"A Golden Minute": Mono Lake, CA
Here's a wee moment from a springtime sojourn I made to Mono Lake earlier this year. Sunrise. Shocked even myself by getting up at 4am, and it was raining. But I was rewarded with this! [happy dance]

Most people shoot it facing the other way (east, into the sun), but I'm endlessly fascinated by the reflections looking west. So I do both. Which means I get lots of core exercise from turning this way and that.

I love cross training. Heh.

Specs: Fujifilm X-T2, 16-55mm lens
+Really Right Stuff TQC-14 tripod, BH-40 ballhead
+LucrOit 100mm simple kit holder, Formatt Hitech ND filter. (I've now switched to LucrOit's new line of glass... yumm!)

ISO: 200, f/22, 2 secs.
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