Light Above Darkness... Glenorchy, New Zealand
©Karen Hutton - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0) 

TUNE IN TOMORROW (MONDAY) for an all-new episode of THE CHAT!! That's 10am PT Monday morning!

Continuing my "business" theme for creatives and artists, my guest will be the fantastically talented tech exec +Peter Giordano!! 

He's so brilliant at making simple models from complex ideas and shedding new light on old dilemmas... that I had him do just that for us! 

So... are you a creative type thinking about transitioning your career? Starting out? Wondering how to decide if it's the RIGHT THING for you? How do you decide??

Oh baby, then you've GOT to watch tomorrow's episode!! Peter lays out a visual and way of thinking about this that is unparalleled. I've done it in my own business... and it's clarified SO MUCH for me! 

Join me tomorrow morning, right here and at:!!

Peter's also a photographer... and he's going to +Trey Ratcliff's New Zealand Photo Adventure that starts in a WEEK! So of course, I had to use a photo from the LAST NZ Photo Adventure to promo his episode. I can't resist the option to visually tie all these worlds together.  

Bridging worlds... my heart is happy. 
Plus, it beats the photo of the sheep... :D
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