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Without cell signal most of the day. Should I admit it was kinda awesome?
It was kinda awesome. ;-))

You know what was REALLY awesome? It was the hubs and my anniversary and we spent it here in the southwest, on a trip we've wanted to do since we met 11 years ago... hiking in 102 degree heat (Ok that part wasn't AS awesome)... photographing All Dang Day!!!
That part: Awesome squared. Siiigh.

This photo was taken on my iPhone and prettied up (I hope, anyway...I can never see them that well on the phone) in Snapseed. It was taken from Dead Horse Point overlooking the Colorado River. From accounts, it sounds like the area wasn't so good for horses, which made me sad. But the overlook rocked and we did sunset there.

I also overheard folks talking about the movie set we could see way down below us in the flats. Apparently they're working on "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp. Well, I did see a section of fake railroad track, a locomotive and a bunch os old western style cavalry type tents all set up in a camp that looked mighty 'movie set' to me.  Heh. Entertaining.

Now I'm asleep at the wheel and about to hit the hay. 
But had to say "Hey!" before I did. :-D

And... oh yeaahhhh, I definitely took lots of photos with my Canon, which I'll be processing and posting down the line. Think of this one as your pal waving from the hilltop before running down to meet you. 
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No cell signal can be TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
Have fun on the Trip!
IPhone photo??? Holy crap, cleaned up a little or not....  that's damn good!
Amazing scene +Karen Hutton! I love taking breaks off the grid. Great time to get back to what matters most :)
what a breathtaking view, I bet seeing it live was even better
Happy anniversary!  I'm glad to hear you're having a great time and look forward to seeing more of the shots you've captured.
wow. just wow. Congratulations!
Beautiful work.  If you would like a simularly majestic place to go, check out the Black Canyon in western Colorado.  It's not as wide open as the Grand Canyon, but it offers VERY deep, narrow canyons that seem to go down forever.  Beautiful geological structures, and pretty quiet.  It's near Montrose, CO.
Have a great trip in the photogenic area +Karen Hutton. Who needs a signal as long as the camera phone works ;-) Happy Anniversary!
What would a day without Karen Hutton be?  What would Karen Hutton be without a cell phone for a day ?  Don't know, but reminds me of a little John Prine tune, altered slightly:

"Blow up your cell phone, throw away your paper
Go to the country, build you a home
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches
Try an find a sunset on your own"

Happy Anniversary !
Hex HE
what is " Awesome squared", haha
Lovely...just lovely!  Oh, and the photo is great, too.  But, I really like the story!
It was 112° in Bullhead City Arizona today. That temp is kinda cool, but then again the brand.canyon has its own weather system at times.
Awesome update!  Congrats on the anniversary and road trip to boot. Can't wait for the "other" shots to come through.
Happy Anniversary +Karen Hutton.  Thanks for the lovely photo and the back story.  Perhaps I can perk up my 16 year old daughter's interest by dropping Mr. Depp's name as I recount your story, however fleeting.
Happy Anniversary K! Beautiful stuff. That's not the kind of "stars" I was expecting you to see out there haaa...but Jack Sparrow?? pretty freakin' cool! :) 
This is an amazing photo! Thanks for sharing with us all!
Tj John
Karen you are so lucky living on such a wonderful continent.
I have only visited mainland USA once, Florida.
It was a lovely holiday and I have lasting memories of my time there.
To live there must be wonderful.
By the way.......the photos are ACE, thank you.
it's hard to take good shots of the canyon but this is excellent! It's been a long time since I've been.. I grew up in Flagstaff, AZ :)
umm.........i think u said awesome too much
It's a state park here in Utah, close to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Moab.
Subhanallah....nice photo and thanks for sharing.
Super photo, just shows what great images can be captured with an iPhone or other phones. 
like the ruins of an ancient kingdom...majestic
i would like to go there
That photo is fabulous. Nice work.
what a wonderful pic .
 post written was great too ,
   makes me want to get there even more .
    because yes indeed i am going to be going there .
Hello Friends Where is this seen
Without for a week,it was the way it used to be no beep beep every 2 seconds and ut was awesome!!
That is a beautiful shot, looks so peaceful, and quiet.
wow!..that's the beauty of nature...i wish i could go there...
Aim the camera down to the horizon to eliminate the whitewash, and the canyon colors will look much better. otherwise an awesome pic!
its really a nice place and nice snap too
+Karen Hutton they also filmed the scene from "Thelma and Louise" where at the end of the movie they drive off the cliff - down there
An early morning shot, perhaps?  The hours between 10am and 4pm can make for faded resultsand from a phone, it's a great capture!   I live near here and am always breathless every time.  A  must for every bucket list.
Wow :-) 
Minh co
Awesome photo
Cool photo.
Speaking of cell phones, I sometimes just put mine in a non receiving mode to ensure some peace and quiet. The world will still be there when it gets turned back on :))
Oh damn!  Are you in Moab now?!  I am SO bitterly jealous that I am going to throw myself off of,,, off of... well, this chair I'm sitting on.  :)  j/k  Looking forward to more Southwest pix!  Be careful in that heat, as I remember it well.  I still literally carry a scar from a sunburn on my shoulder when my camera strap pulled my shirt off to one side while hiking up to the delicate arch.  :(  
Wonderful and with the advantage to report a place away these shits called "city".
Great view from Dead Horse Point. I drove the Shaefer trail in 2005 visible down there, super.
breathtaking!! love it!
A bit like the welsh mountains!
It is definitely gorgeous. My iPhone lens is all scratched up so I can only really take pictures with the front lens. I'm due for an upgrade when the new one comes out, though, so I'm excited to put Snapseed through the paces.
It looks like tar is going around in a circal
Awesome! When were you there? Did you make it to mesa arch up on the plateau? 
The view is AWESOME!! I could go with out signal and be very happy. 
Been there... Luv that... Great shot!!
+Karen Hutton my wife and I got engaged out in is such a magical place.  Make sure to get Breakfast at the Jail House Cafe, and have a dinner at Pasta Js or Eddie McStiffs.  IF you are still out there, let me know know.  I can tell you where this place is.

