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Summer Dreams

Sometimes in winter, I dream of summer.
I can't help it. It just happens.
I like the geese.
Other stuff happens that I like too.
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Beautiful Karen, your work rocks as usual.
What a gorgeous landscape shot. Love the curving path, the sunset and the beautiful reflections.
nice picture karen....i like the reflection...look natural
look like world paradise,, nice pic.
and make me hope there in there.
(sorry if my english bad)
Kab Yaj
This is so beautiful, Karen. I love the subtle HDR processing...not too overpowering.
Wow! If only dreams were this good! ;-)
Great picture Karen, I don't know if is me but I feel like the horizon line is a little bit tilt to the right. But then again the picture is great!!!
Damn it, first comment, and I accidentally deleted it. :(

I like the curves -- the treeline parallel to the clouds, the cloud in the water that seems to squeeze between the grasses, and the curving path that almost seems to lead to the sun.

Is this HDR? If so, I like the fact it's not overdone.
sooooooooooooo beautiful
+Karen Hutton Sometimes in winter, being from San Antonio, I dream of winter! Love your lighting and composition. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice colors - like a painting!
Thanking, loving, appreciating you all! Here goes... THANK YOU +ROSA LONGWORTH +Anthony Salmon +Jim Sutton +Dana Moyer +Rully Haditya +Firsta Rizqiyah +Habibur Rasbid (sure is!) +Kenny Salazar +Seftyhani Lestari (I understood you, thank you!) +Kab Yaj +Mark Esguerra +Carlos Ortega(the land tilts some there, plus I sometimes do... even when all measurements say 'level' it never looks it!) +Muntoo Meddler (is HDR, yes. It's the only way to handle those contrasts!) +rasool tahaei +onnie hull +Rahmi Prayanti +alexandra aguilar +Claus Hansen +kamil khan +Doug Welch (hahahah!) +Richard Swayze +Pizzahdnh Huynh +Francisco Xu +Rebecca Lam +Caylen Uprichard and +Jenna Lynn Monroe (hi!!). You are all so kind!
This my first few moments on G+ and I have to say, this photo was the first to adorn my experience here. Very nice work! It's awesome!
How in the world did you get this shot? Photoshop?
Ok, after getting a glimpse of your other stuff...Wow!
Wow! I've never seen a photo that makes me want to look around the corner so much, fantastic composition to lead the eye out to the house, and then wander down stream to the sun and all back down the road and back again. There is such a depth in the photo. Magnificent!
seeing your pictures I feel better for the rest of the day they are very beautiful
Summer is the best season, the sunshine is amazing :)
Beautiful colours ! Really love the way the eye is moved around the photo due to the river and the light.
natural , wow very nice, i wil set as desktop for my system
Looks amazing but why are the clouds green?
nobody is answering me...where is this place please?
maybe its a fantacy world,just close your eyes you will be there
Nature Was Showing It's Beauty When You Took This Photo ;-P ......Lovely Job Buddy....
where was this taken. Ive decided i want to live here :)
Beautiful. I love the color and the reflection of the clouds....great picture
This is gorgeous! Where was the original picture taken?
Greate picture, Karen! Good HDR processing :-)
This is an exquisite photo! I wish I had been there to see it!
This is really beautiful image. It makes want to live in that house so I can see this everyday.
Thank you, thank you everyone! How lovely that you've enjoyed this one! For those who asked, it was taken near Lake Tahoe, California. Nature was definitely 'on' that day!
das ist cool, das macht lust auf mehr, danke für solche Fotos
I have a new Desktop wallpaper! your Photographs of scenery and nature are just amazing.
suprrrrrrr.. great...awsm ... O.O
In my head I am currently sipping lemonade, walking barefoot and contemplating how I want to spend my lazy summer day. This looks like a lovely place to spend it!
Love the bend. Terrific composition and execution.
Whoaah! Heaven's almost near! It's an amazing view.! great job!
What a beautiful place to dream! I was just dreaming about spring yesterday while I listened to the rain plunk plink on the roof.
So beautiful - I love your picture Karen - plain zen
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