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I may not know what love is but I know what love isn't.

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Photographing birds in Nagoya.

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I believe that life is not about your age, it’s about your accomplishments, about how you feel.

There are a lot of expectations living and growing up in a typical Asian family in Singapore. Although times are changing and people are starting to be more open about alternative choices, by large, it is hard to avoid incessant questions when you go against the grain.

Read my post to see what I did to achieve my dreams.

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Emirates Derby Singapore 2016

Race Fashion
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I had a gorgeous weekend at the 21st Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 with lots of exciting horse races, sumptuous food and traffic stopping fashion.

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Magnificent mirror lakes, snow capped mountains, rolling hills and impressive fjords are commonplace in this blessed country. I’m spoilt for choices when it comes to finding a cosy little place to settle down with a good book.

#NewZealand #travel #traveling #fashion #OOTD #Queenstown

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Michelle and all the other angels at Toliv Boutique are my lifesavers. Without their expertise and dedication ensuring beautiful hair for each and everyone of their customers, my hair would look like a pile of dried hay.

#Toliv #haircare #hair #beauty #fashion #OOTD #Singapore

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Today's {Throwback Thursday} photos got me missing Melbourne. I always have such a lovely time there with close friends and good food. I was supposed to have organised a mini trip there this month to reunite with friends but my work schedule hasn't been kind and helping out to get The Pourover Bar ready for the end month launch has taken up a lot of my free time.

#Melbourne #Australia #travel #travels

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I'm not the fittest person around but but through sheer will and tenacity, I hope to at least make it to Everest Base Camp next month as part of my 'Explore Asia 2016' plan. I've 2 more weeks before leaving for my the first leg of my trip (which starts in Nanjing, China), to meet up with my friends stationed there.

#hike #hiking #trek #trekking #training #lifestyle #dog #CockerSpaniel #Singapore

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As part of my ‘7 Finds worth sharing’ series, here are some of finds that I would love to share with you!

#beauty #fitness #food #friends #haircare #perfume #cafe #marathon #MyLittlePony #Bene #Erabelle #Ecostore #MarieFranceBodyline #TheBodyShop #RoseOttoHydrosol
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