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FINALLY!! I can talk about a project I've been working on for months!!

I had to wait till it was really-n-truly gonna happen - AND NOW IT IS!! We launch ferreals on June 1... but I wanted to share the story now, as we gear up to open the doors.

This is the story of LIL GALLERIES.
A big idea about a little space.

It all started with conversations I'd been having with my voiceover manager, +Stacey Stahl, CEM-SHE.
About life. About photography. About how voice + photography as a merged art form was crashing around inside of me, wanting to emerge as something New. My all-consuming passion for Photography had exploded with a heavenly vengeance… and now Voice wanted to play!

So one night over dinner, we hatched an idea.
Breathtakingly beautiful photography presented in a way that you could see, hear and feel it… one on one.
Meaning, go smaller, not larger.
The world always seems to want more, faster, better, bigger.. GAH!
What happened to heart? An intimate experience with beauty... just the two of you… the way it was always meant to be?
So we set out to create that.
Stacey found the space, smack in between her offices in The Ford Building in Portland, OR. (
The owner of the building got so excited he donated the space, for as along as we care to stay!

It's a custodian closet.
You heard me, but I'll repeat it.
Custodian. Closet.
That's what she said.
Unclaimed commercial space, just big/small enough for us, just sitting there empty with nothing but a dirty mop, a bucket and a sink… wanting, needing to be a space dedicated to beauty, heart and soul.
So we claimed it. Made it beautiful. And named it "LIL GALLERIES".
You can think of the "LIL" as short for "little"… which of course it is.
But it also stands for Life is Light … which of course life (and photography) is.

I set about creating these multimedia shows… experiences, really… that were clamoring at me from the inside to be created… that felt like would leap out of my chest if I didn't DoItDoItDoIt!
They wanted to be achingly beautiful…. and to be seen AND heard. To move, love and be loved.

I wrote, produced and narrated each show, starting with my own. Of course I very quickly realized it couldn't just be about my work. I mean, what fun is it to throw a party by yourself?
So I invited some friends along; +Jaime Ibarra +Brian Matiash and +Ricardo Lagos. (a new artist will be added each month)
They took the leap with me into this new realm. Never laughed in my face… just listened, nodded and said "I'm in."
I will love them forever for that leap of faith.
Their work is magnificent.

The music turned out even more awesome than I dreamed!
Two particular standouts; +Jaime Ibarra's show is scored to one of his own gorgeous flamenco pieces. You will swoon at the combination of his photographs set to his music. Indescribably delicious!
And an incredible musician - +Caleb Dolister - contributed the stunning piece that I used to score Brian Matiash's show. I'm so excited to introduce you to him... his music will knock your socks off!

The gallery (as we're calling our newly reborn J.C.) physically opens on June 1, 2012. That's in three weeks!
But you don't have to physically be at LIL GALLERIES to enjoy the shows. Because we made a website! Oh yes, we did.
And while I'm not launching the actual artist shows on the site until the gallery opens on June 1… we do have intros for them. They're cool.
you can get a flavor of where we're at right now at:

The site is fully functional, but not complete. There's more to come content-wise, but I wanted to open the doors a little early and let folks look around.
And truth is, I've never done anything like this before - it's scary, exciting, thrilling, heart fulfilling, soulful, completionary (I made that up)… and there's nothing like bringing a few friends along for the last few miles of a loooong, emotional journey!

On June 1, the Ford Building is throwing a big party… and LIL GALLERIES will be the 'featured artist'! If you're in the area, come join us!
Believe me, we'll be taking photos - maybe even videos - of the event.

Then on June 2, there'll be a G+/LIL GALLERIES Portland Photowalk!
I've started a Plancast page started here:… details still being worked out. Of course I'll share them too as we get 'em nailed down.
We're even going to attempt to make it into a virtual photo walk!

