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Karen Hutton

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My Most Personal Blog Post Ever
The hard part at first was finding the words. 
Once I did... BAM.
The dilemma: write such a personal post? The answer: YES! It's literally the Preface for everything that happens next in my world. And YOU are a part of it.
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Karen Hutton

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Cloistered... The Cloisters, NYC
I'm heading back to NYC later this month. WooHoo! I visited The Cloisters last time I was, what an amazing place.

I love finding spots where it feels like time stands still... past, present and future all floating together in crystalline clarity, in the exact same moment. It makes you want to hold your breath so "the float" will last just a bit longer and you can look at each sparkly facet. This was one of those moments. 
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Karen Hutton

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Kelowna, B.C. = GORGEOUS!!!
I made this 19-image panorama from my first evening there in some attempt to scoop up the delicious goodness... I'm such a fan!
I was there for an awesome 3-day speaking event for women entrepreneurs... which I wrote about on my blog:

I gave a talk on, of all things, Voice! I was a voice coach for TV/Radio news broadcasters and business professionals for 25 years, so it's a subject near and dear to my heart. Anyway, the talk went over super well. In fact, the entire 3 days was a blast and SUPER inspiring, to say the least!

#fujifilm   #fujifilm_us   #travel   #kelowna  
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Very good Picture Karen 
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Karen Hutton

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The Yard... Moss Landing, CA

Welcome to my brain cuisinart! Or so I named the space from whence this photo came. I wrote about it on my blog:

Sometimes ya just gotta throw it all into the wind and see where it lands. 
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Karen Hutton

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Alone By Design... Kelowna, B.C.
I don't know what it is about lone sailboats.
Maybe it's the vibe of 'alone'.. or adventure... or sailing the endless waters.
But I cannot NOT photograph them.
Resistance is futile. 

Just don't make me sail on one. 
I hurl. 

#kelowna   #sailing   #blackandwhitephotos   #fujifilm   #fujifilmus  @
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+Robert Claeys, Jr. I like that! I'm gonna go with it. ;)
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Karen Hutton

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"Santa Cruzin'"... Santa Cruz, CA
 It was an intensive, amazing week in Kelowna, B.C. (I'll talk more about it on my blog shortly!). 

This scene greeted me on Saturday evening. It was a brilliant sunset, though I missed the height of it (I fell asleep shortly after getting back to the apartment!). But I still went out to experience what I could. As it turned out... I got to see it reflected upon the very town itself. 

It seemed a fitting reminder; that we truly are all made from such a radiant light. And that when we move forward from THAT idea, everything we touch reflects it back at us in surprising and delightful ways. It's a nice feeling to start the week with... and look ma, I've got the flash card for it! ;)

#fujifilm   #santacruz   #visitca   #fujifilmus   #sunset  
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Beautiful view
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Karen Hutton

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Coveset... Davenport, CA

There are those amazing evenings you want to be in about 5 places all at the same time! This was one of those for me.

I met up with +Traci Furtado and her DJI quadcopter... she to shoot what promised to be a snappy little sunset from on the air... me to photograph landlubber style, on the ground with my tripod. We decided to hit Shark Fin Cove near Davenport.

Well, it managed to get a whole lot more than "snappy" by the time it really went off! It was more like some kind of hallucinogenic dream! I love when what's on the outside resembles what's on the inside. Hehheh.

Anyhow, I combine a couple of images for this... lighter ones for the rocks, darker ones for the colors. I used my Fuji X-T1, 10-24mm lens... and LucrOit Filter holder and two Formatt HiTech Firecrest GND's for that nice slow water movement. Yummmmm!

#fujifilm   #fujifilm_us   #california   #davenport   #sunset  
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Karen Hutton

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Willow Weep For Me... Kelowna, B.C.
On my blog... I share the truly awesome experience I had in Kelowna, B.C. just last week! Man, time flies. 

This was at the end of my first evening there. I knew I'd be crazy busy the rest of the time... so I set out with my tripod to gather some moments. I loved this one. So quiet, so peaceful. What is it about weeping willows? I always get so reflective when I'm around them... 

#fujifilm   #fujifilm_us   #kelowna   #britishcolumbia   #treesphotography  
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+Silvia Cardenas ... it's a rock, mostly submerged in the lake.
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Karen Hutton

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Such GREAT news for my friends at +Virtual Photo Walks™!!
So much awesomeness going on over there... can't wait to see what happens next!!
Virtual Photo Walks is so excited to be part of ChangUr Impact Change LLC to Launch Engagement Platform to Support Philanthropic-Minded Organizations New… - Virtual Photo Walks™ - Google+
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Karen Hutton

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Forest For The Trees... Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA
A 29-image pano experiment that I actually liked! 

I was just driving along, exploring a new (to me) area one day, when I saw this. Not sure what appealed to me so much about it, but I wanted to see if a big old panorama would capture it. 

Lots of my experiments end up falling resoundingly to the cutting room floor [cue resounding thud SFX]... but I surprised myself with this one.  Not earth-shaking, just nice. I'm good with that. ;)

#fujifilm   #sierranevada   #fujifilm_us   #nature   #thegreatoutdoors  
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great experience
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Karen Hutton

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Rock That... Lake Tahoe, nevada
That night.
That light.

#fujifilm   #laketahoe   #nevada   #sunset   #fujifilm_us   #fujifilmx_us  
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Beautiful photo , very nicely taken.
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Karen Hutton

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Sunrise over the Canadian Rockies, on my way home this morning. Just loved the blues!
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Karen's Collections
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness

Overall, my world is a big ball of photographic, voiceover and content creational fun. 
Think of it as; Lenses and Light - meet Microphones, Words and Sound. 
Don't look so surprised! They play really well together. 
They each share a particular point of view. Tell stories. Express a unique 'signature'. A Voice. What's not to love?

Photography is why I breathe, baby. That's lifelong, undying love and passion. It's all about: Connection. Inspiration. Story. Humor. And Beauty. Who couldn't do with more beauty in the world? I love photographers because they wear their heart on their sleeve and it lives in their work. Their breathtaking world view. Their intensely personal story... the one that we just HAVE to tell or our hearts will simply burst from the withholding of it. 

I produce and host a show called: THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Sound byte-sized insights from some of the coolest people on the planet!

In it, I chat with creatives; successful artists, photographers, musicians, singers, creative business folks... all of whom are uniquely engaged in "living life as an artist: or better yet, living their life as if it were their art." 

Voiceover is global. Over the years, hundreds of commercials, narrations and announcements for planes, trains, automobiles, television and radio… and for fabulous apps like MotionX-GPS Drive. (Cougar anyone?)  Or apps on your iPad helping you to dream, adventure and plan your next travels, like Stuck on Earth, created by Trey Ratcliff. I'm the voice of the guide over there.

The way I see it, our individual signature - our point of view or 'voice' - connects us. Is our heart speaking, through everything we do. After all, as my mother used to say "You can't hide who you really are." Wise woman.

My first eBook is called I/WE: Scenes From the Big Picture. It's geared toward that childlike desire we all have to soak in pretty pictures and a good (very short) story.

So, welcome to my world.

Over here we love to capture, shoot, chase, wait for, plan for and generally live in (and for) - light.

And with a little light, don't you know... anything is possible. 


"The industrial age is ending, and a new one is beginning. It produces art instead of stuff and it rewards gracefulness.

...the future belongs to the breathtaking."

                                                 --- Seth Godin

Bragging rights
I was one of the 3 skaters rotoscoped into animation for "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown!". That was HOW many years ago??
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