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Kamil Zych
Android developer at ALTCONNECT
Android developer at ALTCONNECT

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Why 'Sleep -> 'When the phone is in your pocket' option is no longer available in beta? It's extremely useful in Nexus 4 devices with proximity/earphones bug when you can't use pocket mode if you want to listen to the music...

Peek and Nexus 4 earphones problem.

I can hear a constant noise when I'm moving my phone while Peek is turned on. And it stops either when I put my phone on desk or turn off Peek. So it's unuseable for me because I listen often while walking and this also triggers this noise. Nexus 4. If I'm posting in wrong place then please tell me where can I submit bugs like this.

+Bitspin So now after your joining to Google you said taht there will be no major updates, what about possibility of using own ring as an alarm sound? From the beginning you said that this will be possible in future and what now?

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+Team Tasks Hey Tasks, what's new in yesterday's update?

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+Team Tasks Hey Team Tasks, I love your app but any chance for DashClock widget?

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+Paranoid Android is this normal that on galaxy nexus when I'm in expanded desktop mode the area where navigation bar is (when not in expanded mode) is slightly different color? It has something like a very light, almost transparent blue layer? Especially visible in light themed apps... If it's not normal where can I report this bug?

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