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Summer Always Sways Me
Summer does. It sways me.
It doesn't even have to actually be summer, it just has to feel like it.
And then I sway. To its breeze... to its rhythms... its colors... its fragrance.
It has me at "Hello, I'm 80 degrees."
Even my opinions are swayed... toward a mellower, happier, a more "the hills are alive" version of themselves.
And today... well, it was swayful.
Le siiiiigh.
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I just love that orange kind of sky that recolors everything in the evening. I have mostly seen it only when camping but it just really looks like summer eve. Great shot
Gorgeous..I want to be there right now! The colours of summer are always echoed in me.. in my wardrobe and in my moods.
Que belleza de paisaje, muy hermoso que tranquilidad,frescura de pulmones de aire,que cielo tan hermoso es un amanecer o tardecer...!!!!
Now I know why I'm still see this! Now I can go to bed happier :)
Which side of the globe is this photo - it has a little eerie-ness to it because in Australia this sky would herald very bad bush bushfires. Amazing colours but ominous non-the-less
Holy frickin' thank you +Gary Munroe!! heh.
+Scott Jarvie! Duuuuude... look who's talking!! and thank you. ;-))
+Ron Clifford ... sweet dreams my friend!!

Many thanks to you all +Christopher Olsen +Jason Teale +Jillean Bryan +Harwant Kaur Chhachhia +Bill Nadraszky (yep, I'm with you... I love that glow thing that happens in summer.) +Anson Jett +Patt Dickson (we have that in common!) +Kevin Yang +Albert Vuvu Konde +Ana M Santizo Herrera +Vega Paithankar +Fernando Yang +Faisal Ahad +Graciela Mendez +Mujeeb Rahman and +Vivienne Jaffer (it's in the Lake Tahoe area of California. Afternoon thunderstorms often have sunsets like this follow them!).
Gasp! When I saw this it actually took my breath away. I feel like I want to jump in and mix the colors like a pool of paint.
So Tranquil
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photograph. =-D
Wish that cabin was my house!
Oh Karen that is just exquisite.
S Goku
Reminds of one particular night in Alaska.
Thanks Karen for sharing this very beautiful shot. I am speechless.
Thank you thank you everyone!! Seems we all have summer on the brain! And yes, those colors were both real - and amaaaaaaazing! One of those nights you could scoop up with a spoon.
Beaaaaaauuuuuutiiiiiiiiifuuuullll 111111111111111!@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
khup chaan beuitifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Very very beautiful
beautiful.... its a hilly area........ n the time of sunset....!!!
exactly... but its not hilly... just a lakeside view
hi nice so god cobination i like it sweet
woh....., its very true that in summer every body loves water , water n watER
Stunning. What was this taken on? What (if any) filters? Do you have any tips or advice for a novice photographer?
wow those are nice clouds
And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. God called the expanse “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.
Genesis 1.
very inspiring photo...thank you
What to say .... is this Paradise ..????
what camera and reading for this picture?
Very beautiful,I also want to have a trip
End of another long day...beautiful!
HOLY COW!! manly tears
Simply fantastic colours! Dreamy,intense, striking. I just love how G+ provides me with loads of fabulous desktop backgrounds.

Summer Always Strapping Me
A calm poster like that just sways me too!
Serenity, make you sleep forever,, i luv it,,,
Beautiful, where was this taken?
wonderful moment.........//
Sarah S
Love the reflections and the burst of colour, its breathtaking. Fantastic job (:
I just love that beautiful picture! thanks Karen ,for sharing !!!
Beautiful photo. There are more like it on Facebook at Beautiful Planet Earth page.
es muy bello el paisaje que nos ofreces con esta foto,
Not Paradise Only a beautiful scene
that is a sweet photo tks for sharing.
Awasome pic.....!!! The credit goes to the creator for making such marvellous earth....!!!
With so many great comments its hard to find something new...Karen this is superfunkyflyfantastic.
Its too perfect to be true...
nature at its best...loved it
Nice work, Karen. I love the splinter of orange light in the lower left and the detail in the clouds.
Can't see such a beautiful scene in my home town!
summer breeze...makes me feel fine...
so nice thanks for posting
nice picture with a sweet 'letter'
its really very beautiful.....but sometime much beauty can be dangerous
wow... edited perfectly. The color was really nice
Good lord, THANK YOU everyone! I'm just heading to sleep for the night and peeked over here - I'm stunned! I appreciate you all so, so much - and never take any of your comments for granted. I am so grateful.

A couple of you asked questions...
1. Yes, I took this picture.
2. It's in Truckee, California
3. It's actually an older shot - and I think I used a Canon 5DII with this one.
4. I shot multiple exposures and blended them. I don't use filters. Not because they're not wonderful and fantastic, but because I fumble around too much. heh.

And BTW... "superfunkyflyfantastic" is now my favorite new word! Thank you +Gareth Hutton!!
best photo ive seen so far
WOW is that real or PhotoShop?
AMAZING, I'd love to spend a night in a tent wherever this is
muahhhhhh....nicee, i take 1 okay..
Esto es una mara villa
nice to see like this...............
wow. i love this picture.
I love adventure, I really love natural
Esto es una auténtica belleza de la naturaleza....
အဲဒီေရအုိင္ထဲမွာ က်ြန္ေတာ့္ခ်စ္သူကေလးနဲ့ ေလွာ္ခ်င္တယ္
amazing sunset to make any day special. Enjoy♫☼
I think i'm gonna meltdown. Want to stop for a while until the sun faded away.
I came. I saw. I swooned. (Well, not necessarily in that order) This is spectacular, Karen.
That's such a great shot. Wow!
that's a lovely place and a nice reflection
hermoso lugar creo que es parte del paraiso
I nedd to be there. What a beauty
what the hell doe's that mean
Me gustaria estar ahi,creo que despues ya no seria la misma persona
Me encanto la toma de la foto muy buena :)
+Alan Shapiro... I accept your swoon and raise you a sway! heh. I'm glad you came too... and those three not in any particular order. heh.
+Mike Shaw... you are awesome dot come for SO many reasons. HI! and thank you!
Thank youuuuuu +Mark Esguerra!
Helllloooooo +Gordon Laing... and thank you! When are you coming back? I miss you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone!!
I'm thrilled that you love such a simple scene. Especially in summer when the thunderstorms frequent our little corner of the world, we tend to get sunsets like this. I'm crazy about 'em... and can never resist shooting them!
You're very welcome +Karen Hutton ! I miss you too and can't wait to return, but doing so will mark the end of my adventure, so it'll be a bitter sweet visit! I hope you're following my working holiday videos in the meantime!
How did it feel when the shutter clicked ?
I feel like I learn something or get a new idea every time I examine one of your masterpieces, Karen E. Hutton. Thank you for that :).
Wonderful colors and a perfect mirror!
kiwi r
sweet....... .
Awwww, +Jeff Moreau... you credit me too much! 'Tis the wonders around us that we need to pay attention to! ;-))
Thanks +Daniel Novak! I can take much credit for the color... it was served up all pretty that night.
Thanks +kiwi r!
This is stark, ravingly (adjective . . adj . . ) . . . Stunning. Could have a title like "sky pool", "bringing heaven home", "heaven broke through" . . . .I don't like this . . . .I LOVE IT!
so lively, vibrant color,fantastic effect and depth. praiseworthy job.
This might be the most beautiful sunset Photo I've ever seen!
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