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Tech, Mobile phone, Smart Device
Tech, Mobile phone, Smart Device

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竟然搭错车。。。都怪自己带着蓝牙耳机听歌,没留意。。。还好Maluri 站有地洞可以穿过对面的越台。。。不用出站在进回站

Never tried the New Line since being extent to Putra Height. I took an wrong train ... Too confident and Keep on enjoy my music over Bluetooth headset ... Luckily there is an Underground Tunnel @ Maluri station which lets me cross to Opposite Platform without incur additional cost ...

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Click, Click US special: via @bbciplayer

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Ahhhh GOOD GOOD ...

TAG #Google #Waze #Ford #Malaysia
#Kuala Lumpur

Bet Google to bring Android Auto to Malaysia

Bet Ford to bring App Link into our local market

I am more then willing to be an beta tester for BOTH Initiative ... 

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I receive quite a few inq from my Fren asking why today my Waze App navigation voice from Female become Male voice.

Here you goes few screen shoot to set back to Original voice - US English ( Jane )

1) click on Bottom Left icon
2) select setting on top left
3) Choose VOICE
4) IT shall shows as UK ( Simon )
5) click on and choose TOP FIRST which is US English ( Jane ) 
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A-Mei Concert live at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 

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For recent monsoon season...

untuk maklumat banjir dan paras sungai terkini seluruh negara ...

*Hanya untuk platform Android

Safety Tip for Car Driver

Try to put YOUR PHONE into Silent Mode before your drive !!!
Reason ?? Very simple ... phone DOES NOT ring or notification does not ring ... u be more concentrate on your DRIVE

Whatapp, FB message, or whatever message ALWAYS CAN WAIT ... BUT Human Life ONLY ONCE 

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State of Sarawak ... Malaysia .Borneo. 
Jump from empty fields to bustling cities to lonely highways with this hypnotic Random #StreetView #MapsHack.
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