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Karen Hutton

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Zabriskie Dawn... Death Valley, CA
A dawn, at Z abriskie...
A-Z, it was one brilliant morning. 

(on my website:
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Very nice light you found for this majestic picture.
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Karen Hutton

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The Bottom Floor is Moving... California Coast
Sometimes it's all I can do to NOT simply step off the edge and fly.
Might be a little show-offy anyway.
I used one of the Colorised Hues from a NEW pack we're working on in our groovy store, The Inspirarium

Want to sample the wares fer nuttin, honey? Yes you can! Grab a free pack right here:
(it even comes with handy instructions!)
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Karen Hutton

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The Inspirarium is born! (

And on my blog today, I wrote a post about it:

There's a bunch of images that I made with some of the textures from the store, as well as the story about how it all came to be. 

Plus... we're including a freebie sample over there to celebrate!
+Tanya Wallis (who created this image)  and I have teamed up on this fun little corner of the universe. Right now you can find some cool and and unique Colorized Textures, Moody Hues and Heavenly Clouds for your more creative photographic processing and digital art. 
Oh- and sign up for my newsletter and be the FIRST to know about new textures, specials and general awesomeness: AND get yet another freebie.

Hey, it's kinda like Freebie Wednesday!
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   Parabéns! Perfeito.
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Karen Hutton

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Out recharging by the restorative waters if Lake Tahoe today .Aaahhhhh. More days like this, please!
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Karen Hutton

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Like a Wave... California Coast
This one's part of a series, which you can see here:
Water is like dreaming...
endless, flowing, containing many mysteries. 
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what a nice place to be!
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Karen Hutton

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5 Lessons Learned From the Grace of Landscapes
Photography's spiritual for me. Always has been.
Recently, I got to thinking about some of the most awesome things I've learned about myself and life whilst out there with a camera in my hands... so today I decided to post the top 5.

They're things I remind myself all the time... and am helped in the reminding any time I'm out where nature whispers softly in my ear.  
Landscape photography at its finest is like being rocked gently in the cradle of creation. It's spiritual. Here are 5 life lessons I've learned.
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It reminds me how wonderful and amazing God is. Thanks so much for posting this! 
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Karen Hutton

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Ice Picnic... Lake Tahoe, California
Ice shards for lunch, anyone? Heheh.

One brisk day a couple months back when I was out for a drive and moments like this made me laugh out loud. 
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Nice Image to re-connect with Your photography, after, long-time-no-see! (y)
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Karen Hutton

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So I've had my Fuji XT1 for a little while now and I gotta say, I'm loving it! I'll have some new images to share on my blog VERY shortly (like this week)! But here are my very first impressions of this mighty little system.

Mind you, I'm not a professional gear reviewer... I'm just searching for the right solution for me and sharing thoughts along the way. If you take one thing away from this whole discussion... please let it be that you need to decide what YOU need, what YOUR priorities are... and go shop for that, no matter what it turns out to be. ( Tammy Cook knows what I'm talking about!)

That's what I talked about here:…/the-sony-mirrorless-chapter-for-n…/.

For what I need and want to do with mirrorless, Fuji's looking like my awesome answer. Like I say, many more images to come. And know what? A lot of them will be from France in just a couple of weeks!
My Fuji XTi and 3 lenses showed up! They're the next stop in my search for the perfect mirrorless camera solution for my travel & landscape photography.
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Hey thanks +Robert Stern! Great resources! I don't use Lightroom... and find that don't have to sharpen much at all with the XT1. There's alot that's different and cool about this camera... I'm going to learning for awhile. :D
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Karen Hutton

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Donner Moon... Donner Lake, California
I loves me a night like this... and I crazy love my mountains!
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That's pretty fantastic. Thanks!
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Karen Hutton

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Might Rain... Truckee, California
Got out for some air with my Fuji XT1, just casual-like. 
Nice moments happen when you do that sometimes. 
This was one of them. :D

Sent it to my iPhone, dipped it in Snapseed and Mextures... and liked it. 
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rain dance
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Karen Hutton

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Teardrop Carousel... Santa Cruz, California
Step right up with your eyes and ears;
it's the kaleidoscope of delicious and tears. 
That kisses your senses so softly and then,
is off to visit the next world again.

This one was recently on my blog:
I think it's becoming one of my faves, in the flora department!
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Karen Hutton

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Diamonds In The Night... Santa Cruz, California
Diamonds in the night...
Exchanging moisture.
Beadlets on a leaf...
Not in a cloister.
Huddling in the light
that shown down from the moooooon..
Did I mention you can purchase this? CauseI know you're gonna ask. ;)
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Underbart!!! Like it!
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Karen's Collections
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness

Overall, my world is a big ball of photographic, voiceover and content creational fun. 
Think of it as; Lenses and Light - meet Microphones, Words and Sound. 
Don't look so surprised! They play really well together. 
They each share a particular point of view. Tell stories. Express a unique 'signature'. A Voice. What's not to love?

Photography is why I breathe, baby. That's lifelong, undying love and passion. It's all about: Connection. Inspiration. Story. Humor. And Beauty. Who couldn't do with more beauty in the world? I love photographers because they wear their heart on their sleeve and it lives in their work. Their breathtaking world view. Their intensely personal story... the one that we just HAVE to tell or our hearts will simply burst from the withholding of it. 

I produce and host a show called: THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Sound byte-sized insights from some of the coolest people on the planet!

In it, I chat with creatives; successful artists, photographers, musicians, singers, creative business folks... all of whom are uniquely engaged in "living life as an artist: or better yet, living their life as if it were their art." 

Voiceover is global. Over the years, hundreds of commercials, narrations and announcements for planes, trains, automobiles, television and radio… and for fabulous apps like MotionX-GPS Drive. (Cougar anyone?)  Or apps on your iPad helping you to dream, adventure and plan your next travels, like Stuck on Earth, created by Trey Ratcliff. I'm the voice of the guide over there.

The way I see it, our individual signature - our point of view or 'voice' - connects us. Is our heart speaking, through everything we do. After all, as my mother used to say "You can't hide who you really are." Wise woman.

My first eBook is called I/WE: Scenes From the Big Picture. It's geared toward that childlike desire we all have to soak in pretty pictures and a good (very short) story.

So, welcome to my world.

Over here we love to capture, shoot, chase, wait for, plan for and generally live in (and for) - light.

And with a little light, don't you know... anything is possible. 


"The industrial age is ending, and a new one is beginning. It produces art instead of stuff and it rewards gracefulness.

...the future belongs to the breathtaking."

                                                 --- Seth Godin

Bragging rights
I was one of the 3 skaters rotoscoped into animation for "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown!". That was HOW many years ago??
  • University of Life
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