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Karen Hutton

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Morning Desert... Monument Valley
Majesty, ever after. 

#landscapephotography   #monumentvalley  
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Spectacular shot...
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Karen Hutton

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On my most glorious trip to Paris this summer, I did what I love to do... bring folks along! 

I took +Virtual Photo Walks™ through the neighborhood where I was staying... and visited Place de Contrascarpe,  Hemingway's old apartment and some of the other sites within a few blocks from my apartment.

 How amazing is it that we can even DO this?? Blows my mind! And I loved every second of it. :D
+Karen Hutton  took Virtual Photo Walks out into a neighborhood close to where she was staying. We visited the Place de la Contrascarpe and walked by Ernest Hemingway's old apartment.
In the early 1900's, Hemingway rented a room because he believed it had once been occupied by the famous poet Verlaine and he wanted it to rub off. He wan't alone in seeking inspiration... James Joyce worked on "Ulysses" in this 'hood too.
In those days,  Place de la Contrescarpe was, according to George Orwell (who also lived there), a dreadful neighborhood where no policeman dared to go alone after dark. 

Now it's all upscale and right out of a magazine... and I got to show it to my VPW peeps, bringing them to a super cool place they wouldn't be able to see any other way... walking for those who can't. 
+Verizon  #virtualphotowalks   #zoomus  
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Hi a u karen
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Karen Hutton

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It's a magical time, full of chances-to-win, my friends! 
(5 is Grace. I like 5.)

The FIRST one ends on Sept. 1... which is my mighty little caption contest happening over on:

You have to be a subscriber to enter and win. If you're not one yet - just go over to my website ( and sign up. Then... check your inbox for the confirmations! The final one has the link to the contest page.

If you're already a subscriber and still don't know what the HECK I'm talking about... a Newsletter you'll wanna read should hit your inbox by this evening. :D

In the meantime - or if this is all old news to you - please enjoy an ephemeral moment gazing across a ghostly, magical field late one evening in the Sierra Nevada mountains. [cue ghostly, magical countryside music]

#fujifilm   #france   #sierranevadamountains   #truckee   #california  
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Karen!! Love this!
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Karen Hutton

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Wow! +Robin Griggs Wood is on fire coming up with amazing ideas! 

I got to hang with her this past weekend at +Trey Ratcliff's photowalk in Los Angeles... she and +Sassi Sassmannshausen did THIS!!

Thank you both with all my heart and angel wings. :D xoxoxo
+Karen Hutton, what a trooper you are! +Sassi Sassmannshausen and I brought a PixelStick to the #TreyUSA  photowalk and during the after-party I asked Karen and +Laurie Rubin if they would be willing to be my models for an experiment: I made wings for them both, for long exposures with the lightstick. I scuttled them outside the hotel and I told Karen, "Ok, these are your wings, especially made for you; be who you would be if you weren't confined by this universe." It didn't take her more than a heartbeat to be her full self ... Karen, the "life is light" lady ... her true self is pure light!

I did say "experiment" above, as this turned out a little blurry because, to get the wings, I made her hold that pose for 13 seconds! So, it's more of an illustration right now ... ;oD. I'll get better at this! 

"Why", you may ask "not just take a shot of Karen quickly and then composite wings behind her?!" ... because ... being around 13 seconds of Karen in all her unbearable-lightenss-of-being awesomeness ... heheh, who could resist? ... ;o)

Thank you for being so wonderful, Karen!
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Hahahha!!! I definitely typo'd +Robin Griggs Wood  - and have now fixed it - but agree that 'heat' works too!! My happy, winged heart DOES beat with heat like a hart flying through the air with WINGS!!
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Karen Hutton

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The Walker Fire near Mono Lake is no laughing matter. It's 2 miles from Lee Vining today...and it looked like this from town on Sunday. This time of year in the mountains can be tense...especially in a drought!

Got plans to visit the area? Keep an eye on the latest at Inciweb:
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Willie dorsey have no idea what you are talking about
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Karen Hutton

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Not one, not two, but THREE chances to win a Fuji X-T10 kit!! (Actually, it's 2 X-T10's and a X-T1. Details!)

I laid it all out on my blog:, nice 'n neat in one place. 