So that's the nutshell.
A big idea about a little space.
The little gallery that could.
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This sounds terrific - and I love the narrative introductions. Must try to get up to PDX to see it!
i would love to come +Karen Hutton and i hope you will create a beast here and all your work will pay of in a way you find pleasing ;).
cheers to you and all others on this great idea.
I have so much admiration for people with a dream that have what it takes to turn it into a reality! Congrats on your new adventure!
+Brian Matiash... I'm huggin' you a whole state away!! So stoked you're a part of this!!
Thanks sooooo much +Nunito Nick and +Brad Sloan! Just announcing it is making my heart race!
I'm so glad +Pat Kight... and I hope you make it!!
Come to PDX on June 1 +Juan Gonzalez!!
Ahhhh thank you +Alen Pasalic... god willing, it'll be a beautiful beast, with wonderful surprises and delightful outcomes for one and all!
Start gettin' yer stuff together +Kerry Murphy !
Thank you with all my heart +Victoria Winningham!
+Karen Hutton I am so PSYCHED... Finally something in Portland.. Love it!... I will definitely try and make it there :)..
It's in motion, +Karen Hutton. This made me super excited. I'm still grinning so I know your cheeks must hurt. :D
Bravo and congrats! Wishing you great success!!
Bummed I will be out of town for this. I'm shooting a wedding for my sister in law that weekend. (blechhh!) Not, the wedding, but the me shooting it.
This sounds awesome! Sadly, I'll be in Texas for a wedding that weekend. Hopefully I can make it to the next one!
Wow! The website is just wonderful....very creative...congratulations. I will be checking often.
+Seshank Malap ... YAY!! i hope you do!
+Ricardo Lagos... people are sooooooo going to love getting to know you through your work. I'm SO STOKED you're a part of this journey!!
+Kerry Murphy ... WOOT!!
+Tisha Craw just the latest of MANY reasons to visit Portland! ;-))
Thank you so incredibly much +Peter Carroll!
DOH! I feel ya +Brad Sloan... but it's wedding season, after all! We'll do a toast just for you... and try to cover the event so it'll feel like you were there!
Thanks +Brian Fields!
+Mary Sass Clark... uberness of thanks... I think it's pretty cool too!
Thanks +Jorge Gomez!
Siiiiiiiiiigh +Vincent Mo. WE'LL MISS YOU! sob!
THANK YOU +Linda Walker... I'm really looking forward to The Artists pages going up. Some fun stuff on those!
And so the dance begins, +Karen Hutton :)

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this! The idea of it is SO up-my-alley...but I think you knew that :)
Yes +Jaime Ibarra, I did know that.
They smile, then twirl and swirl down the ballroom floor, in perfect unison
The dance indeed begins...
That's awesome! Congratz :)
Wow, that is one of the coolest ideas I've heard in a LONG time! Not only am I excited for the idea itself, I'm thrilled that the first opening is in Portland, Oregon my home town!! Also psyched about the photo walk. I'm there!
That is more awesome than I have words for. I'm putting this on my calendar right this very moment!
A Gallery with multimedia shows - a wonderful idea.
First of all congratulations on your endeavor. I wish you all the best for your LIL Galleries success.

