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Kannappan Sampath
Interested to learn the intricacies of Mathematics and enjoy its Beauty
Interested to learn the intricacies of Mathematics and enjoy its Beauty
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Prof Michael Artin receives National Medal of Science from the US government.

At about 9:50 mark in the video.

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Of potential interest!
Nominations for the Breakout Graduate Fellowship are now being accepted. Professional mathematicians are invited to nominate highly motivated and mathematically talented students from developing countries who plan to complete a doctoral degree in a developing country, including their own home country. Nominees must have a consistently good academic record from the high school level and must be seriously interested in pursuing a career of research and teaching in mathematics.

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A new journal seen via Prof. Mark Sapir on Facebook: 

"Journal of Combinatorial Algebra is devoted to publication of research articles of the highest level. Its domain is the rich and deep area of interplay between combinatorics and algebra. Its scope includes combinatorial aspects of group, semigroup  and ring theory, representation theory, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and dynamical systems. Exceptionally strong research papers from all parts of mathematics related to these fields are also welcome."

Excited that I will be back in India from May 23! I am off to ISI Bangalore for a month starting June 5! 

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+Amritanshu Prasad  When reading this, I could not help but think of you! I think this was one of the first things you made me understand...

Here at Montreal participating in the Montreal-Toronto Number theory seminar: I learnt about rigid analytic geometry and some applications of non-archimedean uniformisation. 

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Dear Math Friends on G+: 

This is unsettling and I am too embarrassed to post this on a Math forum like stack exchange or Mathoverflow. 

I have been worried about the foundations of Category theory as needed for studying Algebraic Geometry and its applications to Number theory (yes, I do have things like Etale Cohomology in mind). I don't believe that universes as envisioned by Grothendieck and subsequently developed in detail by several people form the right foundation for this. This is because it leads to inaccessible cardinals and one can demonstrate that "their existence is consistent with ZFC" cannot be proven from ZFC.

However, it appears to me that from the point of view of the applications I have in mind that I must admit "some" proper classes in the universe of discourse along with ZFC. Is this right? Or is it true that one can work inside ZFC always (and deal only with small categories)? 

(This may be naive, but someone can set me straight on this while we are at it: is it true that admitting a proper class amounts to admitting a strongly inaccessible cardinal?)

Thank you in advance. 

In addition, I am ccing this to +David Roberts , Prof. +Chandan Dalawat ,  Prof. +Pierre-Yves Gaillard, Prof. +Amritanshu Prasad   who all might have something to say about this. (Sorry if this comes across as a rude post.)
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