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Baker Beach vs. The Sun... San Francisco, CA
The sun set itself down sooo pretty last night and I was lucky enough to be there for the capture! With the Golden Gate Bridge over there to the right, with Mr. Sun and his fanclouds doing their glowy big finale thing - well, all I could think of to say is; "Siiigh." It was a good moment.

I'm about to have another good moment, here at 3am... cause I'm headed off to Zzzzzzland. Another big day tomorrow with a Flickr Photowalk happening in the Mission. Street Art! Can't wait...

Night all!
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so beautiful and wonderful - thank you
Maki MA
Amazing scene. really beautiful!
natural beauty & color are mix !! GOD is GREAT !
Amazing image, Karen!! Love this beautiful composition!! Wonderful work!!
Beautiful view, always when I'm in need for calm thinking and go to sit in front of the sea.
times this by 1000 and that makes pardise
its nice..
Google this calls for a use as wallpaper button
ein Traum Karen !
wow have u considered becoming a photographer because you would be amazing!!!
ouuu.... if i were there, I would make a painting not a photo
niceeeeee ....!!!!!!!!!!! love it
Zahra M
So dreamy...beautiful capture!
Cool Picture with Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco) & sunrise or sunset.
Amazing picture, almost makes me miss Cali...
this is gorgeous<3
Meg Roy
COMPLIMENTS really an excellent photo
good pan thatsa keeper
it's a beautiful sunset.....>>>>>
Skye B
that is so beautiful!
and the sunset...
the time that the sun kiss earth
and say...
sleep while I kiss you again on the other side...
the story of humans, I , you and others
is indeed similar to Sunrise and sunset
awesome picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris F
You caught the moment!
nice piccccccccccccc :p:p
nice good..
Wow Lovly veiw i love the sunset <3 it so cute!!!!!! <3
couldn't find a word. only thing to say," messssmerizing
One of those moment in life for a second nothing else matters.
i always lover the sunsets and sunrises and the best i have seen are in africa and seam reap cambodia
One of those moment in life when for a swcond nothing else matters...beautiful.
auguem sabe ond fica o tradutor aqui eu ñ sei
Karen, you are one of my all time favs because of work like this. A M A Z I N G !!
Breathtaking! I will be in SF next week and this picture inspired me to go to Baker's Beach. I will try to get a shot like that! Well done!
Such peaceful memorys come back to my mind when I saw this.
Beach Water Sun Shoot beach water son Shoot. water beats sand, sand beats sun, sun beats water.
Thank u for sharing one of God,s wonders!!
Mr Sun watching u nicely..........too. Beautiiiii.... 
This really a nice sunset,very beautiful
Wow !! un spectacle à couper le souffle !!!! magnifique !
Nice photo, sunset is one of the most important time of the day.
Whoa! I come back after a few hours and you've had a block party over here! she festively tosses confetti into the air.
THANK YOU for your most wonderful comments and thoughts. I sure appreciate all of them...and I do read them all!

In answer to a few questions: I shot this photo, yes it's mine.
I used a fisheye; 8-15mm.
It was taken at sunset.
Baker Beach, San Francisco.

Thanks again everybody!
I like this picture because I like the sunset and the sandy beach. It remineds me of the shores of Spain at night.( So romantic).
Incredible shot and feel to this Karen. Really beautiful
You could probably shop this more. You're so close to making my eyes bleed!
Al ver esta fotografía siento una ganas de estar ahí y observar el atardecer!!!!
Thank you SO much for stopping by and commenting everyone! You are fantastic for doing so - and I appreciate every single one!
oh great wonderful beautiful people picture
cant help but feel the homeward bound dogs should be in this.. :-\
take me to there,right now
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