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This is one of my images posted today on Twitter for #KaleidoSaturday

#kaleidoscope #mandala #digitalart

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If you are on Twitter, every Saturday join other kaleidoscope fans and post images like you post here in this G+ community with the tag #KaleidoSaturday.
To see the twitter feed for #KaleidoSaturday as a webpage: Updates once a day.
#kaleidoscope #symmetry #trippy #digitalart

Why is there no search option in the communities on the Google+ mobile app? Such as this help community where I am posting this question. And by the way my version tells me I am the first to post a question in this category, which doesn't bode well! Suggests people can't find there way round rather than a perfect system with no questions.

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As I write this (on my laptop) there is a panel that is pinned on the right that has a list of useful links. I click on the link for questions about your business or local pages and it takes me to a place that says no group called business exists. So I am just notifying that it is a broken link.

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Why is it only possible to set your custom URL once and never again? I know this is clearly stated, but in life things change. Surely it is only a redirection? Surely Google could have a process that it is possible to change it at some point? I am not suggesting people would want to change it frequently but it cannot be beyond the skills of the people in charge to have a system that would allow some lea way? I have clients who have rebranded their organisation and want to change the custom URL to reflect that. I'm sure other companies and organisations must face this issue. Is there really no way at all to do this?

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Made to be projected on to a reasonable size screen.

#kaleidoscope #patterns #abstractart  

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