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Karen Hutton

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+Ugo Cei  did a really fun video interview with +Valerie Jardin  and me while we were all in Rome  a few weeks ago (yeow, how time flies!)... and posted it on his blog, along with some of our photos from our week there. 

Check it out! And follow Ugo for all kinds of great photograph info.
A video interview from Rome with Fujifilm X-Photographers Valérie Jardin and Karen Hutton.
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Karen Hutton

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This lone church (at least I think it's a church: what else would wear a steeple?) sits at the foot of Hohenzollern Castle, in the foothills of the Swabian Alps of Germany. Its red and white against the myriad of greens, the light falling over it all... oh my. Irresistible. :D

Fujifilm X-T1, 55-200mm lens.
Advanced filter: Miniature.
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+edward joseph Why are atheist so damn preachy? There really is no difference between you and the people you are condemning.
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Karen Hutton

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Tiny Village... 
Another page from the fairytale book I walked through in Germany. Wonder if I left footprints?
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+Karen Hutton 😘

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Karen Hutton

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What's Postcards From Germany with Music in Munich? Nothing! Here's what we experienced from the streets in our short time there... so fun!
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Karen Hutton

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Another day, another castle! My latest "Postcard From Germany" story, video and brand new images await thee upon my blog:

Hohenschwangau (say THAT 3x really fast!) Castle is the smaller, but much older brethren to Neuschwanstein Castle. In fact, I took the photo you see below from the road that leads into Neuschwanstein.

The whole place is just a marvel. And it's really true - they really did build castles up on hills! Every last dang one 'o them. If you don't have security cameras... then you get up as high as you can!

JPG taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 set on the "Miniature" Advanced setting. It made it seem all mysterious and magical. ;)

See the growing list of "Postcards From Germany" posts here:

And view the videos:
Today's "Postcard From Germany": Hohenschwangau Castle. Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle is a 2-fer. One stop, two castles! Hohenschwangau is right next door.
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Good thing I live in the mountains at home, +Christian von Kietzell! Some nice freezing temps and snow make me feel right at home! :D
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Karen Hutton

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Travel's on my mind. Along with what it does to said mind...

Taken yesterday at Hohenzoller Castle in Germany.

Thanks for the quote, +Tanya Wallis!
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I. love. you

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Karen Hutton

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On my blog today: ... +Valerie Jardin and I offer up a latter day "Postcard From Rome". This time, a video where we lay out our Fujifilm gear side by side (check out the size differences! Hahah!!)... and talk about why we chose our particular selection. 

PLUS... a brand new image from Rome! It's a pano I took of the Pantheon at midnight while hanging out with my friend +Ken Lyons. I kinda dig how it came out. :D
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Karen Hutton

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Postcards From Germany: Hohenzollern Castle
I huffed and I puffed and I made to the top of the hill!

Hohenzollern Castle perches upon - and ecompasses the entire top of a hill in Bavaria - and unless you can levitate (or have a drone), there's no standing back and shooting the whole thing in one frame.

In this postcard, I share - via video - some ideas on how to photograph your experience of a places like that.. and share a whole BUNCH of new images.

Oh lord, there are sooooo many more photos to process... but at least here's a glimpse!
Today's Postcard From Germany comes to you from Hohenzollern Castle. It takes ALOT to get there, as you can see in this video!
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Karen Hutton

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Hohenschwangau Castle and its tiny village.
I think this whole scene belongs under a Christmas tree!
Just sayin'.

LOOOOOOVED my visit to this gorgeous valley!! Joe Dolister (my hubs) and I stayed in Füssen at Hotel Sonne Füssen, which was absolutely fantastic! Can't recommend them enough. My buddy Franz at the front desk pretty much saved the day when our original hotel had stairs I couldn't manage with my back and bags and all that. Franz set us up where we'd have easy access to everything and took care of us like we were his own. Awesomesauce award of the year!!

Taken with my Fujfilm X-T1 on the Minature advanced filter - and XF 50-140mm w/ 1.4x teleconverter. Straight out of camera. Gotta love that!
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Очень красиво. 
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Karen Hutton

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The Road to Neuschwanstein 
Here's a little warmer-upper you encounter on your way to Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. I didn't know what to gawk at first... the staggering castle up on the hill, or this fabulous building situated in its impossibly gorgeous alpine setting!

See all of my Postcards From Germany thus far:

And the videos:

Das gear: Fujifilm X-T1, XF 50-140mm lens w/1.4x teleconverter.

ISO 320, f/6.4, 1/450 sec
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Beautiful. The peak in the background really adds to your photo. 
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Karen Hutton

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I visited a fairy tale Disney castle and I wrote a dang blog post about it! 

Check it out  here:

"Postcards From Germany" continues with a visit to the castle that captured my imagination when I was a kid. Nevermind that what I REALLY want is to photograph it in the snow... I at least got to see it - on this trip!

I added a couple of new videos to this blog post ... plus shared the hotel that pretty much saved the day for me. THANK YOU Hotel Sonne Füssen!! (and you too, Franz!)

This image: taken with my sweet, sweet Fujifilm X-Pro 2 & xf 50-140mm lens with 1.4x teleconverter.

Let the fairy tale continue!
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Karen Hutton

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It's been a bit of a comedy of errors running after internet and time, but I finally got the first "Postcards From Germany" posted on my blog! WooHoo! It's right here:

3 new videos, plus new images from Munich... including this one of the Marienplatz in Munich. 
Well, I made it! Postcards from Germany officially begins! I switch gears from walking everywhere (in Rome) to planes, trains and automobiles in Germany.
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Очень красиво. 
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Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness

Overall, my world is a big ball of photographic, voiceover and content creational fun. 
Think of it as; Lenses and Light - meet Microphones, Words and Sound. 
Don't look so surprised! They play really well together. 
They each share a particular point of view. Tell stories. Express a unique 'signature'. A Voice. What's not to love?

Photography is why I breathe, baby. That's lifelong, undying love and passion. It's all about: Connection. Inspiration. Story. Humor. And Beauty. Who couldn't do with more beauty in the world? I love photographers because they wear their heart on their sleeve and it lives in their work. Their breathtaking world view. Their intensely personal story... the one that we just HAVE to tell or our hearts will simply burst from the withholding of it. 

I produce and host a show called: THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Sound byte-sized insights from some of the coolest people on the planet!

In it, I chat with creatives; successful artists, photographers, musicians, singers, creative business folks... all of whom are uniquely engaged in "living life as an artist: or better yet, living their life as if it were their art." 

Voiceover is global. Over the years, hundreds of commercials, narrations and announcements for planes, trains, automobiles, television and radio… and for fabulous apps like MotionX-GPS Drive. (Cougar anyone?)  Or apps on your iPad helping you to dream, adventure and plan your next travels, like Stuck on Earth, created by Trey Ratcliff. I'm the voice of the guide over there.

The way I see it, our individual signature - our point of view or 'voice' - connects us. Is our heart speaking, through everything we do. After all, as my mother used to say "You can't hide who you really are." Wise woman.

My first eBook is called I/WE: Scenes From the Big Picture. It's geared toward that childlike desire we all have to soak in pretty pictures and a good (very short) story.

So, welcome to my world.

Over here we love to capture, shoot, chase, wait for, plan for and generally live in (and for) - light.

And with a little light, don't you know... anything is possible. 


"The industrial age is ending, and a new one is beginning. It produces art instead of stuff and it rewards gracefulness.

...the future belongs to the breathtaking."

                                                 --- Seth Godin

Bragging rights
I was one of the 3 skaters rotoscoped into animation for "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown!". That was HOW many years ago??
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