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Two Centuries... The Louvre, Paris

Old and new...
Then and now...
Dark and light...
You and me.
Without contrast, all is bland beyond bearing.
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wow - Karen, this is gorgeous! I've never seen this POV before and the lighting.. to die for!!
Wow, such a great shot! Awesome work as always!
The rendering is very great. I love what you did with it !
Oh wow that's lovely, such beautiful natural framing and the colors and textures are out of this world, splendid +Karen Hutton !

ps, have you bought that ticket yet?
Amazing! I wish I could be there right now...
This is absolutely wonderful. The frame, the lights...perfect
Beautiful..lovely tone =)
Oh! Fantastic work Karen!
me gusta esta foto es guapisima
This was SUCH a great memory from Paris... and I KNEW you'd remind me about buying that ticket +Chris Chabot!! Does Italy count? I'm going there in August...? I know, nothing like Paris.
So I'm thrilled you liked this one +Markus Landsmann +Sandra Parlow (craaaazy lighting, right?) +Mark Esguerra (awww, thanks) +Ana Calderon +El Imagenero +ahmed yousry +Brahim Zidani +Todd Sisson (I appreciate that!) +Claus Hansen +Cedric Texier (I was happy with it too!) +Amrullah am +Silas Forge (indeed, fantastic Paris!) +Antonio Navarro +Ринат Шн +David Bowden +Maddie McKowen (me too!) +Daniel Graupner +Darolyn BrooksLemon +Aulia Syofyan +Ricardo Bentes (words a girl loves to hear! heh) +Chris Goss +Kimmy Chubs +Steve Czajka +Jeanleonce Felix +Ulf Bjolin +Kit Kate +Pio Mechado +Gail Beerman and +abdulwahab aftab !
Italy certainly counts +Karen Hutton, Venice, Florence, Rome and many other places are certainly as lovely as Paris, excited for you!
Very nice (but give it approx. 0.8 degrees clockwise rotation).
Very nicely composed. Great balance, colors, lighting and some sparkle as a bonus. Bravo.
Such a beautiful picture! I do agree with Andrew Jens. Just a small tick, widdershin, would stabilize it.
That's the Louvre in Paris. It was pretty awesome. I remember thinking it doesn't match the grandiose French architecture of the area. It looked out of place like a pyramid space ship. I love th contrast in this image though. Looks very cool.
mi piace ! It's so true, the door to the future.....
Great picture,it looks like a big,shiny diamond.
OK then +Chris Chabot... I shall press forward! Ciao!
Many, many thanks to all of your for stopping by! I appreciate your comments +John H. Moore +Kedar Kulkarni (ha! I was looking for Tom Hanks too!) +Rocio Marquez +Lance Rudge (there is SUCH a comeback I'm biting my tongue on!) +Praveen Reddy +Jennifer Sniegowski +Andrew Jens +Eduardo del Rincon +Daniel Enloe (awwww!) +Greg Sharpe +Chris Baliko +Margie D Casados +talha kazi +Clement Biger +Bruce Aristeo +arvind akloo +Craig Beaumont +xristina makrinioti +Neffydd Maelgwyn +Mike Diazleal +Lisa Lonfernini +Ravi Jaiswal +Ronaldo YM +Daniel Viana Alencar +Deea Andreea and +Tomas Sejkora!
výborná fotografia,krásna myšlienka, len tie pojmy sú neoddeliteľné....
Awesome Picture! It would be nice to have A copy!
"What is it?" are you serious? tell me your joking?
+Karen Hutton what an amazing version of this place. I really love it and the treatment is perfect. Spot on! Definitely one of my absolute favorites photos of all the photos I've seen of this place!
On the short list of my favourite Louvre shots ever! Magnifique! Superb colours. Stunning image.
Just gorgeous, Karen! Oh. how I wish to get out of Omaha one day....
oh man...this is strait from Dan Brown "The Da Vinci Code"...sick photo!
For one small moment in time, I thought I was done w/ the Louve, +Karen Hutton. Those darling beams waving me on to the triangle of lovely light, beckon once again :) Love this, of course!
Thank you all soooooo much! I'm so glad you like this counterpoint view of The Louvre - and of life. It's fun, isn't it? ;-))
when I see this picture, I imagine Egypt kingdom. Nice place.
which is why the world invented music.
Again, a million thanks for all your wonderful, kind comments. You guys are AWESOME DOT COM!!!
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! (ok, not literally, the photo is better with it open). But this photo makes me go stupid and drooley, +Karen Hutton
I didn't think there was a positive way to see that pyramid. I always found its contrast with its surroundings to be simply too jarring -- a colossal mistake of public architecture. Thank you for making a photo that shows the old and the new to be in harmony.
Emmm about the Washington Monument Egyptian obelisk? Or the Place de la Concorde one? Who is the new and who is the old if you look at it that way ;) ?
lighting is vry beautiful. i lv it
Outstanding image! Great camera-work and light handling.
I really love the contrast of light between the warm light of the lampposts and the bright "blinding" light of the Louvre.
I also REALLY love France and I will be going there for the first time this summer :) this inspires me.
I love the perfectly symmetrical framing and the lighting, especially the (light pollution?) halo around the Pyramid. This feels like one of those pulp adventures where the depths of the ruins of an ancient civilization give way to reveal a hidden secret far more modern than even contemporary times.
Perfect title, wonderful image. This is really nice work.
Oh +Victoria Park I'm so excited for you! This shot was from my first visit to Paris - and it made a HUGE impact on me! I don't know where in France you're going - but I know you will love it with all your heart. And what a great time to go! siiiiiigh.
+Kevin J. Chen... I always love your analysis of photos - and this one is great. So true! There's almost something primal about this view. Kind of like something that strikes a really deep cord, but it's just out of reach.
Thank you +Doreliz Benitez and +Neil Kremer! I sure do appreciate that.
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There are moments in life that just call for puttin' on the pretty +Sonja Miller Williams! This was one of them for me. Quite the magical evening!
its nce...................
wow, what a infusion of basic simplistic beauty. love it. almost could be a gate to a futuristic world!:))
+Karen Hutton That's so cool; the Louvre is amazing, present and past! I'm in awe for the beauty of your picture and it's inspiration (it's really influential :D) I'm SO excited to go to France! I will be staying in Lyon, but I will visit many other places including Paris, Madrid, London (I <3 England soooo much) siiggghh I can't wait (I don't go until may :/ )
Wow, I just saw your post +Victoria Park... and I just want to say TAKE PICS!! I want to see your views of these fabulous places!!
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