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The Proverbial 'Bamboo Fire'
I was reading this article in the Jamaica Observer and I swear, certain people in our Jamaican society (READ: certain constituencies on
both sides of the political divide) are masochists! They vote the same
way for years despite the same 'nothing' going o...

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Devaluation - Who Benefits?
Oil has dropped a huge chunk of its value, so too our currency - back
to square one! If I am to meet you at a point equidistant between you
and me, you go then double the distance between you and that point in
the opposite direction and I go to the point...

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A Possible Solution to the Zika Virus Risk for Jamaica for the NSWMA (mainly)
The idiots who run the NSWMA are the ones who placed us at risk for the
CHIK-V and now ZIK-V. They cut out communal receptacles and implemented
kerb-side collection. As an Environmental Health officer, I will now put
forward why that increases the risks ...

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Share with your friends have them share too...

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Mosquitoes, Ineptitude, The PNP, Ineptitude and the Iceberg Phenomenon
There are a million-gazillion people in Jamaica presenting with symptoms that 'suggest' Chikungunya. We know it is Chikungunya but can't or should not say it is - all the signs point to it, Chikungunya sweeping the Caribbean, Jamaica being lax when it comes...

If England wins this World Cup, I am prepared to eat my hat, I will become a Microsoft advocate/fanboy. I am prepared to uninstall all versions of Linux from my various devices, purchase a Windows phone and install Windows and other various Microsoft products on all my devices. Who knows me know how much I hate M$... That is how much I am sure England doesn't stand a chance... Germany FTW!!!

Why do people think England stands a chance in this World Cup? Their best performing teams - 1990 and 1966. People think that because the EPL is the most watched league England will automatically win! I need to smoke (or snort/inject) some of what those who think England could beat Italy are smoking/snorting/injecting. You would have to be high to think that!

I have one question: Since American Pitbull Terriers and American Bullies are dogs that are illegal to own in Great Britain, Ireland and Nothern Ireland and dogs and cats can only be born and bred in the above countries to be eligable for importation into Jamaica, why is it that there are so many of these breeds in Jamaica? The country is overrun by them. Sadly, many are in the hands of people who don't understand how to deal with them and many get out of hand giving the breeds a bad rep. In addition inter-breeding is another issue that we often overlook and we should be aware of the effects of inter-breeding.

It is time we stopped having dogs as status symbols or fashion statements, they need to be loved and respected. The APBT and the American Bully are very interesting animals and make wonderful pets in the hands of people who understand dogs, not those who want to make a statement!

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Cool graphic for the geeks out there

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Has anybody ever seen such irresponsible Journalism? To think this man tries to pass himself off as a Journalist? I guess anybody with a computer and a Word Processor programme is now a Journalist these days. #badjournalism #hiv #aids #humanrights #homophobia #brendanbain #getthefacts #lgbt

Get the facts or try not to conveniently leave them out to mislead, there is far more to this story than what +ColinStewart is 'reporting' - 'Journalism' at its most irresponsible!

Nowhere did Professor Bain support homophobia, he just presented facts that would allow homosexuals to better protect themselves. A stalwart in helping marginalised communities in the Caribbean to better protect themselves against HIV/AIDS is unfairly treated. With the Professor's sacking, the fight for equality for LGBT people will become even more hard, you guys have lost a stalwart who was in your corner fighting valiantly against HIV/AIDS.
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