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The First Step
There are days that feel like such a climb.
Straight up.
It just seems impossible to get "there" from "here."
But you have to try. Yes you do.
So you take a deep breath, grab the life lines you're given...
And you take the first step.
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So true! Inspiring words and photo, thanks for sharing it!
This is just incredible. The massive cliff, the tiny climber, the composition, the amazing lighting. Do you have a model release on the climber? This is a very marketable image.
Good job i like adventure life and good photograhy
yeahhh manoj....where places have you ever visited....
that is awesome! however model release may not be necessary . . .
big big bang ....................editing,speAK s
Yes, It's the first step that is always important and seems hard to take but it's not that hard in practice.
yes the first step is the most important, thn always foloow through, don't go backwards
true. one just need the courage to take the first step
I'm I bad ,if I want to see him fall ?
Kylie C
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cule
be grave... We will survive...!!!
Only I find the closer you get, the "tuffer" it gets to finish...I had always thought that life would get easier as we progress, turns out it really does get "tuffer", nothing comes easy nothing happens as planned, so plan for the unexpected!
Ahhhh, we are a philosophical bunch, aren't we? I'm glad you're enjoying this one! It was very cool to happen upon a spot where several climbers were practicing.
And in answer to questions... no, I did not climb. Not ever. Nope, and ACK!! Me not a climber. I do admire it alot though. ;-))
Thanks for answering me back Karen. I'm with you I am not a climber either.
all i can say is "one step closer"
Karen, there is a subtle "hand" formation in this framing; that "feels" philosophically symbolic, to me.. at least in potential. I appreciate shots like this one; many wouldn't find this one powerful, since the climber is such a small part of the image, but that's the point, no?
Speaking of "no", maybe that's one potential meaning of the "hand" I see in this one.. it's the palm extended to say "Stop. You Shall Not Pass!" Well this climber didn't "talk to the hand", but is stepping right off the thumb into whatever it will be.
Guilty, as charged, of that philosophical bent. ;-)
Fooled me! Looked at the cropped image in the iPad flow view and thought - Cool texture... old roof tiling or what? Opened it and... Wow, it's a climber in it! Totally flipped my perspective. Cool shot +Karen Hutton. This is my first step on the rest of this brand new day. Big summer party last night...
Wow! Tiy are sooo brave. I wonder how it feels climbing out there.
Dalia M
It looks like he is climbing a hand. Hummmmmmmmm ;)
Too cool glad thats a pink shirt not a green or yellow!
He... like the climber hanging over the abyss, the trick is not to look down to get by!
The most inspiring message

Wow its great..!! i like climbing........
Dalia M
wow , the only people who have a brave heart can do that :)
how are you?,yesterday meetfacebook 12a.m
I wonder where the heck this is, it sure looks interesting to me and creative on hand:)
i have typed more than 20 adjectives to appreciate the bravery only to erase each of them thinking that the adjective fails to describe my astonishmentt and your bravery..
Awsome effort by the above said climber !!! GOD BLESS
Roads go ever on down from the doorstep where they begin...
Vibha N
Very enthusiastic writeup with a appropriate picture, Really life is a hard rock, One may climb , one may not, But one should try to get rid of the situation, never give up,
where it the effort.Success there
wow, and I thought I felt tiny on a man built rock wall. I wouldn't have the guts to do this unless I grew wings first!
Nice but sceary shot Karen. Please let us hear more how you are getting on with the Nex7. Is it worth me investing in one? Do you still enjoy. Looking forward to your comment.
amazings karen hutton mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
sale marega waha....wapis aaja......
I cant believe a women can do that and much courage in her
must be the sales on
It's dangerous. You're just carefull.
impossible!how can he do this?///////////////////
then try again, you can do, another step, and another, another... It doesn't finish, again.. At last learned climbing, trying and feeling.. Feeling that possesing of successfuly... ;)
I wont go up there, I reather sit and watch...
wow how is that person not scared.
how steep is that!
But you have to try. Yes you do
Kiana H
how can she do that
Definitely on my To - Do list! Haha I hope I'll get to do something like that one day.
“Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different.”
― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
U can do it, c'mon!
holy cow!! thats a big tree with a stupid (no offense) guy on it :D
long way up, but you will make it if you try
First and foremost... thank you everyone! Gratitude always comes first. I always appreciate hearing people's thoughts and seeing their comments. I see many of us find this woman's bravery astounding. I certainly do! She climbed that rock in a very short time and didn't seem tense at all. It was fun for her. I think that was part of my fascination. My husband used to climb. So did my friend +Ricardo Lagos. They both enjoyed it tremendously. Me... I was a dancer, figure skater, equestrienne, skier, hiker. Note that each of those involved the ground or sliding over said ground. Not lots of up-in-the-air. heh. Climbers are a different species, I think.

+Tony Moorhouse... testing continues on the NEX-7. I used it exclusively at the G+ Conference and am planning to make an album of those. I really love the camera - it's an incredible machine. I think my own brain likes buttons (my other camera is a Canon)... the NEX-7 is very menu driven. So that's taking some getting used to. But to me that's a personal preference thing, not a good-bad thing. The photos are incredible, the flexibility is amazing and I feel like I've only tapped into maybe 2/3 of what it can do. I'll definitely make another post about now that I've got more experience. I'm so behind! But I"ll get there. ;-))
Hi Karen, I'm with you except I'd to be on level ground at all!
it seems a big palm in the dark. a formidable challenge, bravo !
Thanks for the info Karen, will watch out for your further comment on the Nex and am seriously looking at one.
I'm slowly getting my thoughts together on the NEX-7 +Tony Moorhouse. I'm thinking to post something within the next week or so. I'm slow! 
Karen, let me get your opinion regarding the NEX-7 lenses.  I have plenty of a mount lenses.  Should I get an adapter and use those with the NEX-7, or would it better to get the e mount lenses?  What are your thoughts?
+Marvin Lee... I'm big on testing. And saving money! If it was me, I'd rent an adapter and try my own lenses with the NEX-7 before I even dreamt of spending money on new ones. For that matter - I might even rent a couple of the e mount lenses to 1. see if I even like them and 2. compare them against my adapter arrangement. 

I haven't had occasion or reason to test this out myself - but you've got me curious. If you DO try this - I'd sure love to know your results! 
Thanks....sounds like sensible advice.  I'm thinking it may be hard to find a place in this town that rents out lenses, etc.....I'll have to poke around.
AND to add to the confusion.....there are 2 different adapters!  One has the translucent mirror ($400), and the other doesn't ($200).
Well +Marvin Lee... a couple of things. There are online sites where you can rent lenses and such - I love those. One is Another is So if you don't find something in town - those are awesome. They might be able to help you with which adapter to try as well.

I don't know how you're using the NEX-7, but if it's as a 2nd or backup camera - the basic 18-55 and 55-210 might be enough for you. In which case not such a huge investment. Just thoughts... 
I really appreciate your helpfulness, Karen!  
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