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Scoobs tells it like it is!
Robert Scoble, aka my favorite wacky character in Silicon Valley, is asking Google+ to take him off its suggested user list. In a post on the search giant's social networking effort -- on which he is ...
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Out here in Cleveland - we pray to the altar of the Scobelizer - even though he has somebody else post for him nowadays.

At least Kara writes her own copy!
Wait! Wait! "even though he has somebody else post for him"??
Is that a fact? Am I the only one that didn't know that?
IMO, Social Networks grow by popularity and engagement. Some (perhaps lot) of the engagement is for "engagement sake" and some of it is quality engagement. A popular figure like Paris Hilton may be very critical to drive the number of users up, but it is quality engagement that some of us like. This is the reason for instance, which got me attracted to G+ first of all. From Google's perspective both make sense, drive number of users due to popular users and still leave ground for "quality engagement". Maybe it is useful to do these popular 'suggested users', but it may be to do it by areas/topics, so engaging users like Scoobs don't get featured in with Paris, but get featured in with other technologists...
it was just funny and it is labor day weekend. Sue me!
Scoobs is always up to some wacky thang, so it works perfectly. Better than writing about icky CrunchFund controversy or Yahoo's declining stock!
My favorite...

"13. While I am an elitist....."
Yes that's clear. +Robert Scoble is one of the few honest folks out here! I wish everyone else was as honest! And I don't hide the fact that I'm friends with Robert or +Dave Winer Or that +Kara Swisher and +Megan Smith were in the same Lamaze as we were!

It's OK to be a human and public figure at the same time Stewart Alsop figured out how to transition from journalist to VC and it's fun to watch Arrington make the same transition.

And at least Robert's asst says it's HER. Not Robert! Her name is +Kat Armstrong BTW.
Kara -- was looking for that follow-up piece about women on boards you mentioned in the piece in December "Tomorrow, BoomTown will post a list of great women who would be superb directors for any of these companies ... " can you post it please?
He should be off the list. Not because Paris Hilton is there (she should be off too), but because he hasn't seen the value of G+ since the beginning.
Look through his posts to see me educate him on the fact that G+ is not a social site - not Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn but a social platform.
I used to be honest to execpt the more honest I am the more it seems to work against me these days I can not even get into my original accounts or my computer can barely receive my texts, its been frustrating I've lost so many important contacts etc in ready to say goodbye to technology forever and it used to be my dream
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