the mac well i dont have 1 i have the ancestor of the new computers
Holy ccrap that is sooo beautiful!
Wow! One in a billion shot!
This is so beautiful and I'm loving the text accompanying it, gives you insight.
Pass me the bucket quick! :P
A beautiful image, and the duck with her young swimming across the water make it even better.
the text is just heavenly beautiful..i truly believe it every second i's too inspiring..
Great message, many thanks! Great way to start the day! :-D
Wow I feel soo much bigger after reading this. 
It's me always late for. Work
the text make the picture extra bbeautifull..
so beautiful!!!!!
Nice post.. +1 for people who read it more than once...
absolutely stunning.. beautiful. love this capture
some one tell me this is from a movie
Words of I wish everyone could read so true. Thank you sharing
Wow! That is a beautiful shot, Karen! Those clouds look almost as in a painting.
Could not agree more with these words of wonder. This is how I try to live my life....I don't always succeed but every day I try :)
The colors in the sky and reflection are absolutely gorgeous, but what I really love in the middle of the breathtaking panorama is the family of ducks.
That e-mail message is great. Speaks the reality of life in simplest words. I believe it with all my heart too. And thank you for sharing it +Karen Hutton (and thanks to +Stacey Stahl, CEM-SHE too!)
Beautiful image! Such a serene scene. Wish I was there. Love the post too.
Beyond words - love. And... I see geese babies! ;-)
A million thanks everyone, for your lovely thoughts and comments. I'm glad that text struck you in a good way, as it did me. Maybe it's the never-say-die optimist in me, but I think we CAN and DO make a difference with our thoughts!
I sure do appreciate you +Klaus Herrmann!
+Dinah Krien... unfortunately, when you add a person to your circles, it does bring all of their posts into your stream. You can choose to "Link to Post"... and then bookmark a post, but that's the only way I know to save a single post. You PM people by putting ONLY their name into a post you make.
+Kevin J. Chen... I love those ducks too! They pretty much make any photo... and my day!
+Kerry Murphy... Thank you! I can't talk about those geese babies. When I came back from SF they were gone. You can only imagine how I felt about that.
Awesome shot.. I love the colors here and the reflections. Great message also
Was this taken in the evening or at dawn?

Great work btw! :)
This photograph shows a highly charged atmosphere of golden colors. It seems one of those paintings of the romantic painters. I am excited to see her. I refer to the twilight of life and the rest of the body in the eternal sleep.
cool pic love u for sending such a pic
Rico AW
you're welcome :)
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