My head started swirling trying to schedule all these announcements about contests and chances to win stuff... so I threw up my hands yesterday and put 'em all in one place where you could see them and choose. 'Tis the season, apparently!

Personally, I never choose if I can do it all.
That may be a fault... or just exuberance for life, I'm never really sure. But given the option to choose (which we awesomely always have), I think I'll go with the latter. 

This photo? Yup, it's a 6 or 7 shot pano, stitched together - taken recently with my Fuji X-T10 in Honfleur, France. Now THAT is a place I can't wait to re-visit! [sighs wistfully]. It was all part of a glorious road trip through Normandy with the hubs +Joe Dolister  and our new bff +Mike Staubes  back in June.  [sighs wistfully. Again.]

#france   #fujifilmus   #fujifilm   #travel   #awesome   #winning  
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Karen Hutton

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"The Ribbon Road"... Valley of Fire, NV
IT'S A WRAP as of 11:59 pm PT tonight!!

That's when "Big, Fat Fuji X-T10" Caption Contest ends for good. 
The entries have been AMAZING!! You guys have made me laugh, cry, marvel and applaud at your words, your sentiment and your great big hearts. 

You do realize how hard that makes it to choose a winner, right?
Thanks alot for that. 

If this is all news to you... there's still time enter! All you gotta do is subscribe on my website at Then confirm your subscription when the email arrives asking you to do that.. and watch for final THANK YOU email. That one's got the link to the contest page.

If you use Gmail: Check your "Promotions" and "Spam" folders or you'll likely miss it.
The rest 'o yous... check your spam folder!

I'll be watching... and will make a decision very, very soon after entries close!

That would be at 11:59pm PT tonight, in case you missed that part. 

As for this photos... just a warm hearted Lake Tahoe sunset from earlier this summer. It was yummy. 


#fuji   #fujifilm   #laketahoe   #landscapephotography   #sunset  
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+Shy Writer
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Karen Hutton

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Like Wonderland, it was. 

With +Mike Staubes and +Joe Dolister on one incredible, fanciful road trip through Normandy...
From Paris to the French countryside, life is magnifique!
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Isolated but penetrating into the clouds. Wonderful scene and beautiful photography.
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Karen Hutton

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This was fun... appearing recently on "Creation Wars" with +Tanya Wallis  and +Stuart Davidson. It's an hour long interview/chat... we had a ball! 

Here's the time breakdown, in case you don't wanna sit through the whole thing: 

7:13… Question:
“I have heard you say that you think it is important for a photographer to have their own piece of real estate that they can use to try to market themselves or bring extra attention to their efforts. It appears to me that your piece of real estate is your website, and I honestly think that it is one of the best-looking photography websites on the web. How important is it to you to keep it maintained and up-to-date, and do you have any tips for people who want to improve the quality of their site while also gaining more viewers?”

(I somehow managed to work a true story about a monkey in there too.)

15:35… Question:
“I’m on the hunt for an online sales channel and would like your perspective, thanks!“

18:25… Question:
“Do you find that people go to your website and buy existing work… or do you take on assignments knowing it’ll create a custom print job at the end?”

28:14… We showed some of my recent work from my website

30:25… Question:
“Is there anything you can recommend to people about finding their own style?”

33:08… Peter Giordano, CEO of The Arcanum crashes the party!

35:55… We get into an interesting discussion about critiques and critiquing… and how that space needs to be handled in a particular way. I draw parallels between that and horse training, which isn’t as far-fetched as you might think!

Then we talked about teaching… something near and dear to my heart!

47:02… Question:
“Can you talk a little bit about that variety and diversity you engineered when you chose your cohort?”
(some of you may remember that I was one of the Inception Masters in The Arcanum.)

53:30… Pete Giordano leaves the hangout.

53:35… Question:
“I was wondering if you have any overall plan of how you will apply colour to an image before you start to process it.”

57:45 and 1:00:15… I talk about how I use our textures from “The Inspirarium” to create hues and shifts of light.

1:00:55… We talk about my being a Fuji partner, the blog, newsletters and how all that works.

1:04:10… I show my Really Right Stuff Pano Head and gimbal, explaining a little about how it works. Then show one thing I always have in my camera bag.

Small talk and chit-chat ensues, then we’re outta there!

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سلام من نمی تونم با شما صحبت کنم
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Karen Hutton

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All I can say is: +Sarah Marino, thank you for creating this lovely list. Especially, thank you for the wonderful insights you offer up beforehand. It's an honor to be included, but more... what a thrill to discover some incredibly talented new (to me) voices I hadn't yet met!
Why a compilation like this? I will start out by saying that I am generally not a fan of women-only lists because I want my photography to stand on its own. I don’t want to be known as a woman landscape photographer, just a landscape photographer who happens to be a woman. So, why am I writing this post? For the two reasons described below.  Since I started in landscape photography, this field has noticeably diversified in terms o...
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Karen, isn't nature GRAND! Macroscopically, it may be ostensibly ugly but when you take a closer look (possibly, microscopically) it is so fascinating. Lovely picture. Please keep up your evocative works.
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Karen Hutton

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How about a warm, huggable evening on Lake Tahoe? Ah yeahhhh.
The water level may be low, but it means the glorious granite boulder are ripe for the comp-ing. :D

BTW... yes you can purchase prints! Click this badboy link:

OR you can enter to win a $350 coupon towards one in the 5DayDeal $50k Giveaway:!

#laketahoe   #fujifilmus   #nevada   #landscapephotography   #sunsetphotography  
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Awesome picture ☺ Wonderful colors ☺ 
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Karen Hutton

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+Virtual Photo Walks™ is​ featured on PBS Newshour tonight!

I love my work with Virtual Photo Walks (VPW)... I did two of them from Paris recently, one from Las Vegas last week and I plan to bring VPW with me for +Trey Ratcliff's ginormous photowalk in Los Angeles this weekend. For the disabled and homebound, it's a lifeline to the world. For me, it's a way to share the many blessings I've been given in a realtime, global way.
For millions of Americans who are bound to their homes with sickness or disability, the idea of strolling along the Seine in Paris or hiking the rim of a Hawaiian volcano is only a dream. But a Canadian photographer thinks he can deliver a “virtual tour” that is about as close to the real thing as you can get.
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hi dia how r u
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Karen's Collections
Photography, Voiceovers, Purveyer of Awesomeness

Overall, my world is a big ball of photographic, voiceover and content creational fun. 
Think of it as; Lenses and Light - meet Microphones, Words and Sound. 
Don't look so surprised! They play really well together. 
They each share a particular point of view. Tell stories. Express a unique 'signature'. A Voice. What's not to love?

Photography is why I breathe, baby. That's lifelong, undying love and passion. It's all about: Connection. Inspiration. Story. Humor. And Beauty. Who couldn't do with more beauty in the world? I love photographers because they wear their heart on their sleeve and it lives in their work. Their breathtaking world view. Their intensely personal story... the one that we just HAVE to tell or our hearts will simply burst from the withholding of it. 

I produce and host a show called: THE CHAT with Karen Hutton: Sound byte-sized insights from some of the coolest people on the planet!

In it, I chat with creatives; successful artists, photographers, musicians, singers, creative business folks... all of whom are uniquely engaged in "living life as an artist: or better yet, living their life as if it were their art." 

Voiceover is global. Over the years, hundreds of commercials, narrations and announcements for planes, trains, automobiles, television and radio… and for fabulous apps like MotionX-GPS Drive. (Cougar anyone?)  Or apps on your iPad helping you to dream, adventure and plan your next travels, like Stuck on Earth, created by Trey Ratcliff. I'm the voice of the guide over there.

The way I see it, our individual signature - our point of view or 'voice' - connects us. Is our heart speaking, through everything we do. After all, as my mother used to say "You can't hide who you really are." Wise woman.

My first eBook is called I/WE: Scenes From the Big Picture. It's geared toward that childlike desire we all have to soak in pretty pictures and a good (very short) story.

So, welcome to my world.

Over here we love to capture, shoot, chase, wait for, plan for and generally live in (and for) - light.

And with a little light, don't you know... anything is possible. 


"The industrial age is ending, and a new one is beginning. It produces art instead of stuff and it rewards gracefulness.

...the future belongs to the breathtaking."

                                                 --- Seth Godin

Bragging rights
I was one of the 3 skaters rotoscoped into animation for "She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown!". That was HOW many years ago??
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