It is special place that is kind of secret. 

Have fun and happy anniversary!

What a great way to celebrate and the pic is gorgeous!
Dead Horse Point! I was a park Ranger there in 2002.

To your left (not shown in this picture) there are bright blue "lakes" that are actually potash mines. They use potassium chloride in everything from granola bars to lethal injection.

Thelma and Louise famous car scene was filmed right below you on the dirt road you see. The opening to Mission Impossible 2 was also filmed on the cliff to your left.

The cliffs you see REALLY far in the distance are actually southern Canyonlands northern borders and the huge cliffs to your right are the beginning of Island in the Sky.

When storms are coming in you sometimes get pressures that push the clouds BELOW the cliff line, causing an effect that makes it seem as though you're on a floating island. The clouds crash against the red rock and swirl upwards causing fluffy "waves." It's breathtaking.

Lastly, you are surrounded by natural "potholes" that are completely contained dormant ecosystems that spring to life when it rains. They look nondescript, but after a good downpour they explode with life. Such a cool vacation!
God creation is amazing !! Made perfect plant but Idiot people living on it !! 
Just think of the millions of years of erosion needed to make this!
Perfect plant perfect animals but people 50/50 good and evils 
There are many beautiful points to this area, you picked a great spot to take pics from.
lve nture cretivity...........
How did she holiday in my Chromebook's wallpaper?!
I was there a month back and I agree the view is Magnificent! Its hard to find the right spot since everything looks Amazing! But, you did.! Good Job!
Lyle, its the Grand Canyons, Arizona
Man,that is absolutely beautiful
fantastic place between amountens
That's an amazing pic luv how sun looks standing atop 1of those cliffs like u could touch the sky 
Could be a peaceful place to relax @
Happy anniversary. We live in NYC, and guess what we had 101 temp yesterday and expect the same today.Well, this is real-feel when you add humidity factor.
According to the news yesterday, Moab was 6 degrees cooler than Nashville, and definitely less humidity.  We are in for more of a morning golden hour summer this year
+Karen Hutton Horseshoe bend is one of my favorite places . Temp no problem, lots of water,   go slowly   you will not get to see it all anyway...
Summer is like winter go slowly so as to perspire small amounts in the summer and move slowly in winter so as not to perspire......   
that is mad big man
I Envy you and all your travels, I have a bucket list a mile long on all I would love to see before, well, you know.......:)
I've been there. It is awesome. Nice picture.
if i could describe that in one word that word would be "BEAUTIFUL"
Beautiful....and really you r so lucky...
very very very very very very very very very very very very bad ha ha ha ha
1400 vote to this picture please I need to know is there great eye doctor here !! Please help 
It so nice I have never seen it before
Did you Raft this, the Rio Grande is also fun and the Salmon and Snake in April is loaded with the scent of fresh blossoming flowers for a few hundred miles.
It's great to get away,with your mate
Happy Anniversary! Your pic absolutely goegeous. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing the next one. A real awesome pic!
Most amazing capture of the day! Thanks for sharing and making the Google+ world smile.
Is a nice picture and wooderfool imaguen do you grained eye my lol
Awesome pic and happy anniversary!
The panoramic view at Dead Horse Point is impossible to capture in any photograph.
+dn iu - you don't need permission to add someone to a circle -so feel free to add me!
+Justin Balog, didn't make it up to Mesa Arch - but I'm taking notes for next time! We're down in the Blanding area now, so will have to visit your secret spot (which is gorgeous!!) next time. If you're let us. ;-))
+Ben Meszaros... I WONDERED what those blue lakes were! Thanks for all that great info!
+Margaret Newman and +Umi Zahrok ... this is Dead Horse Point in Utah. It's near Moab and the northern corner of Canyonlands National Park. It was amazing!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your happy anniversary wishes everyone!! It was a marvelous day, just beautiful. I'm not online as much as usual to thank you all more often - but I appreciate your comments, well-wishes, tips on places to see in the area (I'll be back!) and just all your good energy. You're wonderful!
That's beautifu!l.  Happy Anniversary
so beautiful so wonderful no word to express well done from edon loving this piece....
We saw the movie set from this spot as well.  We must have just missed each other (we were there on June 27th/28th).  Congratulations on your anniversary!
Stunning!  And I missed this!  Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!  I'm glad you were able to make the trip happen. ♥
That's true I do admit
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