FINALLY!! I can talk about a project I've been working on for months!!

I had to wait till it was really-n-truly gonna happen - AND NOW IT IS!! We launch ferreals on June 1... but I wanted to share the story now, as we gear up to open the doors.

This is the story of LIL GALLERIES.
A big idea about a little space.

It all started with conversations I'd been having with my voiceover manager, +Stacey Stahl, CEM-SHE.
About life. About photography. About how voice + photography as a merged art form was crashing around inside of me, wanting to emerge as something New. My all-consuming passion for Photography had exploded with a heavenly vengeance… and now Voice wanted to play!

So one night over dinner, we hatched an idea.
Breathtakingly beautiful photography presented in a way that you could see, hear and feel it… one on one.
Meaning, go smaller, not larger.
The world always seems to want more, faster, better, bigger.. GAH!
What happened to heart? An intimate experience with beauty... just the two of you… the way it was always meant to be?
So we set out to create that.
Stacey found the space, smack in between her offices in The Ford Building in Portland, OR. (
The owner of the building got so excited he donated the space, for as along as we care to stay!

It's a custodian closet.
You heard me, but I'll repeat it.
Custodian. Closet.
That's what she said.
Unclaimed commercial space, just big/small enough for us, just sitting there empty with nothing but a dirty mop, a bucket and a sink… wanting, needing to be a space dedicated to beauty, heart and soul.
So we claimed it. Made it beautiful. And named it "LIL GALLERIES".
You can think of the "LIL" as short for "little"… which of course it is.
But it also stands for Life is Light … which of course life (and photography) is.

I set about creating these multimedia shows… experiences, really… that were clamoring at me from the inside to be created… that felt like would leap out of my chest if I didn't DoItDoItDoIt!
They wanted to be achingly beautiful…. and to be seen AND heard. To move, love and be loved.

I wrote, produced and narrated each show, starting with my own. Of course I very quickly realized it couldn't just be about my work. I mean, what fun is it to throw a party by yourself?
So I invited some friends along; +Jaime Ibarra +Brian Matiash and +Ricardo Lagos. (a new artist will be added each month)
They took the leap with me into this new realm. Never laughed in my face… just listened, nodded and said "I'm in."
I will love them forever for that leap of faith.
Their work is magnificent.

The music turned out even more awesome than I dreamed!
Two particular standouts; +Jaime Ibarra's show is scored to one of his own gorgeous flamenco pieces. You will swoon at the combination of his photographs set to his music. Indescribably delicious!
And an incredible musician - +Caleb Dolister - contributed the stunning piece that I used to score Brian Matiash's show. I'm so excited to introduce you to him... his music will knock your socks off!

The gallery (as we're calling our newly reborn J.C.) physically opens on June 1, 2012. That's in three weeks!
But you don't have to physically be at LIL GALLERIES to enjoy the shows. Because we made a website! Oh yes, we did.
And while I'm not launching the actual artist shows on the site until the gallery opens on June 1… we do have intros for them. They're cool.
you can get a flavor of where we're at right now at:

The site is fully functional, but not complete. There's more to come content-wise, but I wanted to open the doors a little early and let folks look around.
And truth is, I've never done anything like this before - it's scary, exciting, thrilling, heart fulfilling, soulful, completionary (I made that up)… and there's nothing like bringing a few friends along for the last few miles of a loooong, emotional journey!

On June 1, the Ford Building is throwing a big party… and LIL GALLERIES will be the 'featured artist'! If you're in the area, come join us!
Believe me, we'll be taking photos - maybe even videos - of the event.

Then on June 2, there'll be a G+/LIL GALLERIES Portland Photowalk!
I've started a Plancast page started here:… details still being worked out. Of course I'll share them too as we get 'em nailed down.
We're even going to attempt to make it into a virtual photo walk!

So that's the nutshell.
A big idea about a little space.
The little gallery that could.
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