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Hi All, I am a Google Partner in Australia and run a Digital Marketing business here but I'm originally from the UK. I am looking to set-up a similar business in the UK with a business partner who is based near London. Would anyone be kind enough to share how they get business and how many use Google AdWords to generate enquiries? I have been in Australia for 9 years and know so many people here that all my current business comes through referrals from marketing and web agencies I have partnered with over the years so it's all a bit daunting starting again in a new country.

Also do Google offer regular training events, they do in Australia and would assume it is the same in the UK with Masterclasses and periodic AdWords training in the different specialist areas. I am keen to get my business partner trained up better to build on his knowledge.

As soon as our new business is set-up I'll start the process of becoming a UK Google Partner! Would appreciate any advice anyone would be happy to share. Thanks Karen

Does anyone know how long it takes up to update the stars on the Google reviews in Google My Business. One of my clients got a 1-star review, then last week they got 5 x 5-star reviews, their average is still 1-star so assume we are waiting for Google to update. Does anyone know how long it will take for Google to update? TIA

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The Easter Bunny has been :-)

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Hi, I have a client who have marked their GMB as closed but it is still appearing in the organic results with their business name. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Can anyone help me with this? I have a client who is getting a number of negative reviews on Google My Business. The first time it happened, the same Google account had also done negative reviews for a number of their competitors so this one got removed by Google after we complained. The next review was by a user called 'Google User' and the client suspects this to be one of their competitors who they have had some run-ins with as it directly mentions two employees (full names) but we have no other proof. The last review was from a lady who they don't recognise the name of but has reviewed their business in Australia and also another business in Hawaii (same type of business) and filed a very similar complaint for each business on the same day. We have contacted Google to try and get these reviews removed but this hasn't happened. I understand that the review system has to be objective but at the same time this business is being slandered online and it could be that most of these reviews were fake. There are also a couple of other reviews on online review websites, with names, but no names are recognised by my client. Has anyone got any ideas what we can do. The client wants to delete their Google My Business listing but we can't actually make the listing disappear, it just means we no longer have ownership! Any advice would be appreciated.

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Does anyone know where I can get data on what % of searches include a geographical locator? Thanks in advance
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