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I ended up today at Land's End, which is at the far end of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Gorrrrrgeous!!! Even if it was so windy I me and lady tripod could barely stand up! Ha! Pretty funny.

I decided this must be where they make the wind. It's all fresh 'n wild 'n elemental... Like it just got unleashed and is all crazy excited.

Anyhoo, got some purty shots with my 5DIII, but it was such a nice sunset even my iPhone couldn't miss!
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Thanks +Mark Esguerra! I Think it looks blurry in the post tho. Hmm. Appears fine in my phone. What the heck?!
It's really pretty. :) It's kinda blurry, but it's still amazing. :D
wooooooooooooow amazing, thanks
Awesome - great to see you and meander along in Monterey too!
Ok, well if it's blurry then we can call it 'impressionistic', OK? I can work with that if you can! Heh. Glad you guys like was impressive!
And +Cameron Siguenza...DITTO on it being great to meet up 'n walk in Monterey!
You're lucky I'm wanna watch sunset
thanx....for the pics havin a good scene watchi it.....
How beautiful, I would like to put that pic on a canvas with some oil pait. I would call it "The Rolling Sunset!"
wish I was there. Very beautiful. God is the artist of artists! It looks like a painting the creator painted..... oh wait .. it is!
It's create only God, You takes only photos...
John XD - It does leave you speechless doesn't it? I love nature photos.
John XD : whats the best way to get a good night shot of a lake?
did you really see that shot?
I sure did +Fatma Anter!
Hey - I'm glad you guys like this iPhone version of this gorgeous sunset. I'm working on a couple taken with my regular camera and can't wait to share! Meanwhile, THANK YOU for your comments and thoughts!
@ Kimberly Reynolds : I'm not sure, but to me what I see in those pictures is art, like the moon light reflects on water plus the stars. It creates an unforgettable feeling.
Nagyon köszönöm, nagyon szeretnélek személyesen is meg ismerni, de nagy a távolság. üdv. Ica
@ John-I live on a lake front property and Id love some good shots with a full moon....
Szervusz Karen Hutton! Már kettő napig nem írtam neked,de ígérem keresem a fordítás lehetőségét,hogy ne csak magyarul tudjak neked írni,addig is üdvözőllek sok sok puszi Ica /Magyarországról/ Balatonfüredről.
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