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How To Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeon
For obvious reasons,  it’s important to find a cosmetic surgeon that you can fully trust and who has a track record of success. This is
why you’ll want to vet your cosmetic surgeon as meticulously and
thoroughly as possible. Doing
so will prevent you fro...

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Sheli C.  11/14/2014

I have visited Dr. Kaplan's office for Botox, facials and other treatments. His staff is always welcoming, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They greet you by name and treat you like family.

The pristine office is modern with well-appointed treatment rooms.

Dr. Kaplan has a genuine kindness and puts you at ease the minute you meet him. I felt very comfortable asking a wide array of questions and never felt rushed.

Highly recommended.

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Tatsiana 02/22/16

I walked in and met with Dr. Kaplan and walked out feeling I had been blessed. He made me feel confident and secure. I scheduled my surgery, had the procedure and continued to feel supported, as I healed. Today, I feel like a new woman. I recommend Dr. Kaplan and his staff 100% for anyone needing his help.

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The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery
Whilst cosmetic surgery is a relatively common thing these days, it is certainly not the best
option for everyone. For some people, having cosmetic surgery is a
chance to gain self-confidence and self-esteem, or to fulfill a lifetime
dream. Cosmetic surg...

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Botox causes paralysis of specific muscles by preventing motion of the muscles thus allowing the folded skin to relax. Botox
is a protein derived from a bacteria. Although Botox is a toxin, there
are no serious side effects associated with its use. The fo...

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Vein Therapy
veins and their smaller counterparts called spider veins are an issue
that many of us face as we grow older. While they’re not harmful to our
health, many of us may be uncomfortable by their unsightly appearance. Dr. Kaplan is an expert in spide...

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Short for proliferation, prolotheraphy or simply prolo was originally used to repair weak, stretched or torn
ligaments, muscles, and tendons which cause instability and pain in the
back. While this is still a significant part of prolotherapy, it’s not

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Non Surgical Tattoo Removal
no one knows the exact time that tattoos were invented, evidence
suggests that tattoos date back to Neolithic times, as far back as the
4th millennium BC. Since their discovery, tattoos have surely made their
mark in mainstream culture around the ...

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Tummy Tuck
they grow older, millions of men and women experience laxity of skin
(baggy skin) with the accumulation of fat around the abdomen. This baggy
skin appearance also occurs after significant weight loss, especially
after pregnancy. Some people find that...

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Surgical Tattoo Removal
one knows when the practice of tattooing the skin actually began. In
fact, there is evidence suggesting that tattoos date back to Neolithic
times, from the 4th millennium BC. Since their introduction, tattoos
have become immensely popular, eventually...
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