the story of why we’re here… and to remember that life… is light - you said it so beautifully (on lilgalleries website). Small, with personal space will be less intimidating for people (at least ordinary people like me). So I like the idea very much.
Let the light/life shine on your LIL Galleries.
I was so lucky to get a sneak preview of this in Utah with +Karen Hutton and +Ricardo Lagos. It is going to be awesome. I am going to Portland in July, so hopefully I'll be able to check it out in person. One of my dreams and personal goals is to one day have a gallery show. I know it is a long way off, but it is something to aspire to. So this helps give me aspirations...
Good luck both of you and of course +Jaime Ibarra and +Brian Matiash - too, with the funny coincidence that these two people both came into my life this week, in ways I would never even have imagined less than 5 days ago. The universe moves in mysterious ways, but with purpose...
Too cool +Karen Hutton! I'll be saying a few months from now; "I knew Karen way back when she only had a million G+ followers!"
Love the sight, love your work!
Dream it✔, do it✔ ❤
I'm very proud of you! Really! Could you be more awesome? ❤
Congrats +Karen Hutton I'm so excited for you! I'm going to try and see if I can make my way up for the photowalk.
Very cool. Kind of like listening to you speaking the header lines of your photos on your website, but now expanded? Great idea and excellent way to bring it out to the rest of the world. If this goes big, do you get to claim creating "Closet Galleries"? Of course the techie in me wants to know what you are doing for the multimedia, but I guess I'll have to catch a show sometime, somewhere to really experience it... best of luck in this extra arena... because you have so much time floating around that you needed more to do, right? And in the back of my mind I keep hearing you say, "write it down... you never know..."
Wow that sounds absolutely fantastic +Karen Hutton ! Good luck with the opening/photowalk (wish I could be there....) - virtually hopefully!
What can I say, you are a creative wonder, I am so excited for this new venture!!
Hey +Dave Cohen... thanks a bunch!
+Mark Esguerra... excellent! And thank you. ;-))
Hi +Ed Sweeney (one-name-like-cher)... clink!
+Chris Smith... Photowalk - WhooHOO! high five!
+Rekha Rao... thank you with all my heart. ((Hug!!))
+Sam Breach... yes you did see it!! and I hope you do get to see in person. That would be like some crazy full-circle moment. ;-))
The universe most definitely moves in mysterious ways... but MOVE it does!
Thank you +Rizwana Bahadoor!!
Ahhhh, +Wray Post... you are just sweet beyond description~
+Monique Yates... Dream it... do it... it's how we DO it!! You of all people sure do know that! xoxo
+Nate Carrasco... Make it! make it!
+Keith Dixon... the K's have it!
+Stacey Stahl, CEM-SHE... party! Party!!
+Stephanie Russell... I wish you could be there too!
+Joe Dolister... could. not. do. this. without. you!!!!!!
+Gordon Laing... THANK YOU from clear across the world!!
+Jon Gauntt ... hahahah!! Yep I did this with all the spare time I had by not sleeping, exercising, eating... if you skip that stuff, you got BUCKETS of time!
+Mandy Jones... Yes! Virtually! We gotta do some testing, but I think it's gonna work!
+Ron Clifford... I ♥ you! Thanks for your ALWAYS support!
Whoa! What a great idea. What a great lineup. Would love to be at your opening. I'll put a bug in my son's ear up in Olympia. Good luck in your new venture.
just pure creative "loveliness" +Karen Hutton wow I love this concept. Wishing all the best and I will be staying tuned.
This is awesome, Karen! Best of luck. I know it's going to rock!
Oh thank you +Daniel Enloe!! We SO need a Texas representative! But... siiiiigh. If it's not to be, then perhaps when you DO make it to Portland, we throw another party!
+Dave Bell... fantastically awesome thanks!!
+Kelli Seeger Kim... you silly, but my goodness what a good dancer you are! I had no idea...
Thanks a million +Terry Gardner!
Yippee +Jeff Smith! Definitely more coming... and I just wish we could have ALL our G+ peeps there!
Thank you thank you +Rich Carstensen!
Brava +Karen Hutton!- Fantastic idea, I love the concept of intimate multi-media, and so glad to see you are making it a reality. I hope to come to the opening and also to the photowalk. Cheers!
nice project. keep up te good things.
I just saw this a moment ago.
HOW COOL! Life is made perfect by such things as glorious as this.
You couldn't have chosen better people to align yourself with either.
+Brian Matiash and +Jaime Ibarra are two of the 'For Reals' here on G+.

I'd wish you good luck, but you certainly won't need it.
Ahhh, thanks +Dave Veffer! ;-)))
Awesome +David Sheehan! More WILL be coming soon..
Oh I hope you can make it +Dan McCool!
It's sure been fun.. and a stretch +Kristine Ward! I'm going to be relieved to see it launched. phew!
Thanks so much +wouter alblas. I'll do my best!
+Gino Barasa ... (((HUGS!!))) Thank you for those wonderful words. And yep - I gots me a great crew. They're my heroes! (well, besides you, that is.)
Looks like it will be very cool and fun for you! Looking forward to seeing more!
Both of these events are going on my calendar right now! So, so exciting and in my hometown, yay! What time is the party on the 1st?
Very cool +Karen Hutton, love this idea! Kudos, congratulations, and looking forward to a Lil growth! (of course, love your v.o. work on the site)!
Not much clear the project you has been working for too long. Sorry.
Not much clear the project you has been working for too long. Sorry.
Yay +Tawni Henlin!! I'll be posting the actual announcement for the doin's on the 1st... but it's from 5-7pm on the 2nd floor of the Ford Building. I hope you can make it!
THANK YOU +Peter Adams!!
Thanks +Trace Aiken... x2!
I'll be posting more about it +Valerià Herrero Fa... and when the shows go live on the website, you'll see exactly what it is!
HIGH FIVE and thank you +Robin Griggs Wood!!!
Sounds exciting +Karen Hutton Makes me want to bust out and dust off the Pro Tools. :-) Can't wait to see what y'all have come up with!
Hi Karen,
Any word on the where and when of the photowalk on Saturday, June 2nd? I just checked the plancast page and don't see anything up there yet. Just checkin. :-)
I don't think this great idea will stay "lil" for very long. I forsee Karen Hutton Galleries worldwide.
+Cliff Baise I would have to  agree, she's too awesome to have it any other way. If she can dream it, she can do it!
I just found out about this now. What an incredibly creative and wonderful idea you have embarked upon! I wish you all the best with this and can't wait to see the netcast!
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