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4 Ladies who rock G+

Thought it was worth shouting out to a few ladies who have made a difference on this platform through their content, personality and effort in helping others out.

You guys rock +Christine DeGraff , +Kimberly Reynolds , +Ileane Smith and +Peg Fitzpatrick 

Hope you enjoy this graphic :)

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This is so awesome (and would be whether you included me or not - that's the icing for me!!!) and so cute! What a great idea! I hope you so more of these!
How incredibly sweet!  I love it.  Thank you so, so much +Kapil Jekishan I especially love the way you took the time to write a blip about each one of us.  :)
Thanks heaps guys! Glad you're a fan of the graphics too :) +Christine DeGraff, might need your help on the men so let's chat soon.
Would love to help - perhaps all 4 of us ladies could each suggest a few for you to select from?
nice post and cute graphics ! if theres a next round of the list sometime, +Jaana Nyström could be added too !
Great list! And I circle all 4 ladies.
This is marvelous and what a great list!
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