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I Hear That Train 'a Comin'
It's time to hit the road and trek on home.
After a lovely visit at sea level, I'm looking forward to nestling back in at 6000'.
And since it's gonna be traveltraveltravel for the next several hours... I thought a traveling' train shot would suit the moment.

WoooWooo... chuggachuggachugga... All Aboooard!
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love this, was the train moving or still
Another wonder shot Karen! Hope you had a good time. Have a safe trip back home!
Lovely photo - the depth of field is fantastic! Just hope that train wasn't moving!
Ummmph. Great image. The blurred engine actually make it more powerful. There's a sense of impendingness!! or something like that.
I'm going to guess digital with maybe a bit of onOne magic.
This makes me feel "want to go home" (even though I'm home!).

Michael Bublé song- "want to go home" song would fit this scene quite well :-)
me encantan la vias del tren, la idea es buena pero la velocidad de obturacion no es la adecuada, el iso deja que desear, demasiado ruido, joder tio por poco pierdes la cabeza, ole tus huevos colega
Wow, cool, but a risky shot, right Karen?
Excellent angle!!! Love all the warm earthy tones.
Am I going to regret asking how exactly you got that shot?
Andy Giles I have a suspicion that +Karen Hutton took that before
she left or after she was home.
the low angle and the out of focus lend it a touch of mystery and danger...!
"You're waiting for a train. A train that'll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter. Now tell me why?"
what happened to the camera after this shot !?
Excellent DoF and I love those little dancing bokeh lights.
exelente foto, aca estamos recontruyendo el ferrocarril, es un buen paseo
THANK YOU everybody for stopping by and saying hi. I love it when you do that.
So, I took this when the train was sitting still. The engineer was sitting outside in the sun on his laptop, in fact... so I felt pretty safe setting my camera right down on the track. However...
I SHOULD'VE make up some story about how I leapt like a jaguar all ninja-like, and landed crouched the track for a mere heartbeat in the face of the oncoming train, camera pre-focused, sitting on the rail (cause I'm a ninja), ripped the shot and bounded like a thief in the night out of sight - before the engineer even knew what happened.

Now THAT would've been a story, oh yes it would.
Be careful my friend. We love your images...but don't take too many risks.
oi tudo bem sou ruth do carmo sou de marituba
Indeed +Justin Balog... that's why I only shoot the train a'comin' when it's engineer is sitting outside having lunch. heh. ;-))
Really neat shot! Love the DofF in it. The out of focus engine really works in this image with the sharp rail in the foreground.
Looks like I should be movin on, changing my path, my direction?
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