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Great Work on Your Cleanliness
we all need some like that....
Oh HOW I wish I had a bundle of these!
Hahaha AWESOME! And btw u can get those kinda things at typo
That small on that says "Fucking Urgent" would be a great addition at my work. :D
" fuck off " isn't good for sweet girls may be it is just for men hhhhhhh
I so need a set of these!
Aren't these amazing ... I wish I could stamp emails with them and return them to the senders LOL
i got no comments on my war creeper that i just posted
The HR department must be having a field day.
love it, wouldn't it be cool if we could use that? :)
sometimes I feel that these type of things are necessary for silly work done!
where can I order these?
No you don't! Write it paper and burn it afterwards. Be very careful what you wish for.
Haha, I need one!
I wish I had all of these... Sometimes people just ask for it.
Any stamp maker will do stamps to your request.
A stupid question, what are those things used for?
Hahahah. I would use these on homework assignments to my teachers. they would really get pissed off
Sadly I would wear those out fast at my Job!!

Tara V
Too Funny~!
Ah! A nice information. Need them in bulk.
it dipends on how you will say fuck!sometimes fuck is nice!haha!
Oh I LOVE the fuck off choices - That way you can be crystal clear when you tell someone to "fuck OFF" so that they're fucking off the right way for you and thereby won't won't fuck with you anymore!
Whoever thought of these should win the nobel peace prize. Nothing like a vent to take the edge off and make everything ok.
Love, Love, Love.........
These. I could see myself stamping this right on someone's forehead!!!
How about stamps saying "Thank You" or "I Love You Because"?
Geez I need these in my life! 
Great idea if that doesn't motivate people I don't know what would
+Kevin Douglas just thought you could use these in your everyday life .. I know I could use them between 9-5 LOL
Really nice thing... Where can one buy it..?? Lol.. ;-)
someone should make a "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK" stamp xD
OMFG!!!!! I need this sheeeit right here!! hahahahahaa
Looks Like you MADE IT in the TOP EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad G+ is being so FAIR to you!!
And Yes, I am posting 1 sentence per comment to E L O N G A T E the amount of comments!!
yeah , thanks you very Much Google YEEEAH
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