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Karen Conlin
Wife, mom, editor, writer, nominal Buddhist
Wife, mom, editor, writer, nominal Buddhist

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From +Gretchen McCulloch

First @americandialect lecture of #lingstitute is by @DrDialect on Appalachian Englishes in the 21st Century - introduced by @waltwolfram

This came across my Twitter feed and I knew I had to tell +Amanda Rachelle Warren​​! 

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Want to take a course in a subject that interests you, but don't have money? Maybe what you're after is available for free, online. 
While most options are regional, this list offers some great suggestions if you're looking for free online courses. Most won't offer a degree or certificate without payment, but if you're simply looking for knowledge, can't beat free!

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First off, realize that formatting is ALWAYS a style consideration. There are no rules about formatting a paper or a MS; there are guidelines and recommendations in every style guide. This is about formatting a college/university course paper.

IF YOU ARE TOLD TO USE CHICAGO STYLE, here's a great guide for you. It's actually for Turabian, which is a modified version of Chicago style that's used by many colleges and universities. (Plenty of them also call for you to use APA style. That's an entirely different thing, and you need to follow those guidelines if that's what you're supposed to be using.)

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… is not to leave a comment asking them to help you with your book. That’s a short path to the trash bin, seriously. Here’s my thought process. The person who would leave that kind of comment is likely to be nowhere  near ready for an editor. Such…

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I'm SO EXCITED! Caitlin's a client of mine. This story ... you need this story. SO relevant. It's exciting, it's thought-provoking, and it's not cookie-cutter SF. 
It's finally here! My debut space opera, ABSENCE OF BLADE, hits virtual shelves in September! Check it out here:

I’m excited to announce the release of my debut novel, Absence of Blade, coming September 2017! Absence of Blade is the start of a new space opera series set against a backdrop of interstellar strife. On a contested world, a hegemonic human empire is set…

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Or even what you wrote last night ...
When you read something you wrote a few years ago.
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I know I use many of these without thinking.
"Here’s a list of few words that will help you understand the difference between natural human emotions or habits and mental illnesses. Because words matter. Let’s all be more sensitive and supportive towards mental health issues."

#health #mentalhealth #ableism #communication #usage

[Image: Green and yellow chart that uses text and small illustrations to compare words that describe human emotions or habits and those that describe mental illnesses.]

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Here's an information-dense post from Lynne Murphy (@lynneguist) about issues with predicting the future of English (in all its forms).

I'm still chuckling at "the" in her post title. (Take a look at the title of the study she mentions at the very beginning. What's up with that lower-case "t" after a colon in the title? I mean, it's a TITLE!)

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Wondering about when to use or lose the capitalized articles (as in "The Princess Bride" versus "the 'Princess Bride' cast")? CMoS answers your questions. (Most of 'em, I'll bet.